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  1. Wow this video should be posted somewhere where there is more traffic. That theme would have been so amazing! At the end it looks like the x's from the scarezone form 09.
  2. Could some do a review of sweet 16. I really wanted to go but had no ride this year. =/ If someone has time could they write a review for it? Thank you so much!
  3. I never was able to go to HHN when it was at the islands. How was it compared to it at universal? Should I drop my sorrow for missing it? Thanks in advance!
  4. What are your favorite HHN years in order and why? Sadly I started in 2008 I feel its the worst mistake of my life. Why didn't I discover HHN before that year. Well my rankings are: 1. 18, Some of the best houses I've been in, everything went together, had an eerie atmosphere, and probably because it was my first year. 2. XX, Creative, but where is all the gore that I see in photos of past years?! Wish I saw more of the past icons before they had to go :/ 3. 19, didn't impress me after 18 but some of the houses were good. I am a fan of houses I dont know what to expect and am not a big fan of movie houses.
  5. I waited in line an hour for ps and hour and half for Zombiegeddon so I think this year has longer waits then last year.
  6. Thats amazing! Thank you so much! And yeah same here, it takes up half my screen on my computer...
  7. Oh wow really my bad You can just leave him in. And its fine please take your time I am in no rush.
  8. Yeah something like that and fear in that isnt bad at all so you can keep him in if its easier. I have an iPhone 4. Thank you.
  9. Could you please make me a 960x480 wallpaper for my phone. I dont want fear on it btw Looking at my phone late at night and seeing his face, oh that would be great Thank you!
  10. I've been told that this years theme is the fear inside you. Its pretty much all new stuff I've heard, but I will not put 100% trust in this theme I was told.
  11. Ahh...that's a buzz kill. I was thrilled to see it at IOA again.
  12. First time poster, I googled hhn and it says this below hhn 2010 Orlando "Explore the Islands of Adventure that include 7 new haunted houses, the Festival of the Dead Parade, and Scare Zones" Could this be a mistake of an earlier year?
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