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Puppet Theater: Captive Audience

Mark M.

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Open scene: A creepy abandoned old theater from early 1900s San Francisco. A puppeteer and a ballet troupe have been trapped there ever since, and they’d kill for an audience. Whether you’re a puppet or a patron, that’s your cue to scream.


  • All the blood will drain from your face as you see the Green Room run red with blood.
  • Your horror grows as you come upon grotesque living marionettes made from severed limbs.
  • If you manage to escape their gory puppetry, then you’ll become a part of the skeletal audience rotting in place.
  • A puppeteer and a ballet troupe trapped in a deserted theatre for years are about to turn you into a human puppet. That’s your cue to scream.




The demented side of puppetry and theatre will take center stage in Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience as guests are transported to San Francisco's abandoned Grandeur Theatre in the early 1900's. They'll find the Pasek's Puppet Troupe trapped within its ruins in the midst of rehearsing for their next grisly performance. With a fanatical need to entertain any captive audience, the troupe has turned to transforming trespassers into living puppets – dismantling and sewing them back together as life-sized marionettes for additions to their horrific encore. Will guests escape in one piece or will it be their final curtain call? No matter what, the show must go on...



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They sure took the time to put this together, making it a breath of fresh air. For a sprung tent house, I’m very impressed how they pulled it off after watching this video, bringing in a soundstage-level quality the best as they could. The set design looks jaw-dropping, and the costumes looks creepy in a unique way.

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The facade is even more awesome in person to walkthrough, especially how very well-detailed it is. I just love how darkly weird it is with a bit of humor. It’s like a crossover of Knott’s Pinocchio Unstrung and Black Magic. The costumes and sets are mind-blowing; the triggers are unique and somewhat innovative; and felt campy in a good way.

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