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JWFearmans's Tracks

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AMAZING! You made those?

I absolutely love the music played around New York and Saws n Steam. I can't seem to find out what it is, but that is my suggestion.

Thank you yes I did. I can't remember the music in Saw n' steam... of course when I went through the sky opened up and I ended up getting soaked... I'll see if I can find out.

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I'm almost certain they use the End of Days movie score main title in Fear Revealed, putting that out there if you plan on adding it to your soundtrack.

this is an amazing idea btw definitely a thread I'll be looking into alot.

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Wow, Great mix, I love the screams in the background

I'm just curious, where is the speech from? from a movie?

See that is part of the story...

The speech is what the actor on top of the machine actually says. It actually goes on for a lot longer... so i cut it off.

But, the reason It took me so long to create was that I was trying to eliminate all background noise from the audio of him... which was virtually impossible with the music, chainsaws and people. I ended up just recording the speech myself. So that is me.

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What! :o

that's you, Wow, that is amazing then, I thought for sure it was a movie or at least a clip of a song or something, I like the song even more now.

lol Thanks :) good thing I recorded it last night.. 'cuz today I don't have a voice :P

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Thanks! I haven't created the rest yet.

I thought with the event being over interest would be diminished. but if there is interest I will try and finish them.

I'm definitely interested! I will continue to listen to these tracks for a long time. I really appreciate the work you put into making these, especially now that the event is over and we have no other way to relive it.

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OK I will finish them then.

they are downloadable BTW I just wrapped then in a media tag here are the locations thus far...

Once I'm finished, I will zip them all up together.



http://www.jeramywalton.com/music/shadows _of_psychoscareapy.mp3





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