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Most Anticipated House (HHN 26)


Most Anticpated House.  

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  1. 1. What's your most anticipated this year?

    • American Horror Story
    • Ghost Town : The Curse of Lightning Gulch
    • Halloween 2 : Hell Comes to Haddonfield
    • Krampus
    • Lunatics Playground 3D : You Won't Stand a Chance
    • The Exorcist
    • The Repository (Upcharge)
    • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    • The Walking Dead
    • Tomb of the Ancients

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1. Tomb of the Ancients (I have a really good feeling about this one. And I really love the theme)

2. AHS (FINALLY. I stopped watching midway through Freak Show but I've wanted this maze based on characters and aesthetics alone since it debuted. Incredibly excited to finally see it come to fruition)

3. Ghost Town (I've always wanted to see this, Vampyr, Deadtropolis and Hellgate from 04. I'm finally getting the chance to do an updated version of one of those this year)

4. The Exorcist (Legitimately creeped me out, great movie, and I'm very curious about how they'll tackle their abstract approach to this property)

5. Krampus (This is gonna be hella fun. The Cabin in the Woods of this year is what I'm anticipating)

6. Texas Chain Saw Massacre (Loved 07's house and I know how much Mike and the gang love this movie. The southern gothic aesthetic should be very cool. I'm anticipating a strong house with this one)

7. Halloween II (2014's was obviously amazing, and again Mike and the gang love this series, so I would anticipate them delivering with this IP yet again)

8. Lunatic's Playground (This is going to either really surprise me or really disappoint me. Asylum last year was a very solid 3D house, but I would like to see more originality with this one. The theme has a lot of potential. I just hope they use it to it's fullest extent. Being in a new location should be interesting)


9. TWD (Best of the past 4 houses likely means I won't hate the house, as it will only be the scenes I actually enjoyed from the TWD houses. It likely also means I will do this house only when I bring 1 time attendees, because I have no desire to see those select scenes 10+ times over the course of the event, as I've likely seen all of them 10+ times already. Only house I'm not excited for, as usual)

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I'm going to get some wierd looks for this one.


1. Tomb of the Ancients

2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

3. Ghost Town

4. Halloween 2

5. Krampus 

6. Exorcist

7. Lunatics Playground

8. tied with 9 American Horror Story and Walking Dead


I have no freaking clue: The repository.

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  1. Krampus
  2. Tomb of the Ancients
  3. Lunatics Playground
  4. Exorcist
  5. Ghost Town
  6. Halloween II
  7. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  8. American Horror Story
  9. The Walking Dead
  10. Repository

Changed it up a bit since the old thread.  Have AHS queued up on Netflix and hope to binge watch at least half of season 1 this weekend so that will surely change it's placement.  I really love both Halloween and TCM, but I just can't build up much anticipation for them as I know what to expect and feel like I've been there, done that before.  Sure I'll love both houses and feel really bad for having them so low.




9/21 update.  

After my friend convinced me to start watching AHS Season 4 I have to greatly revise my anticipation list.  Couldn't get into Season 1 or the other season at all, but Season 4 is just insane and lends itself SO MUCH to a house.  I head down this weekend so my last pre-event anticipation.  Seemed like a good time to do it.  Have read a few non-spoiler reviews as well as browsed through some other reviews that gave ratings where I ignored what was written.  Caused Ghost Down and Tomb of the Ancients to do some moving.  


1.  Krampus

2.  Ghost Town (the non-spoiler buzz is just amazing and has me really excited)

3.  AHS

4.  Tomb

5.  Exorcist

6.  TCM 

7.  Chance 3D (still love 3D houses)

8.  Halloween II (Feel like this should be higher...but can't shake the "been there, done that" feeling)

9.  The Walking Dead (Don't hate this NEARLY as much as most people and having it be a Best Of makes me think I'll move it up my review list)

10.  The Repository (Was never planning on doing this, but hearing that the VR is only 10min long knocks it even further down my list if possible)

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Updated list for 9/21
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1. Ghost Town: The curse of Lightning Gulch: HHN 14's GT was my favorite house they've ever done. I hope it stays spiritually true and brings what made the original so great.


2. The Exorcist: One of the few genuine "horror" movies in that it's widely considered terrifying. If done well I see this being fantastic.


