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Man, all the original content sounds SO GOOD. A few notes from Mike on Twitter:

-"Jack Presents; 25 Years of Monsters an Mayhem" will be the largest HHN house to date, mimicking TWD's size lat year, maybe even surpassing it.


Forsaken, Nightingales, Gothic, Universal Classic Monsters and Bloodengutz

all confirmed to be featured.


-"Asylum in Wonderland 3D" is the name of the Alice maze. All that was really given about this one.


-"RUN: Blood, Sweat and FEAR"- Calls back to the original maze's feel and style.


- "The Reapers" are skilled assassins trying to kill you within the maze.


-"Body Collectors: Recollections" takes place at Shadybrook during a blizzard in the 1800's, as we know.


-"The Carnage Returns" is confirmed to take the large stage across from Mel's.

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Guest kiwisoup

Another thing to point out is Asylum In Wonderland 3D is said to be a comic issue by Ultra Violent Comics...the same "company" that brought us The In-Between and was featured on the facade that was a giant comic book cover.

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So, it already looks like 2011 is going to be to Jack Presents as 2008 was to Hallow'd Past. Three of the five houses featured are from that year. Oh, and Scary Tales likely has a room too.

No one ever thinks of Ghost Town...

I said the same thing, but this house is twice the size of Hallow'd Past, so there's a little more room for other year's scenes. Feels like they went for a lot of scenes from the fan favorite year at the time in 2010, then again this year, and 2011 is my favorite, so I could be ok with it. 

Houses I'd like represented:

Winter's Night




Ghost Town

Something from the 90's 

Icons represented in a new light

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I didn't make it for the actual reveal.  Woke this morning and it was like Christmas, except I already knew what Santa brought me.  But anyway, it looks good.  Especially the zones.  Did anyone see Mike's tweet about AWIL where it's the first time they've ever brought back an "identical" house?  Then there was something about more wolves, or an update to them.  In any event, it's cool for those that missed it two years ago as it was a great house.  I'm now really looking forward to the anniversary house.  Last one wasn't memorable, but this one sounds really good.  Recollections still my # 1 going in.

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A few things:

1) The event sounds far more individually fleshed out and exciting than I was anticipating, which is good.

2) There's no cohesion this year, it's by far the most all over the place I've ever seen for this event. How is there a blizzard going on and right outside is an Autumn festival?

3) Seems that we should never expect the website to be grand anymore, social media may be the only way to get inside scoops and images.

4) The naming of most of the zones/houses/shows are surprisingly bad.

5) The website puts the originals on the backburner. They aren't even scrolling on the first page. Speaks to Corporate so badly.

6) Harry Potter won't be open.

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Something I haven't seen mentioned yet is the fact that the Chain Saw Drill Teams (or Legions as Mike put it) are back this year and will be patrolling around the areas WITHOUT Scarezones! So, we are getting another year where "no place is safe" type concept that also sounds like it will have some strong Scarezones!

The Icon's zone will have death scenes for the four main Icon's that will happen throughout the night. The Icon's zone is NOT just for Icon's we know. It will be the home of a bunch of different iconic characters from the events history. The four main Icon's will just on a stage most likely.

Psychoscareapy: Unleashed will also be one of the bloodiest Scarezone they have done before!

Chance is back on the stage with Jack for some more killings on the massive stage by Mel's.

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Regarding the CDT, we pretty much knew they were coming.  There was mention a while back about two roaming hordes - a male and female CDT.  Or something to that affect.  Don't get me wrong, I think it's great.  Having a zone in San Fran, combined with roaming CDT's makes it a much much better street experience.  On paper, at least.  Not that huge dead zone that was last year's.

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Yeah I came to ask if anyone knew anything more about the two "hordes" that were discussed in the rumor phase. Although the reveal is basically what we had all expected for the last month or two, I must admit that I am more excited today than I was yesterday.

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I am excited to see the line up finally. Looks great but I cant help but feel disappointed on the execution of the website. For me at least, the website was a huge part of the excitement aspect and made me buy my tickets always sooner than later.

Side note: I am very excited for a stage show again!!!!!!

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