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Scary Tales: The Movie


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Does anybody wish that Universal adapted the Scary Tales franchise into an actual movie series? Here is my idea for the plot of Once Upon A Nightmare if it was a film: "Bored and tired of losing to her stepdaughter, the Evil Queen has hunted down Snow White, torn her heart straight out from her chest, and kept her corpse inside of her glass coffin. Becoming the supreme monarch of the Kingdom of Grimmerie after eating Snow White's heart, Her Majesty has rewritten the fairy tales of her kingdom with help from the Scribes of Blood Mary. Nobody lives happily ever after. Heroes are transformed into villains. Dreams become nightmares. Happy endings are now fabled tragedies. Prepare to have your warm, fuzzy, and fluffy childhood memories ruined as the darker sides of legendary characters are revealed in this disenchanted misadventure."


Once Upon A Nightmare would be produced as a comedic horror-themed fantasy movie with plenty of macabre humor alongside the traditional bloodshed, guts, and violence. The cast members of Once Upon A Nightmare (in order of appearance) are the Evil Queen, the Huntsman, Snow White, Bloody Mary, the Scribes, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Cinderella's Stepmother, Cinderella's Stepsisters, Prince Charming, the Gingerbread Lady, Hansel, Gretel, Belle, the Beast, the Three Bears, Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, and Grandma. 

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