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HHN 21 ♠ Official Meetup List.

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add me up for September 23.

As for the scareactors, here's my signature All Scares Bulletin for 9/23 (which is something i do each year to get as many scares as possible).

Be sure to look for the following individual (me) wearing the following:

[guaranteed attire/items]

*"It's Showtime" shirt (to commemorate the start of HHN)

* blue jeans

*navy blue/tennis ball green New Balance Sneakers

*Blue Eastport Backpack

*Mickey Mouse Hat (one of 2 hats which will be part of my Tag Team switchout scareactor hats)

* NEW THIS YEAR: Duffy the Disney Bear Ears (the other hat which will be involved in the Tag Team Scareactor Target hats)

[scareactor target "Assistants"]

* One of my Pal Mickeys

* NEW THIS YEAR: Duffy the Disney Bear (very easy to spot since the light brown area of his face shares similarity to Mickey's logo)

[Pal Mickey Details]

*Originally, I was going to have my Pal Mickey wearing his original HHN Debut outfit which was the safari/adventure vest. But due to some time-related constraints, he'll be in his classic attire (red shorts and his yellow shoes)

[Duffy Details]

*Duffy will be wearing an orange hoodie (which might make it easier to spot, especially in blacklight areas) with blue jeans

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My friend and I will be attending the annual passholder party on the 23rd.we RSVP for plus one if anyone that doesn't have a Ap or your not doing stay or scream wants to get in early let me know and we will meet you out front before you don't even have to hang out w us we just figured we would do a good deed lol

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How about the same spot as last year? Bob Marley's at City walk, 4:30-5pm?

I don't know if I can be there by 5 (classes and such). I was actually thinkin of a spot in the park where we could meet up, maybe get a group photo we could post to the site (maybe around 8 or 9?).

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