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HHN 16: Could someone do a review?


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Could some do a review of sweet 16. I really wanted to go but had no ride this year. =/

If someone has time could they write a review for it? Thank you so much!

Sweet 16 Click on other stuff and from there you can go the the HHN 2006 website. There you can find out alot of info about that years event. Reviews and all...B)

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A "little" late, but listening to Marilyn Manson's "Sweet Dreams" has made me start thinking about 2006 again. It was my first year, and I have to say there's no better year to begin. Except maybe 1991.


Screamhouse: Resurrection: My first ever HHN house, and good enough to make me run right back in line after exiting. The facade of the Victorian manor and blowing wind gave it an almost unreal atmosphere, one that has almost never been replicated since. All of the scareactors were top notch every time.

All-Nite Die in: Take 2: Another top house, and one that I had wanted to do in its original 2003 form. You had the original Scream, The Ring, Hellraiser, and Silence of the Lambs. Every scene was a perfect recreation, especially the intro to Scream. I'm a bit disappointed that the lighting was lowered in the Scream kitchen scene, as it was originally well-lit like a real house and provided a bit more atmosphere, but the rest of it was perfect.

Psychoscarepy: Maximum Madness: A house that I unfortunately only did once. I don't remember much about it, but the scareactors did a good job of conveying psychos; a lot of them went for the "funny" side. And yes, the bathroom smell was as bad as it sounds.

Psychopath: The Return of Norman Bates: Not too bad, but best if you're a fan of Psycho like myself. Went away from the standard "Motel and creepy house" motif that people often associate with Psycho and took you into Norman's mind. Honestly a good start for the tents, with a neat scene involving floating eyeballs.

Dungeon of Terror: Retold: Not the best, but not the worst. I only went through once, and during my one run I felt that everything felt a bit disjointed. It was supposed to be a standard "redneck road trip" house, but the only interesting part was the dancers at the end; truly disorienting and creepy.

People Under The Stairs: Under Construction: Terrible. This honestly felt like it was thrown together toward the end of the construction phase as a way to add a new house after the fact (from what I've heard, that might not be too far from the truth). The scareactors were few and far between and the helmet light problems hit again: awesome when it works, usually leaves 4/5 of the guests in the dark. The scenery was almost all plywood, worktables, and plastic sheets. While it fit the theme of the house, there was no way to remember which scene came next because they all looked the same.

Run: Hostile Territory: Unfortunately this didn't live up to the reputation of 2002's Run, but it was a fair house nonetheless. Chainsaws, power tools, and plenty of blood splatter from the wood chipper. The loud music made it difficult to hear anything beyond metal and rock, so some atmosphere might have been lost. And of course, this house had the infamous "Fat Eddie".


Deadtropolis: Easily the best of the night. The zombies blended in with the drunks, making it difficult to tell a scareactor was preparing to leap in front of you from the greenish fog until he/she was already there. It was huge for a New York scarezone, stretching almost the whole street length, and included Sting Alley as an intense, close-up trip through the city. The amazing use of Sting Alley would not return until 2010 with Saws n' Steam.

Blood Masquerade: While this zone got some flack, I genuinely enjoyed it. It was one of the few (maybe only) appearances of bungee scareactors in a scarezone; seeing a vampire lunge from the shadows faster than any human and leap back was amazing. It also had some ultra-loud e-prompts for the vampire brides and some very tightly-packed props to keep it intimate.

Harvest of the Souls: Doesn't exactly compare to a full cornfield, but this was an excellent scarezone. The lighting and fog perfectly fit the scene and gave the scareactors ample room to hide, especially the smaller ones. Also featured the famous pumpkin-headed skeletons that were seen in 2008 and 2010.

Horror Comes Home: This amalgamation of past characters was seriously lacking in terms of props, with nothing but banners and lights hanging over you, but the characters themselves worked well. Also the only static scarezone to feature chainsaws.

Chainsaw Drill Team: The famous roaming CDT that everyone wanted to see and got in 2010. As usual, impeccable training and experts in the art of the chainsaw. They roamed the back half of the park from the Beetlejuice stage all the way to the World Expo past BTTF.


The Arrival: Excellent way to start off your night by introducing all the icons. Also let you get pics with the icons and Darkness and his succubi. One thing I didn't enjoy was the use of pre-recorded dialogue; while this can sometimes work, the actors on stage had a tendency to move their mouths too much and make it look painfully obvious that they're lip syncing.

Bill & Ted: I decided to skip this on my first night. How poor of a decision was that. This was easily THE best Bill & Ted out of the 5 I've seen, and many reviews will put it in the top shows of the event. Every joke was perfect, every character a perfect replica and voice, and the final night shenanigans were the best they ever had. Truly one of the best Halloween event shows in history.

