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Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives

Mark M.

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"We belong dead." The last words of Frankenstein’s monster when his Bride rejected him. Now she’ll stop at nothing to bring him back.


This time, the Bride of Frankenstein is stepping out of the shadows and taking her fate into her own bloody hands. The mate will have her monster. And the monster his mate.


  • Enter the tower ruins where Frankenstein’s monster pulled the lever to bring down the walls and destroy him and his Bride.
  • Recoil in horror as she tries to bring him back at any cost, honing her diabolical genius one harvested body part at a time.
  • Don’t get caught between her and the Brides of Dracula, who she captures and drains in hopes of reanimating her love.



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  • Mark M. changed the title to Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives
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Another house that easily reached my expectations in every way! The facade was really good and chilling, awesome scenic design, and was very impressed with the moments spread all throughout the house that truly felt like a Universal Monsters flick from a certain era. Give this house a movie adaptation! 

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