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  1. I hate to say this, but this is a dead thread and I don't think Doc would like these spam posts/
  2. Also I do have a haunt idea that maybe considered too much like fan fiction and most likely wouldn't happen at HHN. The haunt itself takes place in Metropolis (the setting from the 2004 Deadtropolis scare-zone and the 2006 Deadtropolis: Zombie Siege) and follows a festival/convention gone wrong that celebrates all types of media due to a spell gone wrong that was supposed to open up a gateway to the multiverse to prove that all fiction are real out there somewhere and a result, fictional characters from all types of media have been summoned and the city itself has gone to chaos because of it with the humans fending them off to survive in this hellhole. This all happened before the Apocalypse started (the fictional event that happens in my Apocalypse-themed HHN event) btw.
  3. That sounds pretty cool. It could make for some really cool haunts and scare-zones if that were to actually happen.
  4. Nice. As for how I imagined a HHN event that has Jadis as the Icon, maybe it could be kinda like HHN 15 where it'd take place in Narnia when Jadis ruled it or just a mix of original and IP haunts with some of them probably having a conncection to Jadis herself.
  5. They could probably use snow machines to give the effect that it's always winter. Also if Jadis was the Icon for a HHN event (even if it'll most likely never happen), I imagine the Jadis-ruled Narnia scare-zone would be her Icon scarezone.
  6. Nice. I could imagine seeing it in a Book-themed HHN event if that ever happens.
  7. Interesting, what scenes do you imagine for a haunt centering around Jadis?
  8. For the other event ideas I have in mind. One would focus on the return of Marty Mindfield with the theme of it being breaking the fourth wall again with some signs of something being brewed on around the world, hinting at the end of the world, the event idea after that would be themed around the Apocalypse that's going on around the world, and the final event idea would be basically be post-apocalyptic. I got haunt ideas for the post-apocalyptic event idea like one focusing on insane followers of Jigsaw and continuing his legacy, and Chucky taking over a Good Guys doll factory and transforming it into his own territory after the apocalypse happened.
  9. Also for the Scream/New Nightmare crossover haunt, i'm actutally thinking of adding in a few other characters from Wes Craven's horror films, including Freddy Krueger himself (the original, not The Entity in its Freddy Krueger form) who appears at the end of the maze holding the head of The Entity.
  10. Finished the doc, for the Metal Three show, I imagine there'd be pre-shows in-between each band, focusing on the three metal mascots (Vic Rattelhead, Eddie, and The Guy) being trapped in either the tour bus or in the dressing room, they'd be like this:
  11. Heh, yeah LOL. Maybe, i'd probably do that sometime. Also, if the event idea were to happen, i'd like to see a return of interactive webpages, i've actually thought of it when I re-thought about my old event and rebooting it, it'd be pretty cool and fun to see it return
  12. That'd work, i'd also thought up of a series of videos on the HHN event that shows of how it all even happened in the first place, it'd be kinda like Roger Rabbit, blending in animation and live-action to the mix, it'd probably also be kinda a horror comedy as well. I'm thinking of some of the videos to have like interviews of some of the Adult Swims characters like Stan Smith, The Warden, Robot Chicken (the character), and Brock Sampson.
  13. Yup, pretty much the event idea has a metafictional theme to it from the houses to the scare-zones and maybe even the shows. Of course for the show ideas, I thought of having a Gorillaz concert and a Bill and Ted return show to my event idea.
  14. Thanks, btw here's my the link to the doc i'm still working on. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IoFz26Rpi7LIz9N0LVi3prkc_5IJK5t3Oc1l_Bmo76c/edit
  15. Just wanna know, is it alright if I add in your haunted house albeit with some tweaks to it (mostly on the ending) to my event idea lineup i'm working on my doc? It's a rebooted event lineup of an old event idea of mine that features Marty Mindfield in it. Apologies for double-posting btw.
  16. Blazing Apocalypse (Scare-Zone based on the Blazing World's invasion of Earth in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Tempest) Description: The end of the world is here and Prospero himself finally enacts his revenge on humanity! The League and their allies have left the Earth and now humanity is forced to fend itself against the ones that were driven underground by their descendants, will they manage to overcome them or will the entities from the Blazing World finally complete its revenge on humanity? Scaracters Prospero Ariel (The Tempest) Frankenstein's monster (The Curse of Frankenstein) Universal Monsters version of Frankenstein's Monster Frankenstein's Monster (Mary Shellery's Frankenstein (1994)) Spring-heeled Jacks The Nemesis of Neglect Wilfred Glendon Leon Corledo David Kessler The Gil-man Count Orlok Petyr Yoyneh Shagal Dracula (Dracula 2000) Carmilla Cornelius (Planet of the Apes '68) Dr. Zaius Captain Prypar The Wendigo The Ape from Murders of the Rue Morgue The Three Witches from Shakespare's Macbeth Demogorgon (Stranger Things) Francois Delambre (The Fly) Survivors (some of them will look like they've been through hell with their clothes being almost tattered and bloody while others have post-apocalyptic-like clothing) Props: Thrown-around and crashed cars, broken lamp-posts, torn up-posters of fictional films, tv-shows, and upcoming concerts, a few tents that hold up the human survivors, and lastly, a large and beautifyl throne for Prospero to sit at.
  17. Apologies for not being specific, I meant like the Treyarch Nazi Zombies gamemode, but this is fine.
  18. How'd a haunted house based on The Stuff work here?
  19. It's okay, also that sounds pretty interesting and cool.
  20. Why not both of them? Or hell maybe you can include the ideas in the 1970s NYC haunt idea while also including the Blackout, Son of Sam, and even disco in some way.
  21. A combination of these is pretty fine, I think the 1970s NYC would also focus on the crimewave it had back then but add in monsters and emons into the mix.
  22. It's pretty good and as for house suggestions: Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies (a haunted house based on the lore of Nazi Zombies), Deathwatch (a haunted house based on the horror film of the same name), A haunted house that focuses on the origins of Lightning Gulch, A haunted house that takes place in New York City during the 1970s, and Bram Stoker's Dracula (a haunted house based on the 1992 film by Francis Ford Coppola)
  23. Not gonna lie, that'd be pretty cool as hell if that were to happen.
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