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Ideas for Houses (Get Ready to Hate Me)


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Heads up, if the name of the House starts with Ex-Heroes, there may be spoilers.




Between the cops and the sudden rise of superheroes, Los Angeles seemed to be handling their gang problems Coins rather well. However, even more sudden than the rise of heroes was the rise of the undead. Dubbed Exes, these creatures came too fast for civilization to handle, causing a collapse of American Civilization as we know it. However, after Hollywood's fall, a group of Heroes have helped create and govern a new civilization in the mount, in the remains of an old movie studio. But even with a team of heroes to protect civilians, there's a threat hidden in the zombies that will make the battle between living and dead a bit more interesting...


In the Ex-Heroes Series, pop culture officially died sometime in 2009. Thus, everything in the houses, from the clothes of civilians and zombies to the soundtrack, will have to have come before then.



  • Facade: The Mount's (The Walled-off City) Vehicle dock, forgot its name, slightly opened. Exes line the queue, clicking their teeth and attacking guests. Guards on top of the Mount will snipe the exes and shout for the guests to enter.
  • The "Hall of Heroes": An introduction to the Heroes. St. George appears in a windowed off area, breathing fire to fight exes, before bursting into the room, near the walkway, with an ex on his shoulder. Cerberus (a giant animatronic) bashes zombies while crushing one in her mech's grip. Zzzap appears via hologram (It'd be hard to do otherwise, he's basically electric light). Gorgon, played by an animatronic, stuns guests with his draining power (Really bright strobes hidden under his goggles). Regenerator is bitten but the wound heals. (His power was to fix others, but a zombie bite kinda did that power in). Finally, Stealth leaps down and dispatches two zombies in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Scavenging Run: Some derelict Los Angeles buildings, with plenty of exes and some scavengers to keep them back. After going through a few, you'll get to the Seventeen's ambush, where the Mount's rig is damaged from a spike trap, and the Seventeens threaten you. From the Seventeen's Truck's driver side, the first Peasy zombie will pop out, threatening guests and showing off his bullet wound.
  • The Talking Ex: Forgive the spoilers in the last scene. You pass the Ex holding cell, where one Ex will emerge and threaten guests. The next room has the Ex, fully feral, gnawing on Mark.
  • Seventeen's Fortress: A powerless city. Powerless as in without electricity, not without defense and offense. You pass a cage full of Exes that stare at guests without the teeth thing. Then, you enter a building's rafters, where you hear Peasy giving his speech, with a zombie's head mouthing along to it. There will be miniatures of Cyrax and Peasy, both big guys, to make it seem like you're up high.
  • Confrontation: The final bit. Starts with flashbacks: The the last transformation of Cyrax - explaining why the Seventeens have a giant undead demon, then the first infection - Regenerator's wife, after he tried to heal her after a preventable death. Then Regenerator is shot in the head, falling from a room in a hallway, as the heroes learn of his actions. Then you enter a room where the Exes try to break into the mount, lead by Peasy, this giant zombie that is also intelligent for a zombie. An Ex-Hero, Midknight, gets a room, as his powers continuing in undeath cause all the lights to go out, Peasy is weakened by Gorgon only for the next room to have Gorgon ripped in twain. Then you enter the mount, where Saint George fights Cyrax, complete with being bitten. The last room features Cerberus killing the giant, undead Seventeen. geez that was a mouthful.
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Hotel California


After a long time on the road, you've stumbled upon a strange, lone hotel in the desert. It seems innocent enough from the outside, but as you go inside for the night, it comes to your attention that this hotel is hell.



