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NOTE: This isn't meant to be a spam post but a shoutout to everybody for ideas.


Right now I've taken on a project thats starting to shape up nicely so far. Its called HorrorNightsCollector.com and it set up to collect pictures and information about every single artifact and memorabilia item that is out there regarding Halloween Horror Nights here in Orlando. I've more or less shoved aside everything else like World of Warcraft to realy get this off the ground.

Its an honor realy to be able to do this and you have no idea how much fun it is to finally be able to contribute something to the Horror Nights Fan base community thats not yet been done. Finding stuff that you never knew existed shows up at the most unexpected times.. just awesome!!!!

Like everything thats being started up takes a bit of time, right now the site has about 50ish to 100 page views per day - 10 visitors/day average with about 25 different html pages online (1991-2008 + the index page... legal info page.. etc.)

I just gotta say thanks to Keri Hracs and Sean Hill aka 'Gambit' and Tommi for helping me out with sending pictures and stuff.... thats exactly what I'm hoping this project will turn into: everybody sending pics and info of anything thats not on there yet. This way every single HHN item will be on there in no time.

We got 302 pics and 68 items on there right now and counting. The big goal is having at least all the official merchandize sold (like pins, shirts shot glasses, and blinky cups with secret Legendary Truth info on the bottom <--- inside joke .) uploaded to the site when the new Horror Nights season start.

A lot of other ideas are being played with including Tommy's idea that I'm calling 'FreE-Bay'... a way to bypass e-bay fees for Horror Night Item listings thru a save Clasified system for sellers/collector. Still thinking on how exactly to do this but its something to play around with.

Another idea thats being worked with is a 'Featured Collections' Section where everybody can submit pictures from heir whole collection. Gambit gave me this idea by sending pics of his collection.

As a serious note: Some of the Halloween Horror Night items that are around are soooo rare and so 'hot' that they cant be made public. I'm hoping to loosen this up a bit in time... Last thing I want to happen is that people get in hot water but it might be that no rules are broken by sending pictures without making a profit from reselling the uber-rare items. Its a sensitive thing realy but who knows... we'll see what happens. All I gotta say is that those items realy deserve to be up there.

Final thanks goes out to 'Vegas'. It was his idea to somehow document everything that is floating around relating to Halloween Horror Nights. So thats how I came up with the site. Would be cool if we ever get over 1000 items listed to the database.

Let me know your ideas you think would work, post away:

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I have many shirts and a few other collectibles from the past 4 years that I would be willing to trade... I guess sell... but rather trade.

My main wants currently are rarer items. (snowglode, jack-in-box, HHN 15 picture frames, coffee mugs, etc)

I'm looking for a woman's HHN 15 shirt for my wife, a 13 staff shirt to round off my staff shirts, coffee mugs/shot glasses from '07 and bleow, and anything from before 2000.

My collection pictures are linked in my sig. and if you'd like to know the specifics of what I have to trade just PM me.

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everything I have surplus of:


2000 � Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Black, XXL) (1)

2001 � I.C.U. (XL), (XL) (2)

2002 � Your Time Has Come! (XXL) (1)

2004 � I Survived! (S) (2 Unknown) (3)

2004 � 2x�s the Fear! (L) (1)

2005 � I Survived! (M), (M), (S) (3)

2005 � Not Just Another Fairy Tale! (XL) (2)

2006 � Characters & Cake (L) (1)

2007 � All Three Characters & Jack (S, No Tag), (2 Unknown,) (3)

2007 � Choose Thy Fear! (M), (YL), (L) (3)

2008 � I Dare You! Say It One More Time! (M) (1)

2008 � Wanna See Scary? (XL) (1)


� Freakin� Scary (2004) (1 Extra)


� 2000 (1 Extra)

� 2008 (1 Extra)


� 2005 (1 Extra)

� 2007 (1 Extra)

� 2008 (Both) (One Each Extra)

� 2009 (Both) (3 SAW, 2 Holographic Extra)

I got some more recently but haven't documented it...

