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HHN ICONS: Captured

Mark M.

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For the first time ever, 30 years of characters from your worst nightmares come together to decide who’s the most evil of them all.


Over the last 30 years Halloween Horror Nights has introduced a murderer’s row of original characters. Now they’ve joined forces – some newly risen to true Icon status – to form a monstrous Hell of Fame, taunting and terrifying you at every turn.


  • You’ll meet Jack the Clown, The Storyteller, The Caretaker and many more – all in one house for the first time ever.
  • As you search for escape you’ll encounter tormented victims as well as each Icon’s demonic super fans.
  • Who’s the most evil of them all? Depending when you visit a different Icon will reign supreme.


The most notorious Halloween Horror Nights icons in history are joining forces to inflict unimaginable terror upon guests in Halloween Horror Nights Icons: Captured. Guests will quickly realize they're the hunted as they encounter a monstrous "Hell of Fame" where they'll have no choice but to face the brutal cruelty and madness of this foreboding collection of Halloween Horror Nights legends, which include:


  • The Caretaker, a once well-respected surgeon who has become eerily infatuated with the removal of internal organs – especially while his patients are conscious
  • The Director, an aspiring filmmaker obsessed with capturing the suffering and torture of his victims on film – placing them in their very own living horror movie
  • The Usher, who seeks to invoke violent vengeance on those who don't follow the rules of his theater
  • The Storyteller, who stops at nothing to entrap guests into her latest tales of terror, where no one lives happily ever after
  • Jack the Clown – the original Halloween Horror Nights icon and the most feared of them all – and his assistant Chance, a deadly pair who thrive on tormenting victims in ways that embody their sick sense of humor



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The Slaughter Sinema callback was a really nice touch of the house, and I’m glad they brought back the popcorn scent - it smelled so good and fresh!


Speaking of movie theaters, I got the Usher as the “winner” in my experience of this house. Kinda was a bit disappointed Fear only shows once in the house at the beginning. I get it he’s too big to be in the throne room, but if they could squeeze in at least one extra room for him in the house, then it be long enough for me to enjoy more.


The best part of the house were the dead victims wearing HHN shirts from previous years to make it look like if not all of the guests made it out alive. Who ever thought of that idea is a genius! 

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I absolutely adored this house! I got The Director on my first go through, and then Jack on my second.


As someone who has been following this event my entire life, it was amazing to finally be able to see the Icons in action and step into their world. I loved all the throwbacks and the Bloody Mary room got me really good.

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Anyone noticed the recent Roman Numeral scars on Fear’s body? If you look at him more clearly while walking more slowly through this house, you’ll see darker red ones as not only the newest additions to his appearance but also as a reference to HHN 21 to this year. At this rate, the Orlando’s creative team are probably gonna give that character a redesign before bringing him back in the next five or ten years.  

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