  • Facade: A brick hotel, with a bell tower. The queue smells of marijuana (not actual bud, just the scent. Unless someone actually lights up, of course). The Entrance plays the sound of a church bell.
  • Front Desk and Hallway: The Front desk is bland, but the room contains pictures of the characters that will transform into demons. A hostess with a candle leads guests down the hallway. In the hall, various voices repeat the refrain of Hotel California. If someone can't scratch their jumpscare itch enough, you can throw in a lost soul in the hallway, hiding behind a door.
  • The Room: A standard guest room. You can still hear the voices calling, and the TV plays videos relating to bad hotels - The Shining, Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell, classic Looney Tunes involving hotels, AHS: Hotel, the like. A lost soul reaches out from under the bed.
  • The Courtyard: After a short hallway, you enter a moon-lit courtyard full of dying vines, where the hostess from before is in demon form, watching lost souls dance. Some lost souls will break from their partner to attack guests.
  • The "Wine" Cellar: The Captain awaits, greeting guests in a semi-demonic form. As they go through the twisted cellar, various bottles will launch air with a scream. The Captain reappears at the end of the cellar, fully demonic, attacking with a broken wine bottle.
  • Prisoners: The Hostess tells guests, "We are all just prisoners here of our own device", in a room with tiffany decor, mirrors on the ceiling, and pink champagne. A lost sould awaits at the other end.
  • The Master's Chamber: The Master ushers you in to the room, where you gather for the feast. Specifically, demons eating lost souls. The Lost Souls have knives, but they're more focused on the demon than you. A giant demon stands on the table.
  • Escape: A twisted set of rooms, mirroring suites, hallways, and front desks, getting more decrepit as you go further. In various rooms, the Nightman, starting youthful but aging to a skeleton, warns you of the futility. All the while, demons and lost souls chase you for a way out.
  • Finale: You finally get to checkout, where a Crypt-Keeper-esque nightman warns you of futility. The final scare is from the head demon from the Master's Chamber.
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Urban Legends: POLYBIUS


The Eighties were a legendary time for arcade games. Every time a new arrival is installed, people line up to play it. This is true even for Polybius, which had little fanfare to its arrival, but people crowded the block just to get a taste of it. You were one of the lucky people to play it day one.

However, things take a turn for the weird. As you go to bed for the night, your nightmares take a turn for the surreal. People become obsessive over Polybius, threatening themselves and others over it. Strange men appear in the arcade, always near the ever-popular Polybius cabinet. Reality, game, and dream seem to start leaking together.



Some things about the house: UL: Polybius would take the Urban Legends font, and modify it to be a bit more "Eighties". Like, a labelmaker font, I guess. Furthermore, the house would involve looping through the Arcade, Game, and Dream, so I'm not going to describe every room, just what each room does during each loop. Finally, this "could" be a 3-D house, with the glasses given at the end of the Arcade, loop one, so that your descent into madness has to start with the game.



  • The Arcade: An eighties video arcade. Filled with games that could hide GATs, and a Polybius machine near the exit. First instance features a guy handing you 3D glasses to enhance the experience. As the house goes on, we have a fight for the machine, a man having a breakdown by the machine, and finally Polybius never having existed, much to a hostile customer's dismay. Men in Black stalk near the machine, taking notes and scaring guests. They leak into other rooms.
  • POLYBIUS: The game. Tron lines representing vector graphics. Scaractors are initially hidden within the neon lines. Hidden scaractors are the leak, hiding as nightmare props or arcade cabinets.
  • Bedroom: Only appears twice, to represent missing chunks of memory. Second time, a MiB will break through the window.
  • Nightmare: A full-on Alien Invasion Neon Hellscape. Rocky scenery, dying spacemen, and hideous aliens. The Aliens leak through the scenes.


I know, not the in-depth description everyone wanted.

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More Ideas:

  • Bibliophobia: Nothing ever happens in Burt's Used Books. That changes when they get a copy of the Necromnicon Ex-Mortis, which an employee foolishly reads aloud. The particular incantation he foolishly chose caused an explosion, and now various fictional characters, past and present, are running amok in the city!
  • The Most Dangerous Game: Zaroff's Island: After a nasty shipwreck, you find yourself before a mansion on a supposedly deserted island. Upon entering, you meet General Zaroff, who seems affable - until you witness his collection of heads, each and every one collected by himself. If you don't want to join the collection, you'll have to run from him, his dogs, and Ivan through the dense jungle.
  • Apocalypse in Wonderland: You're sick of zombies. You're sick of Lewis Carol corrupted into horror. WELL TOO BAD. Your acid trip gets even more nightmarish when a strange plague breaks out in wonderland. And when logic gets thrown out of the window, it's either a blessing when dealing with the undead or another layer on the nightmare. Probably the latter.
  • DEATHLY DRAW: Billy Mikkelson never liked school. Instead of paying attention, he doodled monsters, convicts, death metal album covers, etc in his notebooks. One day, while organizing books in detention, he found an old spellbook with instructions on how to bring drawings to life, and you know where this is going. His sinister sketches are running about, turning the school from a temple of learning to a highschooler's haunted house, with death metal and cheap scares.... Until the end, where the principal is seriously pissed and Billy and his creations are thrown in detention without the book. I... I feel like that's the only way to keep it from being too much in today's political climates, no one dies it's just havoc.
  • DR. IMPOSTOR STEEL: (Forgive me for any problems with the lore, I'm neither a toy soldier nor was I a follower when he was active) It's been years since Dr. Phineas Waldorf Steel disappeared, and the Toy Soldiers are undergoing a schism. A man claiming to be Steel is gaining traction among sections of the Toy Army, but many are skeptical. If the goal is to build a Utopian Playland, why does this Doctor treat his underlings like trash, yet they remain loyal to him? Making matters worse, this Rogue Steel has acquired one of Steel's long-abandoned toy factories.
  • Murder Gras: It's that time of year in New Orleans, where the streets are filled with Jazz, beads, and drunken tourists buying shoddy knockoff voodoo dolls. However, even if it's a night of revelry, it's not a night of peace, as a group of murderers are also taking to the streets, intent on slaughtering innocents and leaving their corpses as passed-out drunks. Will you survive Murder Gras?
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On 2/2/2018 at 9:13 AM, DocNiktMarr said:
  • Apocalypse in Wonderland: You're sick of zombies. You're sick of Lewis Carol corrupted into horror. WELL TOO BAD. Your acid trip gets even more nightmarish when a strange plague breaks out in wonderland. And when logic gets thrown out of the window, it's either a blessing when dealing with the undead or another layer on the nightmare. Probably the latter.


