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  1. I've been around for awhile here and I've seen it this year. I might be wrong on the one IP thing after recent events but I still feel like it's for the long-term fans. And as of right now I don't see it changing. There's always a possibility it will but I don't see it. The comment above mine is not something I've heard at all, and if anything I can see that possibly being a daytime activity to supplement HHN.
  2. Honestly I see one IP this year. And it being for the longtime fans. I believe it was going to be before all of this.
  3. Shrek will probably be soon. Tents are moving along and almost done from what I have heard. B79 has walls.
  4. It hasn't been getting much of a line. And we have a lot of gaps in between people most nights. The sets are decent, and I love the people in it. The cast does what they can. But it needs to go.
  5. I played it for the first time tonight. Alot of things were wrong. Wrong years, wrong names. It bugged me.
  6. Like a non ip house. Albeit there was no scare actors in there but it really didn't feel like Walking Dead last year it felt like it was crammed down your throat from the beginning. This one didn't feel like that.
  7. Facade is huge and outside, we enter on the left from the looks of it.
  8. I think everyone will be surprised by the walking dead. Didn't feel like a walking dead house to me.
  9. just a heads up dude. The 30th will be paperwork in animal actors that's it. No houses and no real details about the event that have not been revealed.
  10. Meanwhile, I would love to be an icon down Hollywood. Especially over where I'm at.
  11. I remember that year. It was fairly recent. I think it may be inaccurate on the permit site. A few people have said they're email is dinner.
  12. The codename I saw was dinner for b79. They may have changed it on the scare actors stuff to throw them off. I don't see it being a tent and everything has been pointing to it being walking dead.
  13. Codename for parade is Dinner not Dynasty.
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