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Easter Eggs in Houses for HHN27


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Some of these things may be considered spoilers, but most were from the UTH tour.  And I know some of these don't even have a right to be called Easter eggs; I'm trying to tell you some stuff that are easy to miss as well.  I have added spoiler tags.   I think these things will enhance your experience, not ruin it.  The spoiler tags simply reveal more info from the line that precedes it.  There is ONE genuine spoiler in this list (for The Fallen) and I clearly point it out.



The Shining - there is LITERALLY an Easter egg in the Gold Room


The egg is in a clear drinking glass dead center behind the bar.  When I went on the tour, the egg was not glued down, so it may not be there anymore, or it may have been moved.  Supposedly, each house will eventually contain an actual Easter egg.  They are the new ravens, because all of the ravens are in Scarecrow.

The Shining - two "Infinity hallways" exist in the house

The Shining - No projections are used in the shower scene

The Shining - the first white hallway with weird stuff on the wall is supposed to represent events as seen through Wendy Torrance's mind


Wendy has a bit of