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HHNH 2014: Most Anticipated Maze


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  1. 1. What is your most anticipated maze this year?

    • The Walking Dead: The End of the Line
    • From Dusk Till Dawn
    • Face Off: In the Flesh
    • AVP: Alien vs. Predator
    • Dracula Untold: Reign of Blood
    • American Werewolf in London
    • Clowns 3D: Music by Slash

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For me, its like this...

AVP. Without a doubt, hands down, the most exciting idea for a haunt anywhere, ever. This maze has high expectations to fulfill. Creature effects, set design, music - everything should be jaw-dropping.

AWIL. The maze in Orlando looked pretty damn good, and I think this'll be a fun and scary filled maze with great creature effects, make up, and sets, and basically - its AVP-lite in expectations.

TWD. Maze 1 and 2 were AMAZING, and the material for season 4 should make for another great maze. I hope it could keep up the streak.

FDTD - Not scared by vampires, but since these will be slightly different looking and since I like the movie (still ain't seen the show so this could get higher on my list), this should at least be fun.

Dracula - As said before, I don't find vampires scary. Not in films or mazes. Ever. I remember the first time I walked through a maze alone (I walked ahead cuz my group was going slow, I was getting bored of the maze, and the maze was empty of other guests) was at Knotts in a vampire maze in 2001and this was back when I was still scared of Haunts. However, idk what type of vampires or creatures or scenes the movie holds, so I guess we'll see. The sets should at least be outstanding.

Clowns - Ugh, not scared of clowns. I was hoping the original maze, if it were to be clown oriented, that'd it would have Freakz included too to help amp the scariness. But nope - seems like a generic clown maze, but since its HHN, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt that it'll at least be somewhat good.

Face Off - WTF IS THIS?

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I'll write from my most-anticipated to least.

Alien Vs. Predator: Yeah, I would be surprised to not see that is anyone's most anticipated unless it's AWiL. Crazy creature effects with Xenomorph, Predator, the crazy effects, it's in the sound stage....how could you not be excited for this house?

American Werewolf in London: This is a VERY close second for most-anticipated. AWiL is one of my all-time favorite horror films, if not my absolute favorite. The house was incredible in Orlando and I have no doubt it will be just as good, if not better, than the one over there. This should be pretty amazing.

The Walking Dead: I'm a little burned out on the Walking Dead, but the last two houses have always been great. I have no doubt that this should be pretty cool. Who knows, it might even be better than last year.

Dracula Untold: I know a lot of you are not very excited about this house, but I think this could be pretty cool. It looks like it will have some cool environments so I'll give this a chance. Besides, a legendary character in horror finally gets his own maze.

Clowns 3D: I think the maze should be pretty neat, but I still can't get over that bland name.

From Dusk 'till Dawn: Eh, I'm not a fan of the movie, so it might be okay.

Face Off: It's House of Horrors. Need I say more?

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AWiL/AvP are obviously gonna be top (Unless AvP puppets suck), so I'm gonna ignore those two).

TWD has never interested me since day one. The show or the mazes. So that's low on my list.

Face/Off, depending on which characters they use (I've never seen the show), could be ok, but it's HoH, so it's low.

In order of least to most anticipated after the above has been stated; Dracula, Clowns, and FDTD.

Idk why, but I have a feeling FDTD is gonna be pretty good. Not the best maze this year, but I think it's gonna be up there and surprise people. Idk why, but that's why it's my most anticipated. Also, I wanted to be different than everybody.

I'll make an actual list: from LEAST to MOST anticipated: (Again, the reason Awil/AvP aren't at the top is because I know they're gonna be good. Nothing to anticipate freaking out over)








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AVP: Duh. Two of the greatest monsters in horror history (especially the sci fi subgenre) in one maze.
AWIL: Classic movie, very excited about this one.
FDTD: Big fan of the movie, I like what I've seen from the show. Very excited.
TWD: Third time yes, but it's a new maze and I've been impressed so far.

Dracula Untold: Good environments, they even had to cut one scene to make room in the venue. Interested to see what happens.
Clowns 3D: Not a fan of the name (along with everyone else) but I think the maze could be really cool.
Face Off: A pretty excellent HOH overlay, also a HOH overlay.