My collection that I have pics of is here but is out of date... I get so much stuff all the time.. makes it hard. I recently built a new room and have everything on display... When I get around to a pic of it all I will post it.

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Those are some impressive collections people! After attending for going on 20 years, you'd think I'd have kept some things...LOL I do believe all I own is a shirt, two blinkie cups, some coins and beads from the parades and well, the pictures we've taken. I've thrown out all the maps and other things (even shot glasses...gasp!) because we just don't have the room for it.

Those of you who have these amazing collections, kudos to you! (And I'm jealous anyone has that kind of extra room in their house!) ;)

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Does any one have any ideas on how to display there collections, especially maps without damaging them?? I cant just put stuff on a shelf, because my cat will knock it off. I had to tape my cups down because he knocked off and cracked my HHN 14 cup. So any ideas would be great... and pictures. thanks

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What I do with my maps specifically is use poster tac and put them on my wall.


You can see what I'm saying with the HHN AP Preview thing I was sent. I use that for some of my maps, and all of the AP Preview newsletters.

If anyone would like some HHN 17 and 18 maps PM me seriously. I'm down to trade those maps for HHN16 and prior. I have an insane surplus of 18 maps (I practically have a box, it's over 100) and a pretty large amount of 17 (over 50). I can't give out as many 17 maps but I can still trade them a lot. I'm seriously interested in doing this.

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Does any one have any ideas on how to display there collections, especially maps without damaging them?? I cant just put stuff on a shelf, because my cat will knock it off. I had to tape my cups down because he knocked off and cracked my HHN 14 cup. So any ideas would be great... and pictures. thanks

Well don't tape them to your walls. I used masking tape, and when I took the map off the wall, the paper from the map went with the tape. :( But luckily the overall map had a distressed look already, haha.

BTW: That's a lot of nice stuff you got there warp3dali3n. I understand how you could get the media gifts, but how'd you get the masks and AiW card?

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Thanks! The Bloody Mary head and the Caretaker head I bought off of ebay (right place/right time, lol) and as for the AiW card and Jack mask, knowing the right people helps ;-) I actually just saw another AiW card on ebay the other day, so there are more out there that people seem to want to sell.

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I enjoy making an HHN-themed Christmas wreath each year. I started in 2008, and my Bloody Mary wreath is still one of my favorites. I'm still looking for photos of the 2009 wreath (not my favorite), and I'll post 'em when I can find some.

I know that most of the items listed in this thread are personal items that have been purchased over the years. These are part of our "collection," although they are most definitely homemade. Enjoy!









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Here's a basic rundown of my lantern creation process. This could be done much better than I did, but I like to finish my wreath before the event starts, so I was working under a time constraint. In the end, I would've liked to have painted the lantern, as well as try to create more of the "vine" that envelops the top. But, hey, it works as a decoration. I apologize if this is tough to follow. I usually take photos of wreaths in-progress, but not this time. Sorry that there aren't visuals to follow!

  1. I bought the lamp at a local Michael's crafts store. It was in the candle section. They also had smaller black and white lanterns in the wedding section, but I wanted something a little larger.
  2. I removed the glass from two of the lantern's sides and cut away the thin metal filigree (using tin snips), leaving only the support beams in each corner.
  3. Measuring the sides of the lantern, I found them to be 4 inches by 5.5 inches. I went to a Lowe's home improvement store and bought a sheet of 8.5x11 plexiglass.
  4. Using a metal ruler, I measured two 4 by 5.5 pieces to be cut from the plexi. I scored them with a utility knife and, using the corner of a table, broke them off cleanly.
  5. I isolated the lantern image from some of JWFearman's website rips. I took this into Photoshop, made each panel 4 by 5.5 inches, and made them completely black.
  6. I printed these lantern templates on regular white paper. I tried to print it on clear contact paper, but this just fouled up my printer. After printing, I used an X-Acto knife to cut out all the "white" parts, where the light would eventually shine through. This was definitely the most time consuming step.
  7. Once the lantern templates were completely cut, I laid them face down on a table (black side down) and covered each of them with a sheet of clear contact paper. This gave them extra support and still kept the whole thing transparent.
  8. Next, I applied each clear contact paper/lantern template to one of my pieces of plexiglass. This gave me two plexiglass panels with black lantern filigree. All that remained was to attach them to the lantern itself.
  9. Finally, using a hot glue gun, I ran a bead of glue around the edge of the plexiglass and attached it to my lantern.
  10. Slap a flickering LED tealight (or a real tealight, but be careful of the paper-and-contact-paper on the plexi!) and the effect is complete!