3. Krampus: Horror-comedy in a Christmas setting is fantastic.


4. Tomb of the Ancients: In theory this would be lower because of what I see as a dull theme, but I'm giving Creative the benefit of the doubt.


5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: I love the movies but we've seen him before and it won't end up being that much different. It has to be very visceral to get people hooked.


6. Halloween 2: The first house was absolutely fantastic, but the second movie's setting doesn't lend it to being as good of a house.


7. Lunatics Playground 3D: Maybe lower than 7, I hope they've learned that they need to make an Icon house good AND 3D not gimmicky.


8. American Horror Story: Terrible show.


9. The Walking Dead: It's last hoorah, it should be the "best of" .


10. The Repository: Gimmick, I don't consider this a house.

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1. Halloween 2 - I grew up watching Halloween & Halloween 2 every year for the Halloween holiday, so it has a special place in my heart.

2. Krampus - Definitely hoping it's cold and I'm really excited to see all the different characters (especially Krampus himself).

3. Tomb of the Ancients - I'm hoping for some excellent scenic and costumes.

4. American Horror Story - Mainly because I want to see how well they reconstruct the material.

5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre - I've never been through a quality recreation of this film, so I'm looking forward to see this version.

6. Ghost Town - I like the Western feel in houses, so this one should be decent.

7. The Exorcist - This has the potential to be the flop of the year. Taking creative liberties on a classic like this just to use it as a house could be a mistake.

8. The Walking Dead - Could still be enjoyable, but I would have prefered to see the permanent attraction Hollywood got.

9. Lunatics Playground 3d - It's 3d, so I have little to no faith.

10. The Repository - A gimmick that costs an extra $50 and isn't even going to be running the weekend I'm there isn't getting me very excited.

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1. Ghost Town
2. Tomb of the Ancients
3. Lunatics PLayground
4. Halloween
5. Krampus
6. The Exorcist
7. American Horror Night
8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
9. The Walking Dead
10. Repository (only because I'm not going to pay for it due to $)

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1 Tomb of the Ancients: Simply because I have zero clue of what to expect. After the first run through of all the house I expect this one to be my favorite.

2  Krampus: One of the better "Horror" movies to come out lately. A good mix of comedy and creepy will make this a top one.

3 Texas Chainsaw: A loud, violent, gorey house, right up my alley.

4 Lunatics Playground: I'm a sucker for 3-d houses and bringing Chance into the mix will bring it over the top.

5 Halloween 2: Big fan of the first house as well as the movie.

6 American Horror Story: Not a fan of the show, and if i don't like something on screen I tend to enjoy the house.

7 Ghost Town: Going to be like Body Collectors for me last year. A great solid maze though I've never experienced the original.

8 The Repository: Not a whole lot of information on it so no real reason to be overly excited about.

9 The Exorcist: I feel like I'm just going to be confused the entire house the first couple run throughs based on the information we already have.

10 The Walking Dead: *Yawn*

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    1.Tomb of the Ancients (Love OC content...seems like my style very immersive and thematic)
  • 2. The Exorcist (I'm intrigued on how well it can be done..but if anyone can nail it, its here!)
  • 3.Krampus (Seems like it was made to be a maze here..can't wait for the holiday crossover)
  • 4.Halloween 2 : Hell Comes to Haddonfield (Mike loves Meyers..I'm sure this will rival the last one)
  • 5.Ghost Town : The Curse of Lightning Gulch ( I didn't see the org GT, but since it seemed to be on a lot of people's list for wanting a rebirth, it def has potential)
  •  6.Lunatics Playground 3D : You Won't Stand a Chance (Chance is one of my fav Org characters...but not a big fan of 3D)
  • 7.American Horror Story (I'm excited for all things Rubberman and Twisty, but thats about it)
  • 8.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Chainsaws are amazing but overdone..I'm sure the Leatherface character himself will be quite imposing)
  • 9.The Repository (Not enough details to really go on here yet, to move the needle yet for me)
  • 10.The Walking Dead ( I am a big TWD fan..but enough is enough I hope)
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1. Tomb of the ancients - heard something today that has easily made this my most anticipated.

