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  1. Looks like we are finally getting (probable) dates for our beloved event! And, a tidbit for a possible maze?
  2. Very nice reference to the last spoken line in the original film, good doctor!
  3. Very much off-topic.....Love your avatar, AdventureSarah!
  4. Dems Fightin" Words, Hunnylvr! (Just kidding, hee hee). While I consider HHN California as my "home" haunt event, I could not help but be immensely impressed with Orlando duirng my first visit in 2014. Specifically, the Walking Dead house in Orlando made just about any house in Hollywood seem tame (and I thoroughly enjoyed HHN-CA!) and even rides like The Mummy had a far greater thrill factor and effects than the west coast version. However, the Hollywood event feels more intimate and contained, and I am rarely rushed to get through the event allowing time to enjoy the ambience. (Roanoke seemed like a Hollywood style of maze; I loved it!) Lastly, while I can't quite put my finger on it, HHN-Hollywood always has a charge in the air, as if the historical significance of being a film studio plays a role in enjoying the event. But you now have Freddy vs Jason.....wish I could be there!
  5. Robots that are in the Army, Very good, and wildly different review for Orlando's event! Loved it. In some ways, I think seeing a different event gives you a whole new perspective of HHN. I cannot tell you how many times I commented on the differences Orlando had based on my six year experience with Hollywood. Almost like a kid in a candy store for the first time. Does that make one better than the other? Not sure, but Orlando provided me with some great memories and probable return visits.
  6. Last Sunday (10/5), I received the best scare in years while in Dracula Untold (Orlando). I love the check out the house details and have fun immersing myself in the property. During the first half of the maze, the scareactor playing Vlad/Dracula popped out in front of me while I was looking in a different direction and he actually scared me to the point I had a chill down my spine! I was impressed with how ominous he appeared, the costume was impressive, and he made some kind metallic sound as he bared his fangs. He even looked like Luke Evans. Give this man some kind of award!
  7. I know a lot of folks think the Walking Dead house is the devil's concubine, but I thought it was excellent. It blows away any version that Hollywood has offered over the past three years (scareactors were awesome regardless). The Orlando house was firing on all cylinders on Sunday, October 5th.
  8. Halloween Horror Nights 2014 (Part 1) has come and gone.....good stuff....getting ready for Part 2 in wet n' wild Florida!

  9. I use two browsers and there are minor issues with both. On internet explorer, the words/fonts overlap but the rest of the site works well. In Chrome, the house graphics look and flow great except the menus just above it are messed up (tickets, home, gallery, etc) and do not drop down.
  10. Awesome, Tony! Appreciate the response and look forward the HHN - Orlando style!
  11. From the Southwest and will be on an Orlando vacation (for the first time) in October. Unfortunately, I only have one night to attend the event (Sunday, Oct 5th). As of last night, there were only a few RIP tickets for the night we are attending. Will the Express Pass give us the ability to take in most of the attractions and enjoy the scenery if RIP is unavailable? I am very familiar with Hollywood's event and will be using VIP again for the fourth year in a row; just not sure how it compares with HHN-O. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  12. Not sure what to think about this year. For the first time, I get to see what all the fuss is in Florida. Ha Ha! Was hoping for a bit more diversity than Hollywood but I have realized that the brand is under the same corporate umbrella. Anyhoo, my anticipation list: 1. Halloween: One of my favorites from HHN - Hollywood 2009 and looking forward to what could be a epic upgrade in Orlando. Plus this property just about single-handedly catapulted my interest in modern day horror. 2. Dracula Untold: It's Dracula, it's going to be told, and it is a classic monster in an Orlando house. 'Nuff said! 3. Dollhouse of the Damned: Just reading the description reminds me of 80's cheezy horror in film or print. And I think that is a good thing. 4. Roanoke: Fascinated by the historical perspective of this tale. I wonder if they are selling Turkey Legs just outside of this house? Hee Hee! 5. Walking Dead: Will be getting my fill of WD at Hollywood (Maze, Scarezone, Terror Tram) just prior to my trip to Orlando. But I am still amped for a "Super-sized" version of this property. Could be epic! 6. Giggles and Gore: Once again, will be getting a similar-themed maze in Hollywood but look forward to encountering a different style of clowns in Orlando. The original maze angle that HHN-O has produced over the years led me to start attending the event over in Hollywood starting in 2009. Interested in seeing a few originals. 7. AVP: Could this be a little over-ambitious? Not sure what to think. Both original baddies were great in stand-alone films, but at a haunt? Expectations are tempered....but that could mean it will ultimately blow my socks off! 8. From Dusk Till Dawn: I am already exhausted by the impressive Orlando roster. Not quite excited for this one, though. Besides Bayou being my most anticipated scarezone, the rest sound fantastic and should add to a stellar Halloween environment.
  13. AsylumSB


