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  1. Orlando actually did have a chestbuster scene in one of the hallways. A woman was above you on the left. The chestbuster popped out, she screamed, and a marine on your right killed the woman and the chestbuster with his rifle. It was a timing effect I only saw once out of my 4-5 runs through the house.
  2. I would love to see a retro fit of the AWIL rigs for the Xenomorph.
  3. You lost me on this one. I have a hard time believing this. Universal doesn't cater to the kiddies like Disney does, but I don't see them putting an outright violent attraction like this in.
  4. Everything announced has been cleared. There's a reason the Carkitt Market area was only mentioned to the press and not in the webcast.
  5. Conceptual stuff is done, but not everything is approved. Mike has been working on live entertainment for Potter and the Carkitt Market area of DIagon Alley, none of which has been approved by JKR yet.
  6. It's from the episode named "The Clear". It's the town Rick is from that is now completely filled with booby traps and inhabitable by the guy he meets and stays with in the first episode. It's also the first good episode of the show since the premier (IMHO)
  7. 1) American Werewolf in London 2) La Llorona 3) After Life 4) Cabin in the Woods 5) Resident Evil 6) Havoc 2 7) Evil Dead 8) Walking Dead
  8. Three more possible cryptic comments, eh? Arboreal and Lumberjacks, to me, point to another Scarezone revolving around the "Evil Takes Root" concept. As for alcohol...well I know Ops has been desperate for the past few years to go the Hollywood route and begin to curb if not outright stop alcohol sales at the event. Could it be something along those lines?
  9. Better than nothing. Still, a majority WD experience is so lazy.
  10. So basically the house from last year in the streets. What a damn waste.
  11. If I hadn't already bought my tickets, plane tickets, and a hotel I would consider not going. But I need to go see Springfield and Transformers anyway.
  12. Freaking awful. Completely lazy. Totally uninspired. Congratulations, HHN. You're turned one of your biggest supporters into an apathetic attendee this year.
  13. I'm relived that the Rush of Fear pass gets you access to the game!
  14. Parade building, according to those in the know (AKA not me haha)
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