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Here's how it goes me:

1. Alien vs Predator - I shouldn't need to say why this the most anticipated. Yes, the films are absolutely terrible but the reason I enjoy them is becuase I get to see two iconic monsters battling it out. I talked with Larry Bones a bit at ScareLA and the smile on his face when I brought up AVP gets me so much more excited then I already am.

2. American Werewolf in London - I mean if this isn't in your top two then all I need to ask is why do you hate happiness itself. jk... But yea as pointed out above numerous times by other people this Maze won't be anything short of amazing.

3. Clowns 3D - Aside from a generic name I love the story behind it. My problems with Black Sabbath were the really the large rooms and the brightness completely making the least scariest house I have ever been in. Seeing this will literally put you face to face with Clowns you can sign me up.

4. Dracula Untold - Ignoring the Film and trying to make Vlad Tepes into Anakin Skywalker... the sets should be pretty cool. I mean it's going to be larger rooms so this might be one of the shortest mazes we have ever had but eh whatever. It still could be a sleeper hit.

5. From Dusk 'Till Dawn - I'm excited for this but repeating the same same location doesn't sound too appealing. I love the film and this has potential... plus Vampire Strippers.

6. The Walking Dead - They have never been bad houses but i'm burned out on AMC's incarnation of it. Aside from the destroyed Prison facade and Tank I don't really have anything to be excited for since Season 4 was almost as boring as Season 2.

7 Face Off - A decent House of Horrors overlay that tries to fit in with the surrounding... I really couldn't ask for anything more. Since the attraction would be officially closed who knows what cool little things they might add in there.

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It has been a solid and steady year for speculation. Great to know that all the mazes have been announced and we are one step closer to the event. A bit off topic but Universal needs to get their event and ticket schedule up earlier. Not good for those traveling. Anywayz....

1. American Werewolf in London: Great, Great film that always stuck with me through the years. For me, it runs neck-and-neck with the original Wolfman as my favorite Lycanthropy horror films. While I immensely look forward to this maze, I am just as happy to know that alot of folks will see this maze and become interested in the film.

2. Dracula Untold: I am so-so for the upcoming film but anything that continues the legend of Dracula gets my vote. And to see a classic character get its own maze outside of the House of Horrors is very encouraging.

3. Clowns in 3D-Slash: The "Z" may be gone from this bunch of clowns, but I love the backstory that was described in the USA Today article. A bit o' Orlando comes to Hollywood?

4. House of Horrors featuring Face-Off: HOH is typically my runner-up for best maze each year, but my anticipation is a bit lower this year. I love the show and looking forward to the themes. May end of in this maze multiple times by the end of the evening.

5. Walking Dead: Opposite of Zero56, I loved seasons 2 and 4! Felt those seasons really allowed the characters to develop. And...the smoldering walkers was an awesome effect. Can't wait to see the enviroments from the past season. HHN improved the Walking Dead maze in 2013 and hope for more of the same this year.

6. Aliens vs Predator: Unsure about this one...Alien was awesome, Predator was great. I liked both these films because of thoughtful storylines and the sparsely used main baddies still had a foreboding presence. The later combo films, well, not so interesting. While this seems like a cool idea, it could be a little overambitious. Hopefully, it will knock everyone's socks off.

7. From Dusk Till Dawn: I have never encountered a "bad" maze at HHN. And while this could be good, have yet to be excited about this one.

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AvP: As long as everything is pulled off even slightly well, this maze will be absolutely incredible. Both franchises on their own are terrifying but I'm probably going to avoid the later movies just so I can enjoy the maze for the better of the films in the franchise.

AWiL: This is the one case where we have proof that the concept works. Orlando's was amazing and Landis saying this version is better makes me incredibly excited.

Clowns 3D: Yes, not the greatest title. But I like the concept and the idea scares me a lot. Clowns are just scary guys, deal with it. This should be a really fun maze.

TWD: Will probably be a great maze, and for sure better than Clowns, but as people have said before, I just feel burned out about the whole thing. So while I'm sure it will stay up to par and maybe even be better than past incarnations, I just can't say I'm particularly excited.

FDTL: Haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it because of Tarrantino (not doing an Australian accent). Here's the point though where we get the mazes I'm not really excited for at all. But maybe after watching the movie, I'll change my mind.

Face Off (HoH): The last time I'll ever walk through the House of Horrors. Need I say more? It will for sure be a sad experience, I just hope I can make the most of it. I like the Face Off overlay idea as well.

