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  1. What time did you try to buy them?
  2. Well, this thread went to shit. An entire forum dedicated to HHN and everyone posts in one thread.
  3. I'm not arguing the fact that the character design is lifted from Buffy. I'm arguing that they aren't popular BECAUSE of their connection to Buffy. I promise you 99% of people at HHN don't know they are originally from Buffy. I loved BC before I ever knew of it's Hush basis. And if you ask any of my filthy casual friends who have never watched an episode of Buffy and only went to HHN 25, they'd still tell you that The Gentlemen were the best part of that year aside from Jack. (Though they will probably refer to them as the Bone Collectors.)
  4. Never heard of him. He wrong often? I usually just lurk these days, but the whole "Body Collectors is only successful because of Buffy" comment literally made me choke on my own spit from laughing so hard, that I felt compelled to comment after I nearly died from laughing at how stupid of a comment that was.
  5. God, it hurts me to see how wrong you and this wrong statement, that is completely wrong, really is.
  6. Yeah, yeah, yeah, glad everyone is safe, but how are the tent houses?
  7. Is everyone assuming that the 6 locked boxes are the 6 remaining houses?
  8. Based on this and your previous comments... might I suggest Mickey's?
  9. T'was a joke. I have no opinion on him or his stupid genre of music.
  10. Remind me what this was that you are referring to. I remember seeing something and being surprised they did it, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. Help?
  11. I feel like they could easily replicate this as a facade/first room in the house... Wouldn't be surprised. One scareactor, suspended chair and book, door that randomly slams shut, swinging light bulb. Dooo it.
  12. No clue why HHNVault does this. They have been trolling ever since HHN 25. For awhile I thought they were going to come back, but it's all just been random posts and teases on their website that haven't led to anything.
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