I love that description.  So blunt.

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On 2/3/2018 at 0:33 PM, YouDontKnowJack said:

Not gonna lie, I would love to see a GWAR 3D house one year. Although the band has a niche fan base, it would make for a pretty sick dark comedy house.


Well, this topic is mostly what I want, and I know nothing about GWAR.


But there are other topics for ideas, I only made this one because I didn't know if it was better to make a topic to one person's ideas or to revive a dead thread.

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Victor Chantz doesn't hate Halloween. It's the time of year where he gets to let off some pent-up steam. By going on a murder spree. Fortunitely for the populace, he's been shot and cornered at the old church, and the Police are trying to draw him out. The murders will soon end!


But you're going to see Victor. You're going to see how he got so twisted. And you're going to see his fate.


The Facade is the church. It's a pretty church, and it's got some decorations from last night's Halloween Party still up, so that's something. The Police stand outside, demanding that he comes out or they shoot him out. As you enter, you see Victor talking to the spirit of a partner-in-crime he backstabbed, warning him of the upcoming visits with three ghosts.


Ghost #1 is Halloween Past. He and his minions (Each ghost has minions dressed in classic Halloween costumes) are horribly burnt, with Past himself wearing the chard remains of a classic clown costume. He appears to Victor in the Priest's office, which is burning. He then shows everyone the first kill, his father, which takes us past a recreation of a standard home, where Victor's Dad is berating him. The lights then shift to the garage, where the father is getting torn up by a riding mower. Further crimes include a pastor drowned in a tub of apples (When Victor was a teenager), an adult Victor attacking a couple on Lover's Lane with a chainsaw, and a parent vomiting blood after sneaking some candy.


Ghost #2, Halloween Present, is a zombie dressed like a king, aided by minions that have nothing wrong with them. He sits behind the altar, taunting Chantz, before showing him the night's crimes. Guests walk under a tree filled with hanging figures, only for one to actually be a corpse, who will kick and beg for help. A stoned guy watches the "Behind You" scene from Scream, unaware of Victor standing behind him with a knife. Victor hacks down a yuppie couple's front door with a fire axe. The final part of the present is Victor attacking a kindly old woman who's handing out candy on her front porch. Joke's on him, she's packing a 500 JIC, explaining his retreat to the church.


The final spirit is Halloween Yet To Come. He's a skeleton, rotten like his minions, in a green cape. His encounter is in a meeting room, where he laughs at Victor while murky water erodes the building's infrastructure and the projector plays various movie scenes related to hell. And guess what? Instead of a future murder site, we see Victor's grave, pissed on by a dog, before seeing his personal Hell. Think Afterlife: Death's Vengeance, but in a fire-and-brimstone Hell as opposed to a Neon Nightmare.


The finale is Victor trying to run out the back door of the church, only for the police to light him up. Hiding in the small woods are the three ghosts of Halloween.

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The Most Dangerous Game: Zaroff's Island


After falling off the ship in a horrible fog, you've found yourself on a beautiful island, complete with a nice mansion. Heck, the owner is willing to let you stay the night. The catch is that, on the morning, he, his giant mute of a henchman, and his army of dogs are going to hunt you as soon as the sun rises. So you better get ready to run, for General Zaroff is on the hunt...

The Facade is the mansion. Something period appropriate, seemingly nothing to betray the dark secrets within.


