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Welcome to sCarey: Horror in the Heartland

Mark M.

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In Carey bad things just happen. No one escapes from this small town beset by an endless parade of bloodthirsty creatures and maniacs.


The town placed a sign at the entrance to Carey, Ohio, saying it’s a nice place to live. Unfortunately nobody lives here very long. No one escapes from Carey, where bad things just happen, and new terrors rain down year after year.


  • If it claws, bites, feasts on blood, or just likes to rip people to shreds, it somehow finds its way to Carey.
  • Experience an endless parade of unimaginable terrors, from horrifying creatures to bloodthirsty maniacs.
  • You can scream all you want in Carey. But everybody’s too busy doing their own screaming to pay much notice.



Some of the most haunting original stories from Halloween Horror Nights over the years have been set in the mysterious town of Carey – and this year, Welcome to SCarey: Horror in the Heartland will combine these stories and bring them to life once again in a first-ever haunted house that pays homage to the event's 30-year history. Guests will be transported back to the shady township of Carey and enter familiar settings that will leave fans shrieking from nostalgia and horror. From the ghastly cave of vampires from The Hive, the decrepit attic of Dead End and the disturbing Meetz Meats human deli from Leave it to Cleaver, they'll find no escape from the evil of Carey once and for all.

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Here are the list of rooms from previous Carey houses. 

1. The Spawning

2. The Hive

3. Dead End

3. Legendary Truth: Wyandot Estate

4. Orfanage: Ashes To Ashes 

5. HR Bloodengutz

6. Slaughter Sinema

7. Leave It To Cleaver 

8. Hellgate Prison


Screamhouse and Sliver Screams are understandably the only ones that came back with it own scenes in Icons. I really wish this house had one scene from Zombiegeddon. 

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