    Hollywood's Halloween: The Life and Crimes of Michael Myers was executed (pun intended) well and featured scenes from a few of the films. There was even a nod to Halloween III with the Silver Shamrock commercial! I am not sure if Orlando uses peripheral characters in your houses, but Dr. Loomis was in a few of the scenes in the Hollywood's maze! Excited to finally attend HHN-O this year. Been waiting for Halloween's return since 2009.
  14. Don't get me wrong, the mazes in California were not all awe-inspiring but I have yet to walk away saying "that maze was awful". Some like Silent Hill and El Cucuy, in my opinion, were designed well and the scareactors rocked but I did not find them repeatable. I am excited to visit your event this year for the first time and pleased about your speculated lineup.
  15. After what Florida was able to do with American Werewolf on London, I have faith in almost anything this year. I have yet to see a "bad" maze in Hollywood since I started attending in 2009. Did I read that Dracula Untold will be in a soundstage in Orlando?
  16. Legendary spared no expense and CGI'd Dracula's cape (ala Man of Steel). This is going to be great! Hee Hee. It will be interesting to see how HHN converts this into a house. Many scenes appear epic in scope.
  17. Return of the Living Zombieman!! Have always appreciated your extensive reviews/essays (especially the Orlando variety). It looks like there will be a mini-migration from the west over to Orlando this year! It was a good idea to start this thread and there is already some great feedback. Our plans are to visit Orlando the second week of October and attend HHN for one night only. Knowing how Hollywood's event plays out, I am going for the Express Pass. Just not willing to rush through several houses at the beginning of the event or having to wait 60+ minutes for an attraction. Since I plan on spending time taking in the details of the environment, it won't bother me if I miss a show or a ride or two.
  18. I look forward to see (in person) how WD compares and contrasts at both events. Walking Dead on both coasts? It truly is the Zombie Apocalypse! Ha Ha.
  19. Tarnation! I think those Veddeeo Games are made by that same feller that made my horseless carriage and those aero flyin' machines! Haha. In other words.....I'm right there with you.
  20. Saxon's "Sacrifice" is one of the best songs I have heard over the past year...........

    1. ferox


      Isn't it now kinda the old wave of British Heavy Metal?

    2. AsylumSB


      Oh, yes. Saw them live for the first time in '85. Great band, but not as popular here as they were in Europe.

  21. I should use sound judgment and not tangle with one who wrestles with bears! Hee Hee! Personally, I am probably geared more towards old school horror (as if my avatar does not state the obvious). The Slenderman/internet horror thing does not seem appealing, but we are hearing more interest in the sub-genre, even on these boards. It will be interesting if the topic will have legs for the long run or will turn out to be a passing fad.
  22. No worries. Some folks are able to have intelligent discussions regarding their opinions. Others only criticize because they have nothing to say or forgot what it was like to talk with an actual human being. On topic, Orlando has the history and ability to do some creative attractions. Many possibilities if they are able to focus on original content.
  23. Nicko McBrain is the greatest single bass pedal drummer evahhh!

  24. Enticed by your statement and other previous comparisons by Creeper/Zombieman. Since 2009, HHN-H has held a consistent, high-level quality event. Its increasing popularity and crowds could have scared me away but I took a different route and decided to give Universal more of my money (VIP) in order to get more out of the event. In time, I am sure Orlando will take more. Ha!
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