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  1. Though I did enjoyed the newest episode of Fear and Beer, they decided not to showcase my house ideas on their podcast cause they don’t want anyone to think It was theirs. So, I’ve decided to add the final touches of my newest house idea and drop it here instead. Fullmetal Alchemist was my inspiration for this, and it revolves around the Homunculi. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EuNzKtMiBvjdnflfWg4qCzupkjpjyN4eNd0jeX8sT-4/edit
  2. They’ve mostly been busy with a lot of things outside of their podcast for more than a month other than Christmas and some rough moments, which is why there are less recently uploaded episodes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if their next episode will be delayed. Maybe It could be better than what I’m expecting cause of how much they love my house ideas.
  3. They’ll be talking about these houses. Both of them are updated on Google Docs for some improvements and more additions to emphasize the experience of my ideas. I want them to look nice and ready for Nick & Shamus to read. The Jungle House: Perils of Terror A Scary Tales type of house with a Hindu folklore spin inspired by the Jungle Book as a cultural love letter to India. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11VKaDeRSk25dkj5ZLq_iICYPJF5YgbeIGgbQ501ogiE/edit Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral A music house inspired by a classic industrial masterpiece based on my interpretation of the album. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11GMMubevP6-SnNok3l7PTM5j-o_5qg3fV9dKenp_baE/edit
  4. Almost got my next house idea done. I’ll be adding the final touches next week. But tomorrow this week, Nick and Shamus from the Fear & Beer podcast will showcase my first two HHN haunted house ideas as an In-Depth episode.
  5. They could do a walled-off walkway through the Kidzone area during the event. Even with everything bulldozed, the safe walkable paths could be placed like some of the extended sprung tent areas by covering the walkways with some form of cover on whatever surface they could put, and elevate some parts of them if needed. As for the food booths that were over there, I don’t think they’ll be relocated, since only a large portion of Kidzone is getting a tear down.
  6. After looking at the pics of the now walled-off Kidzone (just a large portion of the area), It brought me into some curiosity on how It’s gonna affect the logistics for 32. Can you imagine how crazy the narrow pathway to ET would be on an HHN crowd level?
  7. He also said Scream won’t be coming this year too. It was supposed to be the “White Whale” for 32 like he tweeted, but the deal wasn’t settled. Guess Chucky could be the only Slasher slot as a following of Halloween and Texas.
  8. Murdy recently tweeted about the Castle Theatre shut down, but I am still wondering about the terms of the WW venue. That’s the only spot I could think of in my mind.
  9. It’ll be located at Area 15 where Omega Mart was that is maybe four stories tall. It’s 52,000 square feet, but It’ll go up to 110,000. It may not sound big as Orlando and Hollywood, that’s still a lot of space. Vegas is known to be entertainment-fueled with large shows already in place in the Strip.
  10. And in other news, the Universal theme park brand and division is also expanding at Texas and Las Vegas.
  11. If they need to use it and figure out how they could overlay the set for the event, then yeah. That would mean less houses.
  12. I’ve been hearing the Castle Theatre is gone now. Waterworld is the only venue left with high capacity, but I don’t think they would touch it for some reason due to logistical issues and they always have used a certain amount of house space in that area. I’m starting to have a feeling It won’t this year unless they could bring in some performers for guests to experience while lining up in the queues before they officially hit the houses. On the other hand, It’d would cause issues the other way around like if it were a sticky situation.
  13. I’ve been hearing the Last of Us TV series is getting really good reviews from the earliest viewers, so this does made me wonder its potential of being rumored again and come to the event. The reason it didn’t happen last year was the same reason why Evil Dead Rise never made it before A&D settled with Descendants of Destructions due to the delay. Murdy even hinted It on Twitter when he tweeted something about smallpox. It has a good chunk of material they could work with both from the games and the upcoming show. In order for it to be good as a house, they need to take it with an Resident Evil route of the same intensity and have a similar feeling of Silent Hill like if it were a hybrid of both in a sense.
  14. How much do you guys think M3gan could work as a scareactor if the character were to come at the event? What I’m picturing the most is simply just a dress costume that covers much of her body with a mask/wig. It could work for either gender to play as her, they just need to be naturally small for the role.
  15. And we also need a break with Micheal. Though Halloween didn’t came back yearly as the Walking Dead, but I think It’s similarly overrepresented in the event’s history.