Room one has you meet Zaroff in his dining room. Ivan watches, and the General will interact with guests. The next room is Zaroff's Trophy Room, featuring several heads, skulls, and miscellaneous gear and body parts. Then you pass the dogs, slamming against the bars to get to your flesh.


Then you enter the jungle. Zaroff and Ivan will hide behind the foliage in many of the rooms, brandishing machetes or guns. One room will feature them in silhouette, with Zaroff firing his rifle in the conga line's direction. At one point, Rainsford will appear, fending off a giant dog (think the scaracters who dealt with facehuggers).


A set of rooms will deal with his traps. The first will have Zaroff trigger the Malaccan Man-Catcher. A log will fall close to both him and the guests, before the hunter mocks his prey. The second would have one of the recurring dog animatronics lunge at the guests, only to fall into the tiger pit. Finally, guests pass the Ugandian Knife Trap, which stops a few feet away. In the transition, Ivan lunges out, the knife lodged firmly in his chest, before slumping over.


Finally, after the dogs, traps and flying bullets, you wind up in Zaroff's Bedroom. Rainsford will lunge from behind the curtains, calling Zaroff a slew of phrases that may or may not be appropriate for Halloween Horror Nights. Finally, as guests exit, they pass the exterior of the bedroom. A gunshot will sound, glass will break, and a Zaroff dummy falls out the window, close to guests.

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Wrong stage of life.
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It ain't happening. It just isn't.


After being thrown in detention for repeatedly doodling in class, Billy Mikkelson found a book of spells in the library. As he turned through the pages, he found a spell that can animate drawings. The perfect way to get revenge on the people who wronged him - disrupting class in the greatest way possible.




  • Facade: Billy's High school. When you enter, there's a hallway where the lighting surges on and off.
  • Detention: Billy is reading the cursed tome, with his veins and eyes glowing blue. Books are rapidly flipping, pages are flying, and the power is surging. His "Dragon", Lord Eldritch (Just a heavy metal rock god type guy) will attack.
  • Transitions: The hallways of the school, overtaken by Billy's doodles. The Hallways preface the next room.
  • Principal's Office. Billy sits, feet on desk, bragging about how school is cancelled. Lord Eldritch and some minions get ready to rock.
  • Cafeteria: Prison. Inmates sit at the tables, and the tension could be cut with a shiv. Which some inmates do.
  • Science Lab: Billy had no quarrel with the students and teachers. As such, they're embracing the chaos with the doodles.
  • History: Forgotten tombs. The Hallway is turned into an ancient temple with matching jungle, and the actual room is filled with skeletal natives.
  • Art: Blacklit, classic surreal pieces scare guests. The Art Teacher is grading Billy's drawings. He's not displeased.
  • Literature: 90's anti-hero styles of Beowolf, MacBeth, Odysseus, Odipieous, Hamlet, and Harrison Bergeron throw a heavy drinking party in a Literature classroom, getting into a brawl that threatens to include guests. The Literature teacher tries to stop the fight, but every time a brawling couple is broken up, another takes its place.
  • Detention Redux: For his little stunt, Billy Mikkelson, as well as Lord Eldritch and the others, were thrown in detention AGAIN. The Principal will occasionally burst in and reprimand everyone.

Doodles will be made to look like they were sketched. Also, it was better in my head.

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Is it possible to know too much? For the residents of Brightridge, yes, even if they don't know that. For a group of "Men" in Black are knocking off potential witnesses to a strange object. Enter if you dare, but keep in mind that you don't have to know what they're after. They only need to suspect you.



  • Facade: The queue starts at the Brightridge welcome sign, which a MiB hides behind. A Black Sedan and a Police car are parked on opposite sides of the queue. The actual Facade is a diner.
  • Diner: A waitress tends to the counter, actively chatting with guests about mysterious disappearances. (She blames young punks looking for notoriety.) When she isn't looking, a MiB with a cane will put down his newspaper, grab his blind man cane, and threaten to whack guests. No one else notices. (Probably because they're dummies.)
  • Transitions: Alleys, backyard fences, with missing posters all over.
  • Garage: An auto-garage where one mechanic is toying with a Micheal Myers Mask (I imagine that some MiB will wear them). Another mechanic will be working on a car. When the first mechanic leaves, another MiB will appear from the back room and cut the chain keeping the car up, splashing guests with blood. When Micheal returns, he'll duck behind the desk to vomit. Then the scene will reset.
  • House: A mother is cooking a pie in the kitchen, when a MiB with a kitchen knife stabs her and drags her out. In the Daughter's bedroom, the teenager is yakking on her cell. A MiB breaks through her bedroom window (Over the Bed's head), and garrotes her.
  • Conspiracy House: You pass by a guy running a YouTube Livestream about the Brightridge conspiracy, with the whole conspiracy theory setup behind him in his living room. Then the power and the feed cut out, and he and the guests are ambushed by MiB.
  • Laundry: A coin laundry. A kid is too caught up in his current session of Polybius to notice a MiB stabbing the woman cleaning up. The Polybius Cabinet can contain a trigger that sets something off.
  • The Thingy: What appears to be either a fire-and-brimstone rock formation or a UFO. Could be both.
  • Ending F: The MiB are contract killers hired by the FBI to keep the investigation of the thingy under wraps. A MiB will attack at the beginning, and the head of the investigation (Perhaps a reclothed Big Daddy prop) will gun down guests.
  • Ending A: The MiB are lizardmen. From this point on, guests are forced to go through a gauntlet of experiments while MiB with scales and claws visible attack.
  • Ending H: The MiB are demons, and you're in hell. The masks grow horns and movable faces.