Dracula Untold: The movie looks Goddamn terrible and the trailer shows nothing maze-worthy. There, I said it!

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AVP-while I'm a little dissapointed that it will be similar to Requium, just seeing those two creatures in one maze is enough to get me excited. Seeing what they've done with the Thing an the other puppets they've used in the past, I'm sure this maze will be spectacular.

AWIL-I'm so excited that AWIL is finally coming. Orlando's maze looked spectacular and I'm even more excited since he said the mazes will differ from each other.

FDTD-While I wasn't initially sold on this maze, the creatures alone should make this a great maze, and it seems to have a lot of cool environments such as the temple and the snake put from the first episode.

Dracula Untold-although we haven't seen any creatures, the enviornments look spectacular. I'm interested in their take on Baba Yaga and other characters that they bring on board.

TWD-although this is pretty low on my list I'm still pretty excited for it. I just started season 4 and there's already a bunch of cool enviornments for them to use.

Clowns 3D-While the name is pretty generic, the over all story sounds really cool. Really hoping that it's not as bright as BS

Face Off-love the show and I'm very excited to see creations from past seasons in HOH. Hopefully they'll be able to change it up a bit since this is its last year.

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Clowns: im always excited about original content and especially we havent had a clown yet which is suprisIng. The title really doesnt matter to me it could be the clown maze if its good its good

Awil: 2nd most excited about this one ive been a fan of the movie since I was little cant wait to witness this one. I like there gonna use the subway scare idea it woked great in the thing and WD so very excited.

WD: im a huge fan of the wd read all the comics, watched and rewatched all the seasons, and played the telltale game both seasons so I know it will be amazing hand down.

FDTD: huge fan of the movie and show I love the idea I just hope they dont tone it down like murdy said.

Faceoff: again im a huge fan of the show and im hoping doc wins the creature challenge for this year since hes a HHNO makeup artist.

avp: I was a fan of the alien trilogy and a fan of the predator duology but I feel when avp and requiem came along it had the same effect as fvj did with F13 and Noes. Loved the series seperatly but when a vs movie came along I was like metaphorically a "teen smoking pot and having premarital sex" watching it made me want to be killed in the movie lol but I digress I still will have an open mind and enjoy it anyways if im blown away then I am... I have a feeling I will be (I hope).

DU: this is my least excited maze this year and I will say it now this is my least excited maze ive ever had going to hhn and thats sad to say since 07 each year i always have a least excited maze but and I can say now I hope this amazes me cuz I would rather have a return of van helsing instead of this one lol

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Shivering with antici... pation:




High anticipation:


Face Off

Still pretty high anticipation:


Say what now?:


I'm highly anticipating FDTD and TWD because the shows were so well made in terms of "maze material" provided. New creatures and scares were introduced and the temple was expanded upon in FDTD making it a much more grand and twisted experience. I loved the country club, collapsed tunnel, and burnt walkers in TWD. Also, I'd be too pleased to find a "Look at the flowers" reference.

I've never had a fear of clowns, but I can't deny the big, disturbing, theatrical environments they usually come with. Plus, I used to have nightmares of John Wayne Gacy when I was younger so I'd lose all shit if there were any fat clowns....

I thought I'd be much more excited for AWiL after seeing it in Orlando and loving it so much. Maybe I just need to watch the movie again.

I don't know what this Dracula maze even is. The trailer doesn't tell me much other than the basic blood, bats, and sun stuff. Typical vampire stuff. And what is so "untold" about this story? The fact that he had a cute little family or started a ridiculous looking war? Like why are we even on this right now? What do you want Vlad?? Tell me what you want!!!

All other maze anticipations are pretty simple. I love Face Off and Xenomorphs. So, there's that.

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I'm trying to think of my least anticipated for each year... (won't count HOHs or repeats)

07 & 08 - I didn't care back then, I just knew I had to go

09 - My Bloody Valentine (and it was horrribleeeee)

10 - NOES (and it was awesomeeee, but not the best)

11 - WTMN (and it was okay)

12 - ACGTH (and it suuuuuucked)

13 - BS (and it was horrrribleeee)

Dang, least anticipated don't have a good track record in surprising :-/

Most anticipated:

09 - Halloween (Haunt classic)

10 - HOTC (didn't care for this maze AT ALL, "the repeats" stole the show)

11 - The Thing (damn awesome)

12 - The Walking Dead (damn awesome)

13 - Evil Dead (failed the first time, pretty good the second time)

I guess it goes to show that it doesn't matter what your expectations are, but your anticipation usually is a good track record of what will be the best or worst.