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This was my very first year and i went only once, hallloween night,

For some odd reason I have No recollection of any of the scarezones, I remember a little bit of Deadtropolis and a little bit of Blood Masquerade, but, is weird i have zero memory of the rest

All-Nite Die in: Take 2

the entrance had the Director and what it looked like a projection room or something, I remember a projector, then you went to scream, there was a kitchen scene with a Drew Barrymore look like, then there was a "garage Door kill" room, I also remember the Hellraiser room with all these body parts and pinhead was there, I dont really remember the rest, I remember a room looked like offices with doors, and scareactors dressed like the girl from the ring. The end of the house was similar to the end of Silver screams, but all the charaters were attacking you,

Dungeon of Terror: Retold

This house was kind of like Texas chainsaw combined with leave it to cleaver, the southern family type, and, what I remember was body parts being cooked, a girl tied up being cut, and near the end there was a room with corpses dancing,

Psychopath: The Return of Norman Bates

This was amazing house, i was surprised, I didnt think it was going to be good but it was great, the entrance had normal talking to guests, and all these dead animals everywhere, I also remember that at the end there were actors dressed like mother but with something over their face, which made it even freakier,

Psychoscarepy: Maximum Madness

it felt the same as PS in 2010, i think it looked the same, the actors were more crazy, and, there was a Jack in the beginning and at the end in a straight jacket, it was good, i dont remember particular scenes but now when I try to remember this house, It gets confused with the one in 2010,

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This year I got in and out of the event in record time and I only went once unfortunately.

We were let in early and ushered into PS MM.

I thought this house was great. It felt very similar to the original so there wasn't much new to it. But I do remember that it was pitch black at one point and I said I can't see anything... and somebody got upright in my ear and whispered... "I can..." startled me good! Of course the toilet scene with its lovely smells and the the mildew smell in the shower really gave it a neglegted asylum smell.

We left and were ushered right into ANDI 2.

I thought it was good and very similar to the origianl with different movies... So at least it was fresh. I don't remember the entrance... I keep seeing the original... But I'm sure you walked through a screen. I honestly don't remember much but The Ring and Hellraiser. But the Hellraiser-ish looking character got my wife good. Wasn't pin-head... looked more like the Grace Kirby cenobite but not exactly.

We were immediately directed to Scream House.

Loved the entrance atmosphere. you walked around a disgusting half-buried corpse. There were pics of Cindy everywhere and she was in a coffin. The greenhouse scene was cool. Of course the iconic starway. I actually think this house looked better than the original.

So in say 15 min we had done 3 houses.

We went over and did PsychoPath and I remember liking it (although there was too much light) but the only thing I remember was the detective inviting you in to a crime scene which I thought odd. we maybe waited 3 minutes.

We then went to PUTS and walked in... Way too much light. Literally walked into this and it was just a little dim. No scares I saw everyone just standing there amongst unfinshed plywood. The only interestng part was when the guy with the leather mask saw my vault shirt and said "Momma! throw them in the vault!"

We then went to DOT retold and it was nothig like DOT. The bible-thumper guy was funny. I liked the first room was like a cheesy roadside shop... I actully would have liked to buy something :lol:. the Storyteller was just bumbling around muttering to herself while some Hellbilly girl waved at us. The pig face masks were cool. We got to the middle open area with "INNAGODDAVITA" playing and the bar scene. The guy behind the bar was busy had his backed turned. Full blown out side in the sunlight. The only other scene I remember was the dancing corpses which I thought was cool... but confusing. No scares at all in this house. everyone seemed busy with something.

We went to Run finally and walked right in again. A lot of light intrusion. I remember a lot of noise, a bloody woodchipper, and a lot of doors and chain-link fence... oh and Eddie standing at the end having a chatty conversation with security.

In 45 min we did all the houses. We walked around till it got dark and then we went to Harvest of Souls. By far the highlight of my night... I filmed it but it came out terrible. The root guys from this year were on stilts and walking around. As were the pumpkin gentleman. Then there was.. I'm assuming like a goblin running around with a duck call which got a lot of people. There were also the skull-priest like guys from '05. The iconic pumpkinrot-esque scarecrows were first seen here.

We then watched the director's cut lagoon show which was awesome... I miss the globes. I filmed this but there are so many videos online I didn't bother to put it up.

We went through Blood Masquearde and I loved the bungie vampire brides and the statue vampires.

Then we went and watched the Robosaurus Deadtropolis show which I filmed here. After which we walked through Deadtropolis and sting alley and there was simply too many people. we then went to B&T which was comopltely packed. My wife nearly was trampled. It was probably the best B&T I've seen. At this point we left. I guess we felt unimpressed with the houses? I have no idea why we left it was probably 9:00 pm and we walked through Horror Comes Home and.. eh. I mean it was cool to see the scareactors of the past but no theming and they were just standing there. There was a little girl with a chainsaw (which I assumed was Cindy) and that was cool.

