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  1. I was so happy to learn my house got house of the year in that closing hour. Makes all the hard work pay off.
  2. He actually does have makeup on. he has welt like bruises on him and some light makeup to make him more pale. He use to have a mouthpiece that made his teeth and gums look a little red but I think they did away with that.
  3. Damn, this house was freaking amazing. This was one of the best houses I did along with ghost town.
  4. I did it for opening night last year. 1. The food is good. Universal quality. I got a really large portion of lasagna with a dessert and drink. 2. You can take as many pictures as you want yourself. The picture with the scareactors was done by universal staff and is included in the price of the meal. 3. there was at least 1 scare actor from each zone. the two you could get your picture with via uni staff was the Caretaker (from the icon scare zone) and the Usher (also Icon scare zone.) 4. We spent about 2 hours I think. they try not to rush you, but they do have other things to do. if you are not finished eating then they stop you for a moment to get the picture done with the scare actors (as they have to go on set at a certain point) then allow you to return to eating or whatever else. All in all, it is very worth it.
  5. I consider 2 houses my first. one was Screamhouse Resurrection in 2006 (sweet 16). I went through that house 3 times. The first time with the my eyes closed, second time with my eyes open for half the house and then the third time for the whole house. I can't recall much of it because of being such a wimp. Yeah, I was a wimp for my first HHN but got a lot better when I went in 2008. The second and one I remember the most was Scary Tales: Once upon a nightmare! This house I remember walking through Rapunzel's hair as she is dead at the top of the tower, Cinderella's foot cut off and her ankle bleeding, and the hallway of mirrors. While Screamhouse was my first actual house, I recall more of the first house I went to when I returned to HHN.
  6. kinda funny. Just finished watching texas chainsaw massacre 2 and happened over to the HHN page and boom. maze announcement. I'm excited for it. I'm kinda surprised Walking Dead was not announced first.
  7. who doesn't know the lines of "THEY HAVE SEX WITH THEIR TAILS!!!!!" "Knock, Knock? who's there? Sex tail-BOOP!"
  8. I went the final night. Got 5 houses done (Walking dead, scurge, Insidious, asylum and FvJ). I also got into the last Bill and Ted show barely. The last Bill and Ted show was really great. as for the crowds, meh. I was able to get through the streets easy enough.
  9. If not a new Icon, I always wondered how well Robert L. Strickland would do as a icon. Rough story: Warden Strickland was fed up with only running a small prison in the corner of the park. He has now expanded his new prison to encompass the entire park and all who enter are guilty until proven innocent or dead. Welcome to Hellpark Prison!
  10. You cannot say it that it would not have been a great thing for universal to do for the 25th anniversary to plant coins from past events each night in the houses for guests. Heck, it would have been great to make coins for the more recent years and then make a rare 25th year coin and plant them. anyway, I'm not trying to fight with ya. Just reporting the info that I got from the lead.
  11. I talked to a lead about the coins. Turns out ops are taking the coins as soon as they see them. Since there is a op is practally every room in the houses, it is going to be a lot harder to find the coins
  12. UCF night was sunday? I was thinking of going Sunday, but something in the back of my mind said not to. I'm happy I decided not to go then.
  13. Isn't it every night the team leads and other universal staff go through a house before it opens to make sure everything inside is good to go? That would be the perfect time to leave coins assuming each of the universal staff has one to place down.
  14. that is so cool! Now when I go back I have to overanalyze every scenescene looking for another coin. I want to see how many I can find before the year ends.
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