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HHN 27 Speculation


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My wishlist would be as follows:

-Trick r Treat. Krampus has ranked pretty high on many lists and works well as a comedy house. Trick R Treat would also bring some good ole fashioned Halloween spirit to the event, something I feel was somewhat missing this year.

-Nightingales. These characters are so awesome and could easily fit into so many different eras and aesthetics. 

-I don't know if it will ever happen, but I'm sure HR would see a triumphant return amongst the fan community.

-I think HP Lovecraft could and/or should happen soon.


Honestly my very favorite idea for icons would be a dual Caretaker and Cindy year. Don't think it'll ever happen but I think it would be awesome.

As far as predictions, everybody has pretty much nailed those already, although I would be surprised if Amityville actually comes. That seemed like kind of a click bait article (Sorry Chris!). 

Most of all, I would love to see a good balance of knockout houses and scarezones and a main event icon. If we can have that, I'll be prefectly content.

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Just thought of this today

Theme: Want to Play A Game? (SAW)

Icon: Billy



  1. SAW: Want To Play A Game? (mega house)
  2. American Horror Story 
  3. The Walking Dead
  4. Psycho/Alfred Hitchcock
  5. Chucky
  6. Insidious
  7. Urban Legends series return - The Slit-Mouthed Woman 
  8. Nightingales 2
  9. new original house


Scare Zones:

  1. Billy's Lair (set up like Icons/Chance in Heck)
  2. Saws N Steam 2
  3. Original
  4. Original
  5. Original



  1. Bill & Ted 26
  2. Academy of Villains 
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7 hours ago, Brandon_Voorhees said:

I wasn't there to see it in person, but it seems everyone loved Nightingales. What did everyone love about it so much? I did a little research but obviously some things don't translate their amazingness from pics and videos. 


Very immersive sets, convincing make-up on the scare-actors. Plus I think most HHN fans appreciate what feels like a new, original franchise (like Jack, HR Bloodengutz, Body Collectors). Don't recall it being my #1 house that year, but it was solid, definitely wouldn't mind seeing it return with another era.

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1. AHS

The best way to handle AHS, from becoming another WD, would be to bring the house back next year. Obviously, the house will be a mashup of Asylum, Coven, and Roanoke. Then make the property show away till HHN 30. 


2. Halloween III

Since HHN did Halloween in 2014 and Halloween II in 2016, the event could wait until HHN 28 to do Season of the Witch. Unless the two year wait was just to stay in sync with Hollywood. 


3. WD

The property, like everyone has been saying for years, really needs to vanish. Even more so with AHS, but I could see them doing it. There will be a lot of material with Negan. I could even see them doing an extreme house for with recreating the end of S6/beginning of S7.


4. Trick 'r Treat


5. The Conjuring/ The Amityville Horror

I know Aiello debunked the (clever) rumor. He could be lying though. There's no chance he'd confirm that this soon. If not an Amityville Horror house, they could just be planning to use it in for Conjuring, since The Conjuring 2 starts out in the Amityville Horror house.


6. Ash vs. Evil Dead

The show, as far as I know, is doing well, and the last Evil Dead house was well received. They could even do mashup of the trilogy and show. 


7. Vamp '55 house


8. Original 

9. Original

Not sure about the last two. I hope it's 5 IP's and 4 originals though. I don't think it'll be, but that gives the event more of a balance. 5 original and 4 IP's is asking too much though.


Not sure about scare zones, but they should mix up how the Central Park and New York scare zones are done. HHN 25 did the block party, which was amazing. Most of the time, recently, those zones are becoming repetitive.  



Bill and Ted (obviously)

(Maybe) Academy of Villains. I know AoV do other shows, outside of HHN, but the show was so well received and defied everyone's expectations. They might want to hold off with having the the same two shows, but 2013-2014 did it with Bill and Ted and Rocky Horror. 

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I want to see NEW characters/icon at the event.. Stop with the repeating certain IPs.

AHS is fine cause you have other seasons to work with but give us IPs that dont fit the cookie cutter event.

Also changed the SZ around.. Vamp 55 was out there and it worked.

Make NY something else instead of a end of the world type zone...

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twin peaks

the x-files

3D beetlejuice house (i feel like this could be the best idea for a 3D house)

new icon

better street experiences

better crowd control


but i think they should continue the formula of having 3 originals (one being a nod to the past in some way), 3 classic IPs, & 3 modern IPs because it just provides something for everyone to enjoy




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On 11/2/2016 at 1:54 PM, criticalanalysis said:

If they're going to whore out movies and shows at least bring back The Usher. He was very cool.


Legitimate wish: H.R. Bloodngutz as the icon.


Legitimate wish: No zombie / action-horror houses.


Legitimate wish: Nothing related to inmates, Jack/Chance


Dream houses:


1. Catacombs 2: Start in crypt, end up on streets of France, enter Notre Dame, "die" by being tossed out of the stained glass.


2. H.R. Bloodngutz 2: Different seasons


3. Serial killer house: include famous serial killers over time


4. A take on a funeral parlor a la Zombie Mortuary over at HOS


5. An "Underwater" house, non-mythical house. Show sunken boats, sunken houses, sunken cars, sunken ships. 


6. Vamp 1955 house.


Can't think of others now..will get more in a bit.


You did good, critical. I think these are all solid ideas. H.R. Bloodngutz would be a fine icon, but I don't know if marketing would know how to use him. 


And as much as I love Jack and Chance, they need a break. We've had our fill of Lunatics and Maniacs. 