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AWIL: I love the movie, and the werewolfs look amazing, I can't wait

AvP: Aliens and Predators in the same house, nuff said

Clowns 3d: I think its cool we're having a clown maze and I think the 3d will work here, title sucks though

TWD: I'm interested to see how some scenes from season 4 are pulled off, and walking dead has been good both years

FDTD: Love the movie, but haven't seen the show yet, but I'm confident it will be good

Face Off: I think the new characters could give HoH a good time, and I'm glad talented makeup artists will get to show their work at a major event

Dracula: I'm not happy Dracula's coming because there could have been something else, and Parisian has only produced El Cucuy, which was terrible

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AvP: should be everyone's top maze and ALIENS & PREDATORSSSSSS!!

AWIL: Orlando's puppets look amazing and the movie was great!

Face Off: Only cause it's HOH last run and Face Off creatures look awesome and I will make it go out with a bang

FDTD: Snake Vampires sound great! I feel like this will have a real Mexican vibe to it

TWD: It's Walking Dead , I'm looking forward to it since I missed the last 2 mazes which I felt like were really really good

DRACULA: Seems like its a all out war/battle zone maze which sounds intense!

CLOWNS: human ice creams? :D They better have really freaky looking clowns.

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AVP: Alien vs Predator- It's really a no brainer that this is #1 on my list. Come on the two most iconic space aliens of all time in a maze that's in a soundstage! Who the hell isn't excited?

An American Werewolf in London- I am a huge fan of this movie and have been wanting this maze to finally happen. The Orlando walkthrough looked great and since John Landis himself said this is better than Orlando's maze I'm super excited!

From Dusk till Dawn- I just love this movie even more so than American Werewolf in London and the TV Show is awesome so this is one that I can't wait to experience!

Clowns 3D: Music by Slash- I'm just in love with the concept. Ice Cream and Clowns! I like Slash not such a big fan of his but I enjoy his music and know he took great dedication in this. Only thing though is I hope the 3D is good.

Dracula: Reign of Blood- I'm not too excited but I am excited if that makes any sense but this seems fun, I love Dracula he's my 2nd favorite of the classic monsters so this wasn't a let down for me. It's gonna be great!

The Walking Dead: The End of the Line- I enjoy the TV series, I really hoped this wouldn't come but oh well as long as it is as detailed as last year and I do this first I'm sure I'll enjoy it!

Face Off: In the Flesh- I like the concept and hope it works out but god I hate dubstep.

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An American Werewolf in London - On my list of top 10 horror movies of all time so I cant wait to go through this maze and see what all the hype is about from Orlando goers last year.

Alien vs Predator - I mean its AvP in a sound stage what more could you ask for out of those properties. I hope they go all out for this one.

The Walking Dead: End of the Line - I really enjoyed the first 2 mazes and I'm a big fan of the comics/show so I'm excited to see what they turn out for this years maze.

Clowns 3D: Music by Slash - This is gonna be my first clown maze at HHN so I'm excited to see John Murdy's take on it. And I've enjoyed almost all of the originals in years past.

From Dusk till Dawn - I thought the movie was alright but I've never seen the show so I hope this turns out good but I'm not very thrilled to go through it.

Dracula Untold: Reign of Blood - This one sounds like a total snooze and I wont be upset if I only get to go through once.

Face Off: In the Flesh - It's at the bottom of my list but I am excited to go through HOH one last time before its gone forever and hopefully the Face Off characters end up being cool to look at.

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AWIL: Just know this will be good

AVP: What else can you say

FDTD: Think it has potential

Clowns 3D: hate the name but every thing else sounds sweet

WD: Hopefully continues the trend of a good maze

Dracula Untold: Excited for a Dracula maze but not to sure the Dracula untold aspect.......i think the movie is pg-13

Face Off: HOH been through it so much

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Like seriously, is it too late to change the name of Clowns? The name will be the thorn in its side for the rest of eternity. Even if its the best maze ever, every discussion on it will end with "it should've had a better name though."

Its a fairly low profile maze, a name change will bother absolutely nobody.