MiB attire would consist of:

  1. The Coat. A long coat, buttoned up completely. Black.
  2. Pants. Black.
  3. Undershirt. Black.
  4. Gloves. Black.
  5. Uncanny Valley Mask. White.
  6. Fedora. Black.
  7. Boots. Black.
  8. Optional Sunglasses. Black.
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I want to see Pee Wee's Big Adventure. There is a way to make that a great comedy house with a couple of fun scares. Large Marge would be great. One scare could just be a Pee-Wee jumping out and doing comedic "scary" screams. With the intense Danny Elfman score it could be outstanding and memorable. Maybe it could be a 3D house.

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  • Druids and Demons: As you enter the Dungeon of Mordah-hir, pray for Natural 20s and a merciful GM. The encounters can get rather... nasty.
  • Doom-It-Yourself (Final Edition): After the whole "Unleashed" debacle a few years back, the doctors at Shadybrook have decided to let the patients have a little Halloween fun and let them design and staff a haunted house. Wardens are supposed to keep the loonies in-line, but when have they ever been effective?
  • Rick and Morty: The Citadel: A flagrant cash-grab based on a popular TV series without the main characters actually making an appearance. Kinda. After rebuilding from Rick C-137's little meltdown, the Citadel is supposed to be a better society than before. Well, that goes out the toilet fast.
  • Fall of Atlantis: A city sunken by its hubris (And Poseidon, naturally), Atlantis survived by its citizens somehow morphing into creatures that can only be describes as is Molepeople and the Gill-man had babies. However, the city can't last forever, as even now the sins that caused the city to be punished exist within the underwater city.
  • Urban Fantastik: Many centuries ago, many races disappeared off of the face of the Earth, and people just assumed the magic had gone away. However, the forgotten species have returned. Sounds awesome, right - Fairies, Elves, Dwarves? Forgetting the Orcs, Pixies, Naga, Witches, Lizardfolk, Goblins, Trolls, etc, aren't we?


I've never watched Peewee Herman, but... I guess it could work. Maybe have Paul Ruebens help design the house, have the scarier elements from all his Peewee Herman works, name it PAUL REUEBENS PRESENTS: PEEWEE'S NIGHTMARE! and make it a whimsical comedy house with plenty of scares.


And I've never listened to GWAR, but a bunch of rioting Superpowered Alien Warlords sounds like a crazy, intense haunted house.

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It's D&D Night at Mitch Wooster's, so he and his friends are stocking up on Coca-Cola and Lays and getting ready to throw the dice. And boy, does Mitch have an awesome dungeon for them to go through. A dungeon that they'll have to use all their wits to escape. Pity the non-adventurer that gets stuck in The Dungeon Mordah-hir, for that surely is a death sentence.



