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HHN 2012: Klownz


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That's my only complaint. Lol.

Me too!

I still liked Freddy's Fly Girls and Lust & Vanity from 2010 and 2009 respectively. They were hella sexier than the last 2 years. But when there's half naked women dance in front of you, I guess you shouldn't be complaining, am I right? ;)

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Wait. You're looking at their faces? You're doing it wrong.

"Butter faces" aren't that satisfying to me. ):

Plus, the makeup kinda draws a target, it's hard not to look at since it's so bright.

And since they're on the platform, if you're looking up, you can't miss it. D:

Not unless you circle around to the back the whole time, but that'd be pretty tiresome. o.o

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