  16. If another Blumhouse compilation comes back this year, then It needs to be up to four movies/franchises at the most for a greater variety without trying to look too much like if It were showing what’s trending in horror. M3gan could be added, since It’s surprisingly doing well in the Box Office and even broke the Avatar streak. New Insidious movie coming? Why not thrown in the best of the series again other than the new installment from the franchise? Can’t do the Exorcist as a full house again like at 26? Take the best and most iconic scenes from it wisely along with a preview of the upcoming sequel trilogy. Not sure if they can include Cocaine Bear as a fifth spot for it, but I’m all for the “WTF” Factors at the event.
  17. Bride is so far my most favorite Monsters house. Did anyone saw the Evil Dead Rise trailer? It was surprisingly pretty good, and some on Discord and the Inside Universal forums are expecting it to come at the event for 32. Was delayed last year, so WB could bring it to the theaters first. I guess they saw how good It was and thought to themselves saying “Man this movie is good enough not to be an HBO Max exclusive.”
  18. Little Red could work, but I’m getting the feeling that It would be too short. Beanstalk sounds like a very challenging idea to execute as a house. Setting wise and costume wise, this could have the potential to be culturally represented as a love letter to Denmark like how one of my house ideas is to India with the Jungle Book. If that happens, then all the Snow Queen scareactresses better scare the guests that are singing “Let It Go” from Frozen.
  19. Got a question for @Sinfear and @Joelimitsu: If there is one fairy tale/public domain story that should get Its own house completely as a Scary Tales spin-off/type of house like Asylum In Wonderland at 25, which one would you pick and why. Here’s a list to name some. Peter Pan The Wizard of Oz The Jungle Book (my most wanted) Beauty & The Beast The Snow Queen Hansel & Gretal Rumplestiltskin Didn’t include Mulan and Tarzan cause I find the original stories of them to be less fantasy oriented or not at all. A psycho Hercules house would be interesting, but It should have the same vibe as Hades at 20. The Arabian Nights and the Uncle Remus stories are the only ones I could think of that will never happen for obvious reasons.
  20. I’m going with four IP’s, since Chucky is the only house announced so far, but these are my picks I would go with for this year. My IP picks The Exorcist (26 redo with a Blumhouse preview as a new ending scene) Nightmare on Elm Street (No issues on the rights thankfully) Slipknot (My music pick) A compilation of silent era horror movies (most of them are in the public domain) My original picks Leave It To Cleaver sequel The Director & The Usher mash up The Invasion zone from 27 as a house Something that is related to snow
  21. At Orlando? I don’t think that’s likely. But at Hollywood with Chucky as a rivalry showdown in the Terror Tram? That makes more sense to me if it were to happen this year.
  22. The list of gags and effects could make me throw in a few things for the next house idea I’m working on now as a revisit, and I actually use most them before this thread was posted.
  23. After reading about the issues at the event on Inside Universal’s speculation thread for next year, I’m getting a better understanding with the house staffing problems and why ten should be enough for us. Bort blamed the pandemic for impacting on the job market drastically and left with a mark that isn’t removable. Scare-acting is actually a whole lotta work that requires good energy and physical activity during a Halloween event like HHN that could last for hours until the end of the night. It’s gonna get longer, meaning that they either have to improve the staffing or need more, since we’re starting to see more people who felt the pandemic is over to them personally. There are several questions you can ask yourself while having a hard time answering your own thoughts on this problem, and how they could resolve it - I’m already feeling eager about it. So, I’m now all for Universal surveying on the scareactors they have now for the best feedbacks they could deliver on things that needs to be changed and what they should keep the way it was.
  24. Here are some of my advices to those who want to write their own house ideas: Don’t worry about trying to make everything accurate if you’re doing adaptations. Just go with much of the basics, and do your own thing. I also think doing something you’re very familiar with the most is good start to brainstorm. Whether if it’s a movie, a TV show, a book/novel, or even a zone from previous years of HHN. For me, I don’t take easy calls so much cause I like to see how much I could break the cliches other than embracing the tropes in horror. If you wanna do a Scary Tales type of house inspired by a certain fairy tale/public domain story, just do your own retelling of the story without taking any Disney inspirations unless It’s necessary as an afterthought while thinking what makes the characters from it scary and terrifying.
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