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  1. I understand that the forums were dead, I had just hoped there would've been some kind of announcement before they were closed months ago
  2. While you're here, can you say why you closed the HHN Hollywood threads? They're not accessible anymore and haven't been for months
  3. I don't know how many of you saw the news, and I also don't know why the HNN forum hasn't posted about this, but recently on social media Horror Night Nightmares announced that they'll be shutting down their forum by the end of the year and switching to Discord. I will miss this forum and its people; I hope to see you all on Discord.
  4. Like just an audio narration of the house & zone backstories? What's the project? (I do voice acting)
  5. Does anyone know where one can get a blank version of the speculation maps HNN makes?
  6. Full HHN 31 leak! Make sure to check it out before Universal takes it down! https://anathemapanacea.blogspot.com/
  7. PMed, thank you! And yeah, I do wish this place wasn't so dead. Although that's weirdly appropriate given the topic of this site
  8. For what it's worth, The Storyteller was used as the Icon that year not due to budget or costume issues. It's because the marketing department is seperate from the creative department that designs HHN. Marketing came to the designers and said, "Here's the Icon we came up with for this year. Figure out a way to fit it in." Although there were some costume issues with the Terra Queen that year. They say that the Terra Queen design from HHN 30 was what they originally picture for her look, I really hated the mask. I thought her being able to show her face and have expressions was much better
  9. Do you have a version without the hashtag & the "Build your own spec map"?
  10. You’d think for a scarezone playing audio clips of the Icons, they would have . . . the icons in it, y’know?
  11. I wish there was a separate thread for it, but alas. Does anyone have a list of the QR Code locations for Jack’s Scattered Past?
  12. 10/27-31: Panacea (+0): S/D/E And I'm Frequent Fear Plus!
  13. Does anyone know what happened to https://hhnforever.com/ ?
  14. Someone fixed the sites and made them useable without Flash! Go to https://hhnforever.com/
  15. I don't know if it's just me, but these pictures aren't appearing at all.
  16. It begins! This is the first upload, and I will upload a new one every day until we get to HHN 21. Later today I'll be uploading the site for HHN 15. I tried to record as much of the Flash elements as possible.
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