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  1. This is a Christmas gift I didn't expect but am extremely thankful for. Thank you man, to you and the team for doing what you do! This track is equivalent to "The Day I Lost You" from last year. Hearing it takes me back to specific memorable moments of HHN30. Is there a reference recording out there of what the last unknown track is? Seems like HHN is starting to dips it's toes in copyright free/music backtrack catalogs for it's music sources. I hope the next era of music tagging from apps like Shazam will soon tap into those media libraries.
  2. To think not that many years ago, a good chunk of the music list wouldn't be ready till after the event. Not even half way though and you got most of the tunes down. You dominate man! Question - are the mini-stages in Hacktion playing music while the overall zone gets background noise/effects? This one was subtle but I heard the classic Carnival of Souls coming from the Treaks and Foons speaker on my way out.
  3. I could only figure out "Awakening" from this vid. What media/link are you referencing? I'll take a look at it. Nice ID on this! I never paid attention to the audio in this clip. Looks like "Pencil Neck" is what plays before "Epiphanic Evelyn". Wish the full opening scaremony was available. There's definitely some tracks playing based on the brief snippets of the Caretakers entrance and exit (wouldn't doubt it's more HoHH music haha).
  4. No luck! I know which tune you're referencing, unfortunately I've had difficulty tagging it. My current approach is casting videos on my TV at loud volume then using SoundHound on my phone to analyze it. Below are my working notes. If anyone on the forum has thoughts or input, feel free to chime in! (Some audio in the links below is better heard through headphones) Port of Evil Island BGM played between :47 – 1:44 [https://youtu.be/tmdi94fDNOo?t=47] Has a synth dream/enchanting undertone? Maybe from an 80’s era horror film? Separately, find confirmation theme from The Thing played in this zone. Island Under Siege Island BGM played between 6:17 – 7:02 or 10:03 - 10:56 or 11:27 – 11:52 [https://youtu.be/tpsjVpb4Yjw?t=603] Try Super hero movie soundtrack/villain themes. Movies with city chaos/destruction/Villain plans unfolding. Multiple fanfare loops stitched together? Maximum Carnage [https://youtu.be/4n_BoY4r28s] - No Music (?). Generic laboratory pulse. Wind and electric current sound effects. Project Evilution Island BGM played between :32 – :40 [https://youtu.be/P3xfsYjKJwY?t=32] Very small snippet. My thought, this is the Jurassic Park End Credits? Scary Tales II [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3InLiq9H5SQ] - No Music (?). Twinkle, Twinkle (Rhyme from possible Halloween FX CD??), Wind, Dog Howl, Night Noise effects
  5. Not enough praise. Thank you all for preserving one the best takeaways we can hold onto from HHN (held in any shape or form)!
  6. Definitely! Hearing him say that in the podcast hurt a little. I'd say the MoM version is worthy of being released. I'm not sure of your show's creative intent but you could stitch the Wolfman intro, up to the "He's Alive" portion to give you time fluff. Excited to see your end result! Those alternate tracks are solid. Taking closer attention, in the Youtube video posted above https://youtu.be/LzvztHnzl18?t=45, the bit that plays between 45 to 56 secs is the underliner track for the final act of the show. So it's the sample bit -> sample bit repeats at a lower volume with a top track -> sample bit comes back in with the Swan Lake top track and again for the explosion media sequence --> the rewind bit --> sample bit again. You could create a loop with that same bit and accomplish something similar of that experience.
  7. Are you talking about this remixed bit that plays between 37:49 - 38:18 in the video? https://youtu.be/2EKC2gUlG-4?t=2269. Or the Swan Lake track that was referenced, in it's original classic form, non-mixed, no background track? If such, in the same video linked above, sounds like Andy pulled that track from a public domain site. lol
  8. Horror Night Nightmares got your back, Jack. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3TKO10exkIT0wkFxmS4F6Z
  9. Does anyone have a running list of event music for Islands of Fear? I’ve been on a HHN12 kick since re-watching The Art of the Scare. Doing some digging and YouTube video analyzing, this is what I've gathered: PORT OF EVIL Dracula’s Castle – John Beal (Super Scary Monster Party), Town Square of Tortured Souls BGM Pencil Neck – Don Davis (House on Haunted Hill OMPS), Opening Scaremony Music Epiphanic Evelyn – Don Davis (House on Haunted Hill OMPS), Opening Scaremony Music ISLAND UNDER SIEGE Supernova Goes POP – Powerman 5000 (Tonight the Stars Revolt!), Maximum Carnage Queue BGM TREAKS AND FOONS Carnival of Souls Theatre Organ & Calliope – Verne Langdon (CoS Collection), Treaks and Foons Island BGM tweaked with sound effects Carnival of Souls Harpsichord – Verne Langdon (CoS Collection), Scary Tales II Queue BGM JP EXTINCTION Opening Titles - John Williams (Jurassic Park OMPS), JP Extinction Island BGM Frenzy Fuselage - Don Davis (Jurassic Park III OMPS), Project Evilution Maze BGM (Unconfirmed) Eat It – ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic ("Weird Al" Yankovic in 3-D), Fear Factor Queue BGM ISLAND OF EVIL SOULS Descent into the Abyss – Neil Norman (Super Scary Monster Party), Island of Evil Souls Island BGM Awakening – Midnight Syndicate (Vampyre: Symphonies from the Crypt), Nightmare's Stage BGM End Credits: Halloween Theme - Reprise – John Carpenter (Halloween 20th Anniversary OMPS), Fountain of Evil Music BOO-VILLE Hall of Mirrors – Christopher Young (Hellraiser II OMPS), Boo-ville Island BGM Unknown Title – Universal, Screamhouse Facade & Screamhouse Maze BGN Main Title – Don Davis (House on Haunted Hill OMPS), Screamhouse Maze BGM **OMPS - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack **BGM - Background Music **BGN - Background Noise
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