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HNN Singles Night (Meetup)

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thanks now after reading that Ash I remember them saying that ! was just double checking and making sure they didn't change any of it on us not on the Forum that much. I will be doing a Unmasking the fear tour, so will be in the park early drinking at Finnegan's before HHN starts tomorrow nights. I will be in my Nightmare shirt!

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. . . . I would partake, but my current mistress Lady Luck would probably get upset, and when she gets upset, all sorts of things happen. Last time I said something insensitive, my Monopoly board caught on fire, the porcelain dragon that holds my collection of spare paper together (aka "a bookend") started flapping its wings, and then I noticed it was snowing in the living room!

I should probably end the relationship before something bad happens...

My current plan is to take her Trick Or Treating on Halloween and just leave her somewhere, so I'll be free again on November 1. That's too late for a HHN meetup though.

This always happens to me! I have the worst Luck!

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