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HNN Member Signature Image Requests


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That is amazing, but is it too much to ask if I can get my Username in the bottom left corner. I should've made that specific in my request but I was in a rush. Sorry and thanks again.



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I didn't even know this thread existed. Geez, where have I been.

I would love it if someone could create a signature for me that portrays Jason Voorhees at his best. My favorite was F13 VII: A New Blood (I love Tina), with F13 IV, I, and II just behind them. Other key words and characters could include:

- Jason Voorhees with the fence post from VI (great scene in the graveyard)

- the Camp Crystal Lake sign with the lake in the background

- Pamela Voorhees (maybe gravestone in the background) - maybe off to the side?

- "Friday the 13th" proudly displayed

- my screen name "Voorhees"

I am by no means an artist, but I would appreciate it if someone could give this a shot. Thanks for considering this request.

- Voorhees (Sean)

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I'm sorry LostAlice, I should have thanked you for your time in creating the sig for me. :)

Yours definitely captured more of a mysterious feel, but the Jason with the fencepost is a must! However, I did like your display of the Camp Crystal Lake sign. ;)

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I was wondering if anyone could make me a sig themed to Metallica. I was thinking of having one album cover as the background and elements from other albums mixed in and My username in Metallica font, if that's possible.


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