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HHN Hollywood X Wishful Thinking

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Scarezones,scarezones, scarezones :D another component important as the mazes themselves. Could anyone imagine walking through empty areas to mazes ? lol i sure couldnt but im super excited to see what SZ's we get this year. For the most all the few original content we get at HHN come from the SZs.Now potential SZ properties i think would be kind of cool:

NOES sz ? hmmm tired of the mazes DEFINETLY but walking through a alley full of nightmares would be neat.

Zombieland. Kind of played off like the shaun of the dead SZ.

The legend of sleepy hollow ? :rolleyes: this would be interesting.

chuckys toyfactory SZ? aahaha sounds silly but i mean we've had chucky involved in HHN in every possible way...a SZ wouldnt hurt.

Scream go go dancers !!!!! cant wait to see how there played off ;) hopefully the entrance SZ wont just be a whole bunch of ghostface running around...LAME <_<

The ONE thing that i would LOVE to see done in the SZ's this year (and im refering to the entrance and lower lot directly) is well decorated SZ's. these two sz's are usually just filled up with SA's. i want to feel the atmosphere of creepiness as i walk through them. Something more than just black trash bags hanging at the entrance -_- (2009)

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Whoa! Brainstorm! I just imagined an awesome location for a scarezone that has never been used before. I was thinking about the Saws N' Steam scarezone at the Sting Ally in Orlando's event last year, and it reminded me that Hollywood should do something similar to that. I don't think they'll do it this year, but it would be really cool to see a scarezone in the courtyard where Chucky's Insult Emporium was. All they would have to do is have three or four scareactors roam around in there with LOTS of fog and some strobe lighting. It would be so simple, low-cost, and would be freaking awesome because there wouldn't be very many people walking through there, giving it a more personal experience. It would be nice to have a couple of props here, like maybe a few mutilated corpses and reuse some of the cart props from the Freakz scarezone and have it themed to a meat market or something.

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