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HHN 22 Speculation

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That's way the hell north of Ventura.

My bad, I got the East-West thing a bit reversed. the Western end of Ventura is Woodland Hills.

But we can look at it this way... If all the vampires walking through the valley are going Westward on Ventura Blvd., then WHERE DID THEY COME FROM????

(hint: Cahuenga)

This is just a fun fact but Ventura connects to Cahuenga Dr. Cahunenga gos to Olympic Blvd. which Olympic Stadium is on which hosted the 1932 Olympics. One of few olympics to have lacrosse as a sport. Jjust making connections. :P

Edit- Followed wrong street. Unless you count Highland connecting to Cahunenga and then Highland going to Olympic blvd.

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Any particular reason speculation on the Shows has been minimal?

If anything could lead to an overarching sort of "theme" i'd bet it could be the lagoon show. no?

The reason for the lack of show speculation is because there isn't much to speculate on at this time.

- B&T is obviously the same as always & confirmed.

- Death Drums 2.0 is basically the same as last year, a street show of dancers.

- Lagoon show is basically getting some-type of horror overlay. Most likely just horror movie montages.

- Rumored show in Beetlejuice could be anything.

Oh okay I see. So they don't plan to tie in the zombie horde to The Walking Dead at all?

The closest thing to them being tied to TWD would be if they used the prosthetic makeup from the show that will be used in house. Eitherway, zombies are zombies. I wouldn't expect any tie-in.

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I noticed Dr. Jimmy's facebook comment on the HHN facebook site asking about a house reveal and asking if the house would be Gothic, Classic, or Legendary. I assume that Gothic means Gargoyles, Classic means Classic Dead Exposure Monsters, and Legendary means the late 1800's victorian house and probably a Legendary Truth related house.

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All this talk of a "war" or "game" has me very excited. Could be one hell of a concept if it's true and they pull it off well.

And I'm really excited to see what kind of theming they can do for a Dragon scarezone. Any chance we can see something like big puppetry for it?

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im watching dr jimmys latest reflections of fear and in the first part he mentions following your favorite group around, also i believe he said we have 6 standard sz's...im deffinitly highly excited for the street this year if its going to be like following your favorite sporting team around fighting another team....

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The prisoners' location is very known, though it's not suppose to be...

I think Sting Alley could be a cool location for the prisoners. Theme the alley up a bit to be a prison yard. But I figure they'll be in World Expo.

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hahahahah no, that's where Silent Hill, Walking Dead and Alice Cooper came from!!!! (and this year's website!)

Ok hopefully now we have gotten this?

Central Park Ghosts

New York Zombies

San Francisco Dragons

Hollywood Vampires

They do sound like sports teams don't they?

There's still more to learn from Native American history and comic books, but I'm not gonna go any further than that this morning.

Anyone a fan of the movie The Warriors????

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Have the Prisoners possibly escaped from Shadybrook again???

Shadybrook was an asylum, not a prison..... and the inmates would technically still be "on the loose" since we last saw them (alive) in 2007.

Hellgate Prison.... would be where prisoners are escaping from...

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Wait a second...hold everything...could all of the roaming hoards possibly be themed around characters possibly coming back from years past? Almost as if being revived to stop evil?

Vampires - Vampyr: Bloodbath, Dracula, etc.

Trick or Treaters: The Skoolhouse

Zombies: Zombiegeddon

Prisoners: Hellgate Prison

Ghosts: Legendary Truth: The Wyandotte Estate

Dragons: Hmmm...anyone have one for this?

Could I potentially be on to something? I know it's a shot in the dark....but one can wonder....

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Hey Gambit, nice map. On the prisoners, most of the chatter has been that they'll be around MIB.

And since Legacy said no Chainsaws in Sting Alley, maybe they are in Plaza of the Stars. I know DM will be open, but that's a lot of area for 6-8 young ladies to play in. And if Shrek Alley isn't totally cut off, they can float that way too.

And the Clowns could be in Sting Alley or maybe where Canyon of Dark Souls was last year.

And it makes sense that Legendary Truth could be the 12th Man that Legacy is speaking of.

And one last observation. From Dr. Jimmy's new photos, it looks like we're getting Medieval Dragons, not Chinese.

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