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  2. Whenever I try to look up stuff in the archived section (ex: the keyword Freddy) it shows zero results. Why is that?
  3. They actually done an Asylum-themed house at the event’s revival year that shares similarities with Psycoscareapy. Do you guys think they could do a reboot of that house under that name and house franchise? Though this would mean John would have to bring back Jack, but he doesn’t have to be an icon again like before over there.
  4. Dead Exposure was planned for 2020 and, as you mentioned, the pandemic happened. I'm sure that house is sitting up on Murdy's shelf, but he probably won't revisit it for quite some time.
  5. Well technically Dead Exposure was supposed to be in 2021, but you know Pandemic and all.
  6. They actually have been working on some new material before the pandemic and even in quarantine. Both Robert Trujillo and Lars Ulrich said it before on two different interviews. As for the new song, It’s pretty good; the riffs are tight with a Kill ‘Em All vibe and a slight Diamond Head-inspired snare drums sounding that is on point. I’m mostly critical on the bassline.
  7. I still can't believe they did lmfao. Literally came out of nowhere.
  8. And they’ve recently released a new song yesterday.
  9. Would love to see John create his own original icons for Hollywood in a similar scale as Bone and the Pumpkin Lord. The only problem is he hates the idea of it for marketing reasons and he is so close to the entertainment industry as a whole, which is how the IP era started at Orlando as one of the causes even though the IP’s are technically the Icons.
  10. I feel like 2023 is gonna have a similar line-up to last year, so it could be something like this: Shared IP Shared IP Shared IP Shared IP Shared Universal Monsters IP Exclusive IP Orlando Original Transfer New Original
  11. Yeti is another Orlando Original Murdy might be interested in as well.
  12. He brought Scarecrow the Reaping to Hollywood so bringing Graveyard Games would be a second house from Orlando to Hollywood.
  13. Body Collectors: Recollections, Dead Man's Pier and Carnival Graveyard are quite literally the best Soundstage houses I've walked through. Maybe even the best Soundstage houses ever. They were literally on a different scale and I would classify them as the "perfect HHN house". I don't think I've ever been as immersed in a haunted experience as I have with those three.
  14. From my experience with the soundstages, not only they were the home of the grand scale houses, but also have the most film production material for certain settings and effects that are either impossible or hard to use for other locations. Elm Street and the Exorcist were the best IP’s for the locations as an example, and while I did enjoyed TCM last year. But I would argue the 2003 remake would have been more fitting as the soundstage house than the original, and maybe better than it was at 17. Leatherface’s two storied home is big and immersive enough to be a well-detailed facade again.
  15. While I did love the Ghostbusters house at 29, I felt like Soundstage 22 really hindered it. Stay Puft was VERY underwhelming and the facade was kind of lame.
  16. Elm Street doesn't really need a Soundstage funny enough. It's really just 1428 Elm Street that needs a large amount of space and a Sprung Tent provides enough space for it. Ghostbusters of course needs a pretty large space to accommodate it. Stuff like the NY Public Library, Temple of Gozer, Stay Puft, Sedgewick Hotel and the torn open apartment need a lot of space to actually re-create those sets somewhat to scale. I really want to see Ghostbusters return so it can be a mega house either in Soundstage 21 or 25.
  17. I honestly think soundstage houses should be more grand scale like A Nightmare on Elm Street or Ghostbusters. Not something like House of 1000 Corpses.
  18. Last week
  19. Yeah, I guess you're right. Especially since Ash vs Evil Dead didn't do so hot in 2017
  20. Evil Dead as a franchise is dying, unfortunately. I know Evil Dead Rise is coming next year, but it's probably gonna flop.
  21. I have reason to believe that Murdy is interested in this Original house.
  22. I'd like to see it get upgraded to a Soundstage, but I feel like a Sprung Tent or MIB Tent gives it that claustrophobic edge to it.
  23. I'm sitting here trying to figure out where Freaky exited because it didn't exit through those double doors lol.
  24. My guess is Posca. It's a 2,000-year-old Roman beverage that is made by mixing Wine Vinegar and Water. That could point to this Original house being set around Ancient Rome, which could connect to Nightingales: Blood Pit. This year, Hollywood featured their version of a popular Original from Orlando and it wouldn't surprise me if that's the case here. The part about the spinal cord and vertebral column is a mystery, but if we stay on the theme of Orlando OG's being transferred to Hollywood, it could point to Body Collectors. It could just be a brand new Original that just happens to be set in Ancient Rome. I am fairly certain I'm WAY off on this, but it's still fun to think about.
  25. You’ll Wish it were just a Movie! Mazes Saw: Game Over Hello Zepp by Charlie Clouser My Bloody Valentine Buried Alive, Human Pincushions, Be Mine 4Ever all by Michael Wandmacher Halloween: The Life and Crimes of Michael Myers Halloween Theme Song, and Michael Kills Judith by John Carpenter Chariot of Pumpkins and Silver Shamrock theme by Alan Howarth Chucky’s Funhouse Seed of Chucky Theme by Pino Donaggio Terror Tram: Live or Die Unindentified Clown Music Psycho Theme Halloween Theme Song by John Carpenter Zones Let the Games Begin Welcome to Hell Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie I am Hell by White Zombie Down with the Sickness by Disturbed Shaun of the Dead Combat Studs from the film soundtrack Don't Stop Me Now by Queen The Meat Market There Will Be Blood Tape Deck by Charlie Clouser Freakz The Carny by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
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