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  1. Hey thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it!
  2. If you were to chose a movie to watch based on the description of this house what would it be?
  3. If you were to chose a movie to watch based on the description of this house what would it be?
  4. If you were to chose a movie to watch based on the description of this house what would it be?
  5. Sorry it took me so long to respond to this but that track is "Awakening" by Midnight Syndicate from their "Vampyre" CD.
  6. I ran the heavily garbled piece thru several audio filters and used Soundhound rather than Shazam to tag it. Soundhound sometimes picks out more obscure and unusual tracks than Shazam does. I then used Spotify to confirm it. Tricks of the trade.
  7. Was all of this music tagged in Dead mans Wharf? Or just the Penny Dreadful stuff? I am compiling all of this for Luke and want to make sure i get the right info. Thanks
  8. And then there is "No Gravity" by Party Thieves/Lazy Boys and "Bring me To Life" by Evanessence in the Academy Of Villians Show. As well as Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield and Iraq by Jack Nitzche and Krzysztof Pendereki from the soundtrack in room 1.
  9. Just to add a few more I have tagged from Live videos this evening: Feel Invincible by Skrillex (Parkwide) 2 Bad (VIP Mix) by Roksonics (Chance Scarezone) Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry (Vamp 55) Halloween II Suite B (Bonus Mix) Halloween House Facade.
  10. Just rounded up a few more. For Lair Of The Banshee an old classic "For Anneliese Michel" from The Exorcism of Emily Rose. "Only You" by The Platters for Vamp 55 and the version of The Shining Theme is from the album greatest Movie Themes: 1980's. I also tagged Gimme Shelter by Puddle of Mudd which is in the Survive Or Die Scarezone. Good to be back in action again! Welcome everyone!
  11. Scarezones: The Path Of The Wicked Scarezone Witchfinder General (Prelude/Romanza) by The Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir The Devil Rides Out (The Power Of Evil) by The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Both are from the CD Horror! Monsters Witches & Vampires: Great Movie Themes In Dolby Bregna 2415 by Graeme Revell from the Aeon Flux Soundtrack The Skoolhouse Another Brick In The Wall by The London Philhamonic Orchestra from the CD The London Philharmonic Orchestra plays Pink Floyd Fractured Tales: The Theme from The Fog by Robert Walsh from the CD Horror Movie Madness-Halloween Edition The Lagoon/Various Locations Salem's Lot Aria Jerusalems Lot Barlow All from the Soundtrack to the Television Movie of Salems Lot Streets Of Blood Scarezone Danse Macabre by the Orlando Pops from the CD Creepy Classics Unknown Song Asylum In Wonderland Sound Effects Only American Gothic Sound Effects Men In Black Area Resident Evil Theme by Marilyn Manson Seizure of Power by Marilyn Manson Both from the Resident Evil Soundtrack Main Titles - Danny Elfman Meat For The Beast - Danny Elfman Both from the Nightbreed Soundtrack Houses: Doomsday: Pre-Show Video Exodus Hospital Battle Train Escape Tolamon Bentley Escape By Tyler bates from the Original Soundtrack to Doomsday The Can Can by Ariel Reichtshaid. Good Thing by Fine Young Cannibals Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant Dog Eat Dog by Adam Ant Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood Creatures: The Legend Of Wooley Swamp by The Charlie Daniels Band You Can't Take it With You By The Allman Brothers Band Tombstone Shadow by Creedence Clearwater Revival Dead Exposure Haunted Maze Soundtrack to Shaun Of The Dead Scary Tales: Unconfirmed: Main Titles From Corpses Bride Creatures/Interstellar Terror Que Videos: Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell Thriller by Michael Jackson Weird Science by Oingo Boingo Devil Inside by Inxs Highway To Hell (Live) by AC/DC Bela Lugosi's Dead by The Bahaus Dragula by Rob Zombie Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson Firestarter by Prodigy Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones *Bark At The Moon by Ozzy Osbourne Rocky Horror Picture Show Pre-Show: *Cry Little Sister by Aiden *Pet Cemetary by The Ramones Show: Science Fiction Double Feature Dammit Janet Over At The Frankenstein Place Time Warp I Can Make You A Man Rose Tint My World Science Fiction Double Feature (Reprise) Post Show: *Tracks from the Rocky Horror Punk Show CD. Bill And Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure Preshow Check Yes Juliette by We The Kings When You Were Young by The Killers Devour by Shinedown Paramore Thats what you get *Folsom Prison Blues by Everlast * I Like It, I Love It by Lyrics Born Main Show Elevator by Flo Rida feating Timbaland We Will Rock You by Queen *Mein Herz Brennt by Rammstein Two Heads Are better Than One by Power Tool Indiana Jones Trumpet Ominous Music Prince ??? Legend music (Piano Piece) Go Speed Racer Theme Love Guru Chant Rambo Theme Bodies by The Chipmunks Jammin' by Bob Marley A Real American by WWE Entrances (Hulk Hogan) Party People by Nelly ft Fergie See You Again by Miley I Kissed A Girl Viva La Vida Hill By Coldplay Shake It by Metro Station In The Ayer by Flo Rida Please Don't Stop The Music Walk This Way by Run Dmc (Sped Up) The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls
  12. The Mystery song I posted about earlier is The Witch by The Primitives. Cody came up with it out of nowhere after I was able to understand just a piece of the lyrics.
  13. Do you work at Universal and are you tagging all these with Shazam? If so what kind of phone are you using because I want to get one!
  14. I am trying to figure out a few of the scareactors in the color version of this scare zone. Specifically The Girl in the black dress with the dagger, the guy with the black fingernails and dark eyes in a weird jacket and the guy with a chainsaw that has a tank top on and a mouth drawn on his chest. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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