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Sadbuns First weekend reveiw


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The Harvest - A cool summary of the night a great way to get the full use of the scarecrow costumes.

Vamp 85: New Year's Eve  - Definitely my favorite zone even though I was not expecting it. The costumes were not as great as some of the others but the vibe and set pieces just made it. This seems like the zone I'm gonna be spending time in when I don't feel like waiting 2 hours for Stranger Things.

Killer Clowns - A super cool zone with some of the best costumes I've ever seen. The balloon dog and The actors mimicking the tour guides were a great touch. Only real critique was the location, I feel like it's not big enough to really do too much putting it in front of Fast and Furious would balance out that side of the park.

Twisted Tradition - Really just what I expected from a central park zone. They had the maracas and the actors hiding behind setpieces. The one thing I will say that the big house/church was a killer piece and the stilt actors looked so good at night.

Revenge of Chucky - A cool zone in concept but the execution was lackluster. It felt like nothing was going on and everything was so empty. Despite this, I still liked the zone but of them all, it probably was my least favorite.



Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces - This was one of the houses I hit twice and is one of the contenders for my favorite house. The set was so cool and I loved the amount of stuff you could look at. Throwing in the old Icon was a great touch. The use of the buttons like in the saw house was great although I could not figure out what the second one did. This house definitely had some of the most creative scares between the clown falling down on you, the barrel slam, and the car horn. Gotta say definitely had a great time going through this house.


Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After - I really like the idea behind this house and I also really like this house. The costumes were some of the best I've ever seen and the opening setpiece with the Witch was awesome. I didn't get the best run and missed a lot of scares, but still was a stand out house. The one downside was the mermaid segment maybe I got the worst run of all time but I walked through the room, saw the actors, and promptly walked out with zero scares.


Poltergeist - Full disclaimer I have not seen this movie but a friend gave me a basic rundown of what was going on despite not actually understanding anything this was still one of my favorite houses. The setpiece in the first scene is so cool and the audio just makes it. The segments of the house were really well structured and the number of huge beasts was crazy impressive.


The Horrors of Blumhouse - I am not gonna lie I went into this house with low expectations and I was still let down. I have not seen Happy Death Day but from what I know about it this segment was really cool and the music was really just a good time. The rest of this house just kinda melded together for me but the one thing I will say is the Purge segment was worse than last year and this was the one time it was actually planned to be there. I don't think I will ever lose the image of a man wearing a blank mask holding a gun straight up walk out from behind a door with no noise and no action just to walk back and do it again.


Slaughter Sinema - This house was in the top three of my hype list and it did not disappoint. I was so excited when I heard about this house because it could pretty much give the creatives the power to do whatever they wanted and they took that right and ran with it. The music, the way it was formatted, and the themes were top tier and the fact that you can get a t-shirt with your favorite segment on it just makes me so happy. This house is definitely fighting for my top spot.


Dead Exposure: Patient Zero - First off this house is insane, like the first time I went through it I thought I was going to have a stroke. I think the real way to enjoy this house is just to go with it and don't try to think too hard about a story or theme because if you do that you will run into some of the coolest scenes and scares this year.


Seeds of Extinction - This was the one house I really didn't know what to expect. I kinda envisioned some of the ET creatures jumping out at me which that thought alone was plenty scary but turns out I was dead wrong. This house was wild claustrophobic and had some super cool costumes. I was one of the first people to go through this house so there was no one in front of me and anyone who has done that before knows exactly what I am talking about. I got pretty much every scare one after another with no stopping The number of people that you just couldn't see really set this house apart.


Trick 'r Treat - This house was so fun. The set pieces were so pretty and all of the Sams just made it. I don't really know what else to say about this house but it was definitely one of my favorite houses. 


Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers - This house was the one other that I found a little disappointing. Don't get me wrong this was still a good house but compared to all of the other houses this year it just didn't really hit its mark. Now I understand this was the last minute house and it's really evident and for what it is I like it. I liked seeing all of the scenes from the movie although I have always had a bit of a problem with houses that have one main bad guy. It's weird seeing the same person come at you over and over and over again and it starts to lose its magic very quickly. despite this, it was still a good house and I liked seeing the movie come to life.


Stranger Things - Here it is, the money-making machine. I went into this house with the lowest of low expectations and I was blown away. I was expecting to be running around the Hawkins Lab getting scared by the same guy over and over again until I got out and questioned why I just waited 17 hours to do that but I got a super well thought out and themed house with some of the coolest looking sets and scares to date. The casting for the kids and characters was second to none and the costumes were fantastic. Especially in the upside down, they have the sort of ash floating down on you and the suits could have very well been the suits from the actual show. Sadly I missed almost every animatronic scare and going back to see those again is going to be quite a daunting task as one two hour wait may just be enough for me. All in all this house was on the bottom of my hype list but they just killed it on this one.


I have not seen the show yet but that will come with the more in-depth review.



This year might just be lining up to be my favorite year thus far the only real critique I have is that when you are going through the park there is actually no reason to go past fast and furious and London I think if they had moved the Clowns zone to just in front of Fast and Furious it would balance out the park. I know they wanna have people go on the ride but like come on guys it's just not happening.

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Just to let y'all know, this is my bud that hit every damn house with me on Saturday with no Express. He's been my best friend for years, and is excited to join the HHN community, as we've been going together for a couple years. 


P.S. I'll be returning to these threads as soon as I've finished catching up with all of the IU posts I missed, but my opening weekend review should be up this week.

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