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  1. I feel like this year is returning to my personal favorite, HHN 28. Something about this lined up is giving me deja vu.
  2. Guys it's January. There's a lot of time to have walkways and room for food booths by then.
  3. I doubt they are going to release a house announcement on a Friday, even if the pun on the weekend is pretty good.
  4. Just take it easy and don't try to do everything in a rush.
  5. I can only reply based on watching video walk throughs, but when Hollywood hits on details it's better than Orlando. But in terms of over-all quality Orlando wins every time in recent memory. It seems like the locations for houses in Hollywood just aren't as conductive for building a maze/house compared to Orlando's sound stages or tents.
  6. It's funny to go back and read 29 being disappointing compared to the 30 we got.. Oh boy!
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underwater_(film) The newish movie Underwater is basically a recreation of Depths of Fear. If there was a movie tie-in with this it would have been great! Oh well!
  8. Monday the standby line for Bride went along the edge of the Plaza of the Stars straight into the sound stage. Zero stopping or waiting to get in. For Fairy it went from the Tribute Store, around the corner and straight in to the stage. 10 minute wait for express pass holders to filter in. As far as I can tell express is only for premiere pass holders. The HHN hype is dead for the general park guests. I saw people come to the line and turn around the second they heard it wasn't a house. I saw one group of people walk all the way to the end of the line, look in the house, and turn around to leave. Didn't even want to try it. Even the Tribute Store was dead and empty most of the day. The Skeleton Bar had ZERO people in it. Edit: This was 2-5pm Monday on a holiday weekend. The lighting and cast improvements for the houses are outstanding and with the pulsing these are the best HHN houses I've never experienced. I'm really afraid this is going to put the brakes on further HHN events, but I am wildly speculating here.
  9. Went again Sunday and Monday this week. 5 minute wait for Bride, 10 minute wait for Fairy. The lighting in both Bride and Fairy is much improved and the actors are getting better.
  10. Universal has repeated more than just one house before. They literally did the same house twice in a row nearly from the start. https://halloweenhorrornights.fandom.com/wiki/The_People_Under_the_Stairs The houses this year rule and I can't wait to see them again next year with some minor mixups and improvements.
  11. I had one of the best HHN experiences of my HHN career last night. If you guys decided to sit this one out you are missing a great time. We had practically a private tour though Bride and Toothfairy last night.
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