  • Facade: A giant GM's blind. Some giant dice line the queue, for some reason I imagine them to be photo ops and I can't shake that concept out of my head.
  • Mitch's Dining Room: Mitch and his friends are portrayed by dummies. The team is discussing strategy, debating loot distribution, and the guy playing the Mage is suggesting they eat the Halfling. For some reason.
  • Corridor: Mitch's friends' characters are also portrayed by dummies. They discuss strategy, debate loot distribution, and the mage is still suggesting eating the Halfling.
  • The Cult: A group of men in dark robes surround a fire, chanting. Some will break out of the circle and attempt to attack guests.
  • Corridor: The rogue tries to "pick guest's pockets". When someone inevitably catches him reaching for a wallet, he'll pull a dagger and threaten them.
  • The Orcs: Orcish Brutes guard chests and attack guests.
  • Corridor: There are two chests. One is eating an adventurer, and the other will open up to reveal huge fangs and a glistening tongue.
  • The Necromancer: A man in fancy red robes will stand above a podium, announcing that he has mastered life and death.
  • Corridor: Bones line the floor. A few bricks will drop down, revealing a glowing green emerald skeleton that lunges for guests.
  • Skeleton Warriors: The room is given a strobe light, to try to mimic Ray Harryhausen's Jason and the Argonauts Skeletons. Skeletons will perform menial tasks, before attacking.
  • Corridor: Dart traps. That is all.
  • The Lich: A skeletal lich asserts his superiority to the living. An undead fighter will attack guests.
  • Corridor: Giant cracks in the wall reveal dragon scales. A damsel is chained up, begging guests to help her.
  • Dragons: You stand before a giant cliff. On the side with actual footing, a giant dragon breathes fire. On the side where people usually fall off, is a giant ice dragon blocking idiots from falling off and blasting guests with "ice breath".
  • Corridor: A displacer beast will appear from nowhere (Really a trick of the light. Like an actual Displacer Beast!) and pounce on guests.
  • The Mind Flayer: A giant mindflayer stands tall above guests, reaching for their brains.
  • The Final Corridor: As guests make their way down this extra-long corridor, Orcs rush guests.

The music from this house consists of stuff that would be played during DnD sessions. Movie and Game scores, Midnight Syndicate, some variation of Metal, etc.

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Guest 0xGRAVESx0

My Dream event (In Hollywood) includes 




A Nightmare On Elm Street:

Freddy's Revenge 


The Conjuring:

Hide & Clap 


Child's Play:

Dolls Ressurect


The Stephen King Chronicles 


Alice Cooper:



Urban Legends:

Myths Of Terror 




Rob Zombie's Terror Tram 

(Includes House Of 1,000 Corpses, Halloween & 31)




Hollywood Harry's Klownz 

(Return of Klownz along with Hollywood Harry)


Dark London 

(Creative version of Jack The Ripper)



( Scarezone never used after the scarezone votings in 2014)


Killerz (John Murdy's "z" scarezone that was never used or shown to anyone)


The Purge:God Bless America 

(A traditional property for HHN that includes characters from the movie and original characters)




Slaughterworld:Action, violence & WATER



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I'm just going to post an idea without pitching it with others first.


The Death Aquatic


For years, people have been mystified by the concept of fish-human hybrids. Mermaids, the Gill-Man, that guy from the Universal movie that's a better stageshow than an actual movie... Well now, a lab has opened an aquarium showcasing what they claim are successful hybrids, so what can go wrong? Obviously the creatures break out, kill people, and eat the corpses. What, you didn't see that coming? C'mon, this is Halloween Horror Nights, not Disneyworld!


The Death Aquatic is a house I came up with while watching gifs of starfish moving. (I may have a new fear, by the way.) Take a bunch of sea creatures, give them a humanoid shape but keep the creepy features, and set it in a building full of those blue lights that make certain colors glow.



  • Facade: A generic aquarium facade. Some cheery, ocean-related music plays (Under the Sea and Somewhere Beyond the Sea, for example).
  • Past Fantasies: A small exhibit showcasing past depictions of mermaids and other hybrids, including a feegee mermaid and a Girl in A Fishbowl illusion. Except the girl is ripped in half, and every so often you can see a monster run behind it. The lights flicker while a voice hypes up the man-made wonders of nature you're about to witness. A scratched guide will tell you to turn back.
  • Swimming With Sharks: Guests walk past a huge tank full of water, where the blood of a diver murks up the view from inside. Another diver will pound against the glass, only to be pulled away.
  • The Aquarium: The main part of the haunt. The creatures have busted out of their tanks, which occasionally spray guests. Caretakers hide from the hybrids, who also hide wherever they can or roam the halls. This is where the blue lighting comes in, and the music becomes frantic and synth-based.
  • The Glass Tunnel: A place where the floors, walls, and ceiling allow you to see the shark hybrids. Cracks in the glass spray guests, and some shark hybrids try to get to you. At the end of the tunnel, one will jump out at guests.
  • Finale: Guests enter the busted remains of one freaking huge tank. Looming over them is a giant hybrid (Either a grotesque fish creature, or a giant tentacled creature with tentacles over its mouth... I don't know if the Cthulhu reference should be made.) Hiding in the tank are some of the freakier hybrids from earlier.