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12 hours ago, DarthSpielberg said:

3. Serial killer house: include famous serial killers over time

I love this idea... but even some of the PC crowd here were voicing concern about the great-grand kid of Gacey being "offended". Ugh... f*ck em I think this would be a great house!


12 hours ago, DarthSpielberg said:

2. H.R. Bloodngutz 2: Different seasons

How has he not been an icon yet???? Dude was amazing. We entered that hoes and I asked him "what does H. R. stand for?" and he tells me "oh I could tell you... but then Im gonna kill you!". Loved it. made my night!


12 hours ago, DarthSpielberg said:

If they're going to whore out movies and shows at least bring back The Usher. He was very cool.

Seriously.... with all the movie IP's now the usher should be a mainstay. The psycho clowns and escape inmates is getting kinda tired IMO. I mean they are fun but lets switch it up a touch....

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I personally would want as follows.


1. AHS (Coven, Asylum, and Roanoke)

2. Trick R Treat

3. Friday the Thirteenth

4. The Mummy

5. Vamp 55 House (Hollywood High)

6. H. R. Bloodengutz Sequel

7. Body Collectors

8. Nightingales 2

9. Icon House


Scare Zones:

Original Scare Zone are entirely creative choice and nearlyb impossible to predict, but a Purge Scare Zone would be cool.



Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure

Academy of Villains

Icon Show

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2 hours ago, criticalanalysis said:

Stranger Things should not come to the event, ever. 


Why do so many of you come up with atrocious recommendations?

And the real life serial killer isn't an atrocious recommendation? I don't even have strong feelings about Stranger Things but that comment was incredibly toxic. Like most of your posts.

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EDIT:- not sure what's up with the font/and strike-throughs in this post. <.<


What I think we will/could possibly get next year:

- AHS - seasons 2/3/6

- The Mummy (since around that time the DVD/BluRay should be released for the new film- for better or worse)

- TWD (sad but true)

- SAW theme'd house to correspond with SAW: Legacy 


What I'd Like to See (that's realistic IMO:)

- A Vamp house of some kind (but that is tied in to Vampyr- as I've mentioned before, because I'm a sucker for story/continuity) 

- Nightingales

- New Icon and/or previously unused Icon getting their due

- WAY more atmosphere in the streets (be it sets, actors, or whatever)

-Return of connective story

- Way better website. Okay, yeah... I doubt we'll ever see those truly interactive sites again pre-22, but this years was just sad. Look at USS' HHN6's site. Something like that. Please.


What 'd Like to See (probably will not happen)

- 'Urban Legend' house return.


-It (yeah, yeah I know- but it doesn't stop me from wanting it any less so stfu :P) 



I could list tons of other things I'd like to see I guess (as I'm sure we all could) but I'm really trying to keep this list (even the "probably will nots") somewhat possible-ish. In heart I'd love for more originals and less IPs and going back to really fully immersive streets but I'm also not naive. I think the streets are something that is possible to get close to achieving but I also know that it'll probably always be 50/50 or more with IPs from now on (as I'm sure we've all realized.) 


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Pencil in the return of the return of American Werewolf in London...



An American Werewolf in London is officially getting a remake with The Walking Dead‘s David Albert and Robert Kirkman producing through their Skybound Entertainment for Universal Pictures. The remake of filmmaker John Landis’ classic 1981 comedic horror film will be written by his son Max Landis, who also is attached to direct. The news comes after the elder Landis and filmmaker Anthony Waller (An American Werewolf in Paris) sealed a deal with the studio on the rights. The younger Landis’ deal is being negotiated. Skybound has a first-look production deal with Universal.


My quick no thought predictions:

  1. American Horror Story
  2. Ash vs Evil Dead
  3. Killer Klowns from Outer Space...in 3D (Why not?  The cotton candy cacoons and outfits and stuff would lend themselves nicely to 3D)
  4. Trick R Treat
  5. Don't Breath.  I didn't see it, but everybody loved the movie.  It would have to have portions of the house that go completely dark (since you're in a conga line, following the herd shouldn't be a problem).
  6. Original #1 "Massacre Overdrive".  Knockoff/tribute/interpretation of King's Maximum Overdrive
  7. Original #2 Something medieval like a masquerade party...with vampires.  
  8. Repeat IP House - Was going to say Aliens v Predator since they redid AWIL when the puppet technology improved and Prometheus 2 is coming out in August with, allegedly, real Xenomorphs so Aliens with or without the Predators would make sense.  But with the return of AWIL involving the TWD team Universal has worked with forever with hopefully all practical effects so it won't take months and months in post...if it's ready for Oct 2017 it wouldn't be a huge surprise for it's re-return.
  9. Requel - I think this might be a running thing for a while.  Like everybody else, I hope it's a Nightingales follow up.
  10. Upcharge VR Experience:  The Walking Dead.  A little bait n switch when they don't announce the return of TWD...only to drop the bomb a month out that the VR experience this year will bring thousands of zombies...and actual characters from the event (Give Norman Reedus a few bucks to appear in the VR segment telling you where to go...then through out the experience zombies will almost get you just to have an arrow come out of nowhere right into their head).  I didn't do the VR house so I have no idea what it was like...but I think they'll be changing it to an IP if they keep it since that will make a bunch more people sign up for it.


Halloween has been skipping a year...so I'd expect Halloween III for 28.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if Dead Man's Warf got it's own house (I would be thrilled).

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