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1) American Werewolf In London- I love the movie and from what i heard about Orlando's AWIL maze i can't wait for this one!

2) From Dusk Till Dawn- I enjoyed the original movie a lot (never seen the show which the maze is actually based on). Me thinks this is a great fit for HHN

3) AVP- From what i am hearing this maze will be visually stunning. Not too excited of the AVP choice (would rather just have aliens)

4) Dracula Untold- Part of me hates the choice of this being a maze but.......its Dracula..........and When i look back at HHN 2009 i loved My Bloody Valentine and i haven't (and still haven't) seen the movie.

5) Walking Dead- I wasn't surprised by this coming back and I'm not excited for it coming back either. The Walking Dead is getting played out. I really hope i have a better experience with this maze this year, last year wasn't enjoyable. I loved 2012's Walking Dead.

6) Face Off- This is going to be in HOH and i am expecting this to be UMR without the Universal Monsters. But HOH is closing for good on 9/1. Maybe.....just maybe......they touch up the HOH a little to make this maze better

7) Clowns 3D- They will probably use the Klownz costumes and old set ups for past 3D mazes. Sorry John Murdy but i think you have a lot better original ideas than this.

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1.) An American Werewolf in London - My all time favorite werewolf film! Seeing footage of Orlando's maze blew my mind, and having been at the Scare LA panel - the details of our version made me even more excited. 3 ft. tall, 8 ft. long werewolf puppets, 4 demon soldier scareactors in one room shooting machine guns at us, subway car scare, and extremely detailed prosthetics/masks for Jack & the soldiers.

2.) AVP: Alien Vs Predator - Coming face to face with the two most iconic aliens in one maze is something I never thought would happen at HHN. The continuous reminder by Murdy that an Alien maze would be too expensive made me believe it would never happen. Well, guess that's why he's considered a carny. Alien puppets and Predator body suits made from the original molds, the sets, and the potential for a very eerie atmosphere has me anticipating this maze very much.

3.) Clowns 3D: Music by Slash - Besides the terrible name, the story behind Clowns 3D sounds bizzare (in a good way). I love that they didn't stick to a typical clown setting like a carnival, so it should be interesting seeing Sweet Licks and his family turning people into clowns at an ice cream factory. Plus, Slashs' music previewed in the announcment video sounded perfect.

4.) The Walking Dead: End of the Line - This would have been 3rd on my list but I am a little tired of seeing this property at HHN. I know there's a ton of potential though since TWD mazes the last 2 years have been great and the new environments Season 4 presented should be really cool to see.

5.) From Dusk Till Dawn - I enjoyed the movie, haven't seen the show yet though. I'm not excited for it, but I think it has potential to be fun.

6.) Face Off: In the Flesh - Yes, I'm looking forward to this more than Dracula Untold. It'll be the last time walking through the HOH, which sucks.

7.) Dracula Untold - We didn't need two vampire mazes. I know it's completely different settings, but the trailer didn't look horror based and if they really wanted to promote this movie with a maze, they shouldn't have done FDTD. Meh, I hope this maze surprises me.

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This is how it goes for me:

AWIL: after hearing what both Landis and Murdy said (specifically Landis on how it will be better than Orlando's) I am so rediculously excited!!!

FDTD: I highly advise that you watch this show ASAP!!! I started watching expecting it to suck and it was AMAZING! I totally see how murdy claims it'a perfect maze material however... vamps are not too scary in general but these are a little different: creepier

AVP: when the rumors began I was like ehh not scary but after everything now I have no doubt in my mind it will be extremely cool and mindblowing...just maybe not the scariest

CLOWNS 3D: Love clowns! think there creepy, hilarious, and just fun and Murdy's description + Slash's music will make this amazing I can just tell! + Murdy said this is the first time he gets to do a real façade on a maze in the mummy queue...

TWD: was amazing past two years just might be a little dull but nonetheless the sets and makeup should be fantastic!

FACEOFF: The dreaded HOH overlay imposes the yearly demand "just keep it normal with more actors" but the makeup should be great and actually seems like a good fit for an overlay in HOH...

DRACULA UNTOLD: I know it hasn't even come out yet but really? The description on IMDB doesn't even call it horror! And the commercial portrays it as an action adventure so I'm kinda smh..... Goddamn marketing!!!!!!!

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