  • Generic Hybrids: Basically, just fish creatures. The fins have turned into webbed claws, their teeth are small but pointed, and their eyes are fisheyed.
  • Piranha: Smaller Claws, Larger Teeth.
  • Shark: Larger with more teeth. Not as clawey. Black eyes.
  • Starfish: A freaky bumpy mass with some wicked looking tendrils on each arm. Multiple appear at once, and often feasting on a guard. If you know how starfish eat... ew.
  • Starfish babies: A single actor is covered in smaller starfish, some with freakishly long arms from where they were ripped off. They are eating them alive, with scars from where they pried the starfish off.
  • Squid: Tentacled monsters. The costume could make them a mass of tentacles with a squid head (think Octodad if he were a writhing mess) or actually give them a humanoid body shape.
  • Lobster and Crab: Both have pincers, the lobster is taller and has more mass, while the crab is shorter.
  • Angler Fish: They have huge mouths, with huge teeth, and they also have the lure.
  • Many more. If someone at HHN decides to do this, they should research the freakier sea life.
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41 minutes ago, Twilight59 said:

Not to be rude or anything but It would be cool if you describe the scenes from the Rick and Morty citadel idea you had.







After a renegade TerrorRick from C-137 somehow managed to single-handed destroy the government of the Citadel of Ricks, the survivors of the carnage attempted to rebuild the city. But between a renegade factory Rick, corrupt Morties, and an upcoming election in the city, the city looks to be in for a hard time.



  • Facade: The Facade is a replica of the Citadel's skyline, with the title placed over and Rick and Morty's faces gracing the show title. Music includes the Rick and Morty theme, Goodbye Moonmen (and the TLT remix), The Citadel theme from The Rick-Lantis Mixup (As you should obviously know, the basis of the house), and various fake commercial audio.
  • The Museum: Guests enter a series of rooms based on the history of the Citadel, narrated by one of Hollywood's famous voices under duress of a shot to the head. Guests go through recreations of the fall of the Citadel, including the trial of Rick C-137 from Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind, Rick in prison, and Rick crashing the Citadel into his Galactic Federation Prison. Evil Rick, some freakish aliens, and a Rick Guard using Hammer Morty as a weapon appear in the respective room. At the end, guests pass a recording booth where the celebrity narrator is shot by a Rick, and stumbles out of the booth before dying.
  • City Life: Just some scenes from around the city, with hostile ricks and morties peppered throughout. Scenes like a commute, a cafe, the Morty school.
  • Morty Riot: Guests go through a Morty riot. A particular rioter will attack guests, and Cop Morty will threaten guests with a taser.
  • The Campaign: Basically, just the debate.
  • The Bust: The Portal Fluid bust. Bootleg Chemist Rick meets his end, and the Mortytown Locos stalk you through the rest of the building. Includes the Crib Morty stabbing Cop Rick, before reaching out to stab guests.
  • Simple Rick Factory: Guests pass by the Simple Rick Flavor Core, where outside, J-22 kills the Regional Manager Rick. You then enter the Flavor Core, where J-22 makes his demands and Simple Rick gets blended. Finally, guests exit the building, only to get shot by Rick D. Sanchez III.
  • The Creepy Morty: A shootout between Cop Morty, Cop Rick, Big Morty and his henchmen. Cowboy Morty will jump out in a panic. Then guests pass by the scene where Cop Rick is forced to shoot cop Morty. However, Cop Morty tries to shoot the guests, only for Cop Rick to shoot Cop Morty instead.
  • The Assassination: Campaign Morty is meeting the crowd. This distracts guests from Campaign Manager Morty.
  • Finale: For The Damaged Coda plays as Evil Morty makes his speech to the Higher-Ups. The actual scene involves Evil Morty looking down on guests as they walk past the corpses of the secret council of Ricks, and two Guard Ricks attack guests. Guests then enter Space, where the dead Ricks and Morties float. Some are actors, and will lunge at guests.
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and also no offense but it would be nice if you describe the scenes of the Biblophobia haunted house idea and i love that haunted house idea the reason why i love it is because i'm a fan of Stephen King and H.P Lovecraft (Even though i barely read books i sometimes read the short story collection that features 1408, Children of the corn and so on) so i'll bet some of the characters from their works would be in this haunted house idea.

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Confession time: I'm not much of a bookworm either. I mean, yeah a good book is great, but I'm not an avid attendant to the local library. The reason I suggested Bibliophobia is the fact that the concept alone should be awesome. Imagine a city overrun by the likes of Pennywise, Dracula, Orcs and Zombies, and Moriarty? It'd be an awesome madhouse. But there are more qualified people to suggest the monsters and scares.