2. Exorcist - excited to see how this is executed.

3. Krampus - the costumes will be incredible.

4. Ghost Town - loved the original.

5. Lunatics Playground - like the concept. Hope the 3D isn't overbearing.

6. TCM - will definitely be authentic

7. Halloween 2 - one scene could steal the show.

8. AHS - Enjoy the show. Could be excellent.

9. TWD - nuff said.


Don't want to include Repository because it's gonna be a completely unique experience and look forward to checking it out.

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4 hours ago, criticalanalysis said:


Please PM it to him or just do a spoiler tag if you want to share. I don't want to know :)


I liked your response because I see inner turmoil. You don't want to see spoilers but you are still quite curious.  The beauty of HHN and this board.

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1. Ghost Town - Love the idea for this house, and I also love westerns lol.

2. Tomb of the Ancients - Hoping this has something to do with Egypt, Love that stuff. 

3. Halloween 2 - Halloween was my favourite house from 2014

4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The 2007 house was good so I'm hoping this one will be good. 

5. The Exorcist - Love the movie. 

6. American Horror Story - Just started watching the show this past weekend and I like it so far. 

7. Krampus - Haven't seen the movie but i haven't heard good things. 

8. Lunatics Playground 3D - I hate 3D houses.. 

9. The Walking Dead - I hate TWD. 



I think my house rankings will be very much the same. 

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1. Ghost Town

2. The Exorcist

3. Tomb of the Ancients

4. Halloween 2

5. Krampus

6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

7. American Horror Story

8. Lunatics Playground 3D

9. The Walking Dead


High hopes for some of these houses, can't wait to see them.

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1- Krampus - I adored this film and if the creatures/Krampus get the treatment that the wolves and aliens did from AWIL and AVP then this house could be amazing and not like the Lickers from RE.

2- Tomb of the Ancients - I just love the aesthetics of this house it seems like something totally different and fresh and has me curious and excited!

3- American Horror Story - I'm still new to this brand and just got to Asylum on Netflix but I always had thought the ads had some amazing visuals and I don't know I just feel this house is right up HHN Creative's alley and has no reason to not succeed.

4- Ghost Town - I didn't get to experience this house first time around but similar to TofA it is a theme I think that is refreshing and hasn't been really utilized before.

5- Lunatic's Playground - Afterlife: Death's Vengeance is the single worst house I have ever been through at HHN since I started at HHN 21 and Penn & Teller doesn't fare much better however I was amazingly surprised by Asylum in Wonderland and of course The In-Between and they really shine in my head that 3D doesn't always equal bad however it seems like it is one extreme or the other thus I am keeping my expectations middle of the road.

6- Exorcist - Classic and legendary, I hate putting this house so low on the list and is def no reflection of the Exorcist as a movie but I am having difficulty envisioning how the movie translates to a house however I kinda like that my confusion and expectation then puts it lower that way it can only be blown away when I see the final product.

7- Halloween 2 - The first go around of this house was amazing, I preferred AVP but this was a close 2nd ;), but besides some change of settings I don't see how this experience will differ much from the first go as awesome as it was.

8- Texas Chainsaw - Similar problems to Halloween 2 stop this house from being higher on the list, a kinda been there done that initial thoughts...chainsaws and gore hound house that I've seen before like Roanoke: Cannibal Colony, not that this house will be anything less than fantastic and detailed but the aesthetic that TCM brings has been played out not only at HHN but most haunts across the nation.

9- The Walking Dead - I am glad they are going the collaboration of all seasons route as I think there is more to offer from the past than the most recent season but granted TWD as everyone knows and has said has played its part at HHN and I doubt it can recreate the best year it had being HHN 24 and seeing how poor the HHN 25 version turned out is time for TWD to make its way out.

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Wow, extremely strong lineup for IP houses this year. Besides TWD, everyone of them is awesome. Really hope I can make it. The crowds are going to be more insane then usual with some of those names though.

1) Hallowen II: Hell Comes To Haddonfield
2) The Exorcist
3) Krampus
4) American Horror Story
5) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
6) Ghost Town
7) Tomb Of The Ancients
8) Lunatics Playground
9) The Walking Dead

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I'm trying to come up with a list of things to watch/read to prep for original content. Please give me ideas if anyone comes up with anything. I'm definetly not getting to all of these.


Chance- Suicide Squad, some old animated batman, Both Carnivals of Carnage


Tomb of The Ancients- some hardcore wikipedia


 Ghost town- Tombstone, Dollars trilogy, the searchers, And also Bone Tomohawk.

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