Overall we were so hurried through the houses that we missed a lot. On top of that we didn't do any repeats and this was the one and only time we went... stupid on my part because I think the houses would have been so much better in the dark.

Not my favorite year by any stretch. But this year I fell in love with recon. I filmed a lot of props before hand. part 1 and part 2 which shows you all the Scarezones... Not only that but I filmed the BK cup... :blink:

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I love the first review, and get a bigger kick out of the line the Reputation of 2002 RUN. The original Run was nothing like anyone who didn't do it thinks. I did that House looked forwarded to that house and walked out going What the Hell was that. If That House was done exactly as it was done People would call for someone's Head.

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Sadly, i only went into four houses that year, so I'm not the most qualified person to consult. But, I would like to share what I thought of the year. :D

Run: Hostile Territory- I would have to say that this was my favorite house of that year. I loved all of the gore that was used in that house, and the facade was really cool. It looked exactly like the setting that it was trying to portray (with the dumpster full of body parts and the back of the building looking like an underground, sleazy killing business). I also remembered there being loud music being played and a guy with a chainsaw literally chasing me OUT of the house. It provided me with a tense feeling that I felt an hour AFTER leaving the house. Still love this house.

Psychoscareapy: Maximum Madness- This is the first Psychoscareapy house that I went into, and I have to say that none of the francise's houses has ever let me down. This, like Run, was also pretty intense, as there were loud noises everywhere and inmates jumping out from every corner. Some of the sets here were really well done (including the infamous bathroom scene :<) and the mood of this house was very cool too. So I would say this was a really cool house. I have one problem though. If anyone reads this, I'd like an answer if they went into this house. So, this house is Jack's house, right? But if it's his house, then where was he? I went into the house twice, and every time I went in, I couldn't find him. Maybe it was bad timing or I just don't remember it, but I don't remember seeing him. :l

Dungeon of Terror: Retold- I think the Storyteller gets a bad rap. Yeah, she's not the best icon ever, but she's not the worst. I thought she was pretty creepy. As far as her rap with her houses, that's kind of a different story. Her house in 2005, Where Evil Hides, wasn't even really her house. She just randomly appeared at the end. And, again, maybe it was due to bad timing, but I didn't see her in this house. That being said, i thought the concept of an old road-side attraction fit well with this house. The sets looked decrepit, as if they let the DOT sets from 91 rot and then brought it back for another year. I got scared a couple pf times in this house, so I would be lying if I said this house wasn't at least enjoyable.

People Under the Stairs: Under Construction- I thought that the miner hats that people wore through the house was cool. But it wasn't dark enough for the people to have them in the first place. Plus, the people that got chosen to wear the hat were usually 1/20, so they were usually far away from me the times I DID go in. I don't really know what else to say about this house. I was just really confused walking through this house, wondering if i should be scared or not. So, that's all I really have to say about that.

Now, for the scare zones.

Deadtropolis: Under Siege- Overall, this HAS to be one of my favorite scare zones of all time. This had amazing actors, who were everywhere in this HUGE zone. And they ALL got into their roles, whether they were zombies or people trying to kill the zombies. Also, being set in the New York area of Universal, this had one of the best uses of Sting Alley that I have ever seen in a scare zone. Seriously, EVERY time I went into this alley, I was scared out of my wits. And that could also be summed up for this scare zone. Just amazing. I really hope this kind of magic comes to a scare zone again soon.

Harvest of Souls- I thought that this had great atmosphere. The pathway that leads from The World Expo to Hollywood Boulevard was a perfect match for it, as the surrounding trees gave the feel of a country/cornfield pathway in a great way. The scare actors were also very into it, jumping out from everywhere to try and scare you. My only problem was that it was a little short. Still, it was a very atmospheric, creepy scare zone.

Blood Masquerade- I would say that I enjoyed this more than others did. I thought that the sets were really well designed and the candles that were placed everywhere really drove home the mood of a victorian vampire area. And the bungee rope vampires were a very scary touch as well. But, this also suffers from the same setback that Harvest had, in that it was pretty short. I guess Deadtropolis set my standard for scare zones so high that these seemed to pale in comparison. Still, I would say that this was still a well done scare zone.

And that's my review of HHN 16. Bare in mind that the certain things that I reviewed were the only things I did that year (or remember with some efficiency). Still, I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you did, that is...

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We left and were ushered right into ANDI 2.

I thought it was good and very similar to the origianl with different movies... So at least it was fresh. I don't remember the entrance... I keep seeing the original... But I'm sure you walked through a screen.

I know this is old, but I want to clarify for the record. The entrance to the house was a simple brick wall facade with movie posters (I remember the Dracula film with Christopher Lee being one of them) set outside of the soundstage, built as part of the exterior wall. The first room was mostly film strips hanging down from the ceiling and 35mm film reels on shelves with the Director wandering around.

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