But meh, I've never been to any haunted houses. (Ignoring the haunted hayride I went to when I was still in highschool and still getting out of the too-long scaredy cat phase.) No experience never stopped me before.




Yeah, bookstores aren't as popular as they once were. But Burt's Used Books is a respected establishment in Carey, even if the day is uneventful. And when no one needs the clerks' help, they're free to enjoy a nice book themselves. It's a nice, peaceful nook independent of the rest of Carey's reputation.

Until one day. While checking out an odd tome dropped off, a cashier read off a sequence of words that seemed to have no importance. This line of mumbo jumbo was really a dark spell that could bring forth characters from any book from within the building. The more books in the vicinity, the more power the spell has. And now Carey is in for a mess that it has not prepared for.


There would be more rooms than listed here. These are just some that I would like to see.


  • Facade: The back of Burt's Used Books.
  • Burt's Used Books: The Bookstore seems to be larger than it should be. The bookshelves wind about, housing torched books. Some books are floating in the air. DEATH lurks around a corner, and an Orangutan sits at the register.
  • Orc Horde: Orcs have taken over the street.
  • Italian Restaurant: Vampires have taken over. Dracula, a Strain bloodsucker, and Barlow (I'm looking to TV Tropes for names) prey on guests, with Dracula attacking a diner. Guests head into the bathroom, where Edward Cullen is staked and decapitated and Van Helsing leaps from a stall. (Original Idea: When guests get to the bathroom, independent of the vampires was a dummy of a little kid washing his hands in a urinal.) Guests then exit through a large hole in the wall.
  • The Sewers: Immediately connected to the Bathroom. Upon entering, guests are attacked by the Phantom of the Opera. They then walk past the scene of the Loser's Club fighting Pennywise, who will jump after passing his little alcove. Guests then witness a dropped corpse onto a pile of corpses, and are ambushed by Sweeney Todd. Finally, guests pass by Montresor bricking up Fortunato.
  • The Alleyway: Upon exiting the sewers, Moriarty will attack guests. As they cross the alley, Christine will lunge at them.
  • Merchant's Street: a street full of storefronts. Various miscellaneous villains attack guests or loot the stores (EX: Count Olaf with his knife attacks guests, a knockoff of the Grinch loots a store that's already got its Christmas display up, Patrick Bateman bursts out of a door with a chainsaw he was previously using on a cashier, Lord MacBeth sees the guests as spies and traitors and proceeds to try to execute them with a sword, and the Big Bad Wolf (a puppet from Werewolf In London in granny's clothing) snarls at guests while feasting on a bystander's corpse).
  • Graveyard: Zombies. With some Undead Hunters, of course, say, Stealth and St. George, Todd Wainio, T Sean Collins, and that rollerblade idiot with a meat cleaver on a hockey stick. Notably, out of the five I mentioned, Idiot meets his canonical fate. At the end, guests enter a crypt.
  • Catacombs: The catacombs are lit by torches, and filled with zombie versions of famously deceased characters. Romeo and Juliet, Yorick (without his skull, just a flap of skin for a head), James and Lily Potter, Lennie Small, and The Old Man from The Telltale Heart are reanimated, trying to cling to their former lives but being driven insane by their current status of unlife. (Lennie could be cradling a recent victim. I feel bad about making him a monster in a haunted house.)
  • Finale: Guests exit the catacombs and head towards a skyline. Along the way, they are attacked by Ghouls and Deep Ones. Oh, and towering over the Skyline is Cthulhu. Once in the skyline, they given a final scare by three of the staff's favorite monsters.

Now, is this perfect? Nope. Personally, there are a lot more bogeymen that I would have liked to have included. Voldemort, Sauron, some Goosebumps characters, to name a few. But I didn't know how to include them.

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Well actually some of the goosebumps characters could fit in one of the scenes like the graveyard ghouls could be in the graveyard scene, slappy could be in the alleyway sitting on some crates talking back to the guests, the abominable snowman could be in the orc horde street as a little cameo and by that i mean him messing with the lamp pole in the orc filled street (kind of like how in the book cover when he does that)

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1 hour ago, Twilight59 said:

Well actually some of the goosebumps characters could fit in one of the scenes like the graveyard ghouls could be in the graveyard scene, slappy could be in the alleyway sitting on some crates talking back to the guests, the abominable snowman could be in the orc horde street as a little cameo and by that i mean him messing with the lamp pole in the orc filled street (kind of like how in the book cover when he does that)


All good ideas.

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