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Welcome Back - 2021

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Hello everyone, long time!


First, we would like to apologize for the downtime the past couple of days!  We've upgraded the server, forum software, plugin-ins, and theme!  This all needed to be done to make everything more smooth and offer new features.


During the past couple years, we have neglected the forums and focused on building our social media networks, mostly Twitter and Facebook.  We've built a better network of friends, and collaborators for various projects.  During the beginning of the pandemic and the cancelation of most haunted events on 2020, we also created a virtual event named #HHNatHOME which we've now held two times, 2020 and 2021.  Both of these events went over VERY positive and we'll see what happens for future events like this!


With that said, we'd like to see if we can bring some life back into the forums and create more of a discussion again that really can't be done on Social Media.  We get it, the forums are not what they once were, and the team over at Inside Universal are doing a great job providing awesome information for the Universal Community!   We hope to supply a alternative, and hope we see some familiar faces back again!


We'd love to encourage everyone to sign-up and post, we swear we won't bite (not yet! 😈).  Let's keep the HHN and Haunt Community alive and we'll see you in the fog!


Smaller updates and noticeable changes will happen over the next few days!


The Horror Night Nightmares Team

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I am so excited to see the forums come back! I loved getting all the spooky construction photos and details back in the day before things like twitter! This was a place we could talk all things spooky any time of year! I am looking forward to seeing everyone's posts! The forums look great! Great job on the new look! 

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