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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I live in California and have all the shirts and maps for the HHN Hollywood event (1992, 1997, 1998, 1000, 2000, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010).

Most interesting thing I have from Hollywood - a Biohazard sticker they gave out a the entrance to the Area 51 maze.

Although I only started going to HHN Orlando in 2004, I have an extensive HHN collection.

Shirts that I have - All except 1991 and 1995.

Maps that I have - All except 1991.

Coins that I have - all colors of coins from every year of the parade.

Medallions that I have - 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008.

Media Kits that I have - 1994, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004.

Pins that I have - Every pin except the 2010 AP pin.

Buttons that I have - Every one but 2009.

Glassware that I have - Most of whatever has been made for the event (shots, shooters, mugs, ashtrays, etc)

Media gifts that I have:

1997 - Eyeball on a pedestal

2000 - Jack in the Box

2001 - Chainsaw

2002 - Pocketwatch

2004 - Straightjacket (personalized with the name of an Orlando Sentinel reporter)

2005 - Eyeglasses

2006 - Snowglobe

2008 - Jewelry Box

Item I would most like to own - a Mask from Leave it to Cleaver

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My HHN Collection...

HHN 2008 Reflections of Fear ticket sign.


HHN XX Giant Ticket Sign from the Guest Services office at Universal.


HHN XX Ticket Sign from Publix.


HHN 16,17,18,19,20 lanyards.


HHN XX employee preview event guide.


HHN 2008 actual Bloody Mary drink sign used at the event.


HHN 2009 actual SAW 6 poster hung outside of the SAW house.


HHN 2009 entire ticket set.


HHN XX Ticket sign.


My event guides.


HHN XX Sheet map poster.


HHN 19 Sheet map poster.


HHN 2002 Orlando Sentinal newspaper bag.


Assortad HHN items.


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Collection continued...

HHN 2009 and 2010 mini ticket signs


HHN 2006,2007,2008,2009,2010 cardboard ticket standees


HHN XX event guide signed by the guys from Ghost Hunters and my HHN 1999,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010 tall shotglass collection


HHN 2003 actual lighted drink sign used during the event and all my flashing cups


HHN 2005 Ticket dangler


HHN 2005.2007.2008.2009.2010 pins. The last pin is my HHN 2010 annual passholder pin. It's still in the plastic so the pic is a little blurry.





Well thats everything except for my HHN t-shirts. The battery died on my camera so I will add them later...

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Figured this was the best place to post this....

Does anyone know about this DVD called "The Art of the Scare"????

Isi it worth buying? I see it's 14.99 on their site and on eBay. Just curious if anyone has any knowledge about it before I purchase. Thanks :)

Yes, it's definitely worth the purchase. It is something that you will enjoy watching nonstop.

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Figured this was the best place to post this....

Does anyone know about this DVD called "The Art of the Scare"????

Isi it worth buying? I see it's 14.99 on their site and on eBay. Just curious if anyone has any knowledge about it before I purchase. Thanks :)

You can watch it on Youtube. Just do a search for "Universal Studios Horror Nights - The Art of Scare".

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