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  1. I'll have to ask a couple of my friends about that and pay more attention to the video. I tend to geek out over the merman whenever I go through that part of the house. Anyways has anyone tried the in park missions? I attempted to do them n Sunday (doing the house in ABC order); however, it was difficult with the people I went with. I'll be there Thursday for more in park things. Would anyone who is doing the in park stuff be interested in getting together to do it as a group? It is just an idea for those who are able to go multiple times throughout the event.
  2. I do not have a FFP; however, I was able to pay the $6 and can play the game. Get there early though because as others have stated they did sell out.
  3. Nothing in the mansion is unlocking for me either. Every level displays access denied.
  4. Since I'm unable to work it this year I'll be attending almost every night. For now put me down for Sept. 20-21, 26-29 and October 3-6. I know that I have a friend's wedding sometime later in October so I'll wait to post the other nights once I find out for sure when it is.
  5. I am working the event this year; however, if you all are still doing it after midnight I will be able to join then.
  6. I'm not sure if you found an answer to this question or not; however, from my past experience they do not. I have a couple of friends who come down every year and last year I was able to purchase the Rush of Fear for them and they used it for the last weekend it was active.
  7. It's all good. I will be in attendence tomorrow for a bit but not in a nightmare shirt since forgot to order one. I'll be in shorts and a purple and black top.
  8. From my understanding it was to meet up at 8 p.m. at "707" which is one of the resident houses in the New York Area near Gramercy Park.
  9. Also please don't forget that if there is lightening in the area Jaws will not operate either. Water and lightening just doesn't mix.
  10. I ended up purchasing a hoodie last night which worked out perfect since I was soaked to the bone from getting caught out in the rain. The sizes ran slightly bigger than I was expecting; however, they are quite comfortable. I am beginning to think I'm one of the few who enjoys the placement and size of the logo.
  11. I saw them last night in addition to getting a bit of video (which will be going up on my YouTube page later on this afternoon). The show is quite entertaining; however, I do see some flaws with the set up for the more peak nights. Either way it is something that you should catch even if it is only for a few moments.
  12. Total nights - 10 Saws 'n Steam - 6 Bloodengutz - 6 The Thing - 6 Nightingales - 6 Winters Nights - 9 Forsaken - 5 In Between - 5 Nevermore - 4 Death Drums - 6 Bill and Ted - 9
  13. Put me down for Employee Preview, Sept 23-25 and October 6-10. The rest of the dates depend on work schedule and my follow up appointment from surgery
  14. Thank you! It actually went quite well and as long as I take it easy I will be walking around for the event without the need of a wheelchair. I will do my best to make it for the 29th meet up as well but it just depends on how recovering is going but so far so good.
  15. I picked Thursday Oct. 9 mostly because that is the first date after my post-op appointment from back surgery. I could make it other days; however, depending on how much I've improved I would be using a wheelchair for most of the evening.
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