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  1. This one is a little nontraditional but I love it just the same: Slaughter Sinema https://imgur.com/a/ZVqptu2
  2. Long time no see. I see HHN has caught on with this year's theming and part of me thinks I had a part of it. Here's one for the lone original house announce thus far: https://imgur.com/a/kiMQuAR
  3. I've been wanting Universal to do this for a while and they finally did it. I legit screamed when I saw the announcement. Vamp 55 was a lot of fun, and with a bigger area and more characters and set pieces, I'm psyched. This is worth the price of admission alone.
  4. I thought of a couple more ideas, one of which I used for a home haunt the previous year: Holigeddon: Happy Nuke Year - In the final throws of the Cold War, after a decades long pissing contest between the USSR and America, the arms race becomes a reality as a nuke has hit the heartland of the USA, resulting in nuclear winter. The timing couldn't have been better as the Holiday Season is fast approaching, and the citizens celebrate the season with or without the risk of fallout. It's another comedy house as we have gritty doomsday preppers and mutants under the facade of Christmas cheer. Militants donning cheesy sweaters and gas masks along with improvised weaponry patrol the area to protect their own. We have elements like military barricades decked out with Christmas lights and garland, smoking missiles sticking out from the ground surrounded by smoldering asphalt, white stuff which could pass off as snow or fallout, etc. I did this theme as a Trunk or Treat scarezone last year to a very welcome and positive reception.
  5. I liked Ash Vs. too because it served as this year's comedy house and most of the hate I've seen is from people who might not be used to the show. At least that's my takeaway from it. Also Shining is a difficult concept to turn into a house and they got all of the iconic scenes integrated which is all I asked for. One from the past that was not well received but I loved was Run Blood Sweat and Fears. It was the weakest of HHN 25 in terms of originals, but because they didn't implement the theme well into the actual house. The queue was fantastic but the execution inside felt different.
  6. Yeah I heard it was meant to be a movie poster, though not to brag, but I think my VHS poster set the mood of the 80s feel better than that poster did. It looked more like a 2000s nu-metal album cover to me.
  7. I looked at some pics from UTH and I can definitely see the aesthetic they're going for but it looks like one of those abandoned houses you'd see an urban explorer on YouTube stumble upon. As much as I'm a sucker for low rent 80s horror, I felt that would have made for a better backstory since the soundtrack is the only indication of the time period to me. They could keep everything else, the house being bought in the 70s and kept in disrepair for decades, but have someone like Dan Bell or another urbex YouTuber come in to check out the crumbling remains and become victim to the bestial vampires.
  8. I recall seeing a Vamp '55 pom pom on one of the shelves in Hive.
  9. And all I can think of is that bit from Whose Line about shows you wouldn't want to see Barney cameo in, one of them was coincidentally Friends
  10. It would give you more ideas for rooms and a Friends parody is perfect if we're keeping the 90s theme (Though Seinfeld would work as well)
  11. That sounds like a fantastic idea for a house, but the one key factor that's missing is what drives him over the edge or why he wanted the job to begin with. For instance, you say that the man is mentally unhinged to begin with, which leads to a lot of options. He could believe that he himself is the character kind of like with HR Bloodengutz or he actually hates children and took the job to psychologically or physically scar them and his breaking point, again like Bloodengutz, is his termination, so he wreaks havoc through the station in a fit of rage even crossing over to the other studios/sets (Which could lead to a hilarious queue video where he hijacks different fictitious shows). Or you could have him try to create a cult of personality with the character and try to brainwash kids into a personal army who want to fulfill his bloodlust. Also I would imagine this is set perhaps in a time where kids TV was popular since kids today seem more glued to their tablets instead of the TV. Maybe set this in the mid 90s when Barney and other such shows were in their fever pitch and set the mood for the house. You got a solid base for a comedy house, just needs a bit of fine tuning.
  12. I too would have been fine with the angels winning over the demons. Taking them out seems to defeat the purpose of the house and they might as well have gone with the Gothicombs rumor that was flying around, no pun intended.
  13. I think the one distinguishing thing between Conjuring and this house is the period theme, so I guess maybe the aesthetics of the sets to make it look like a 70s/80s house?
  14. And with that I've done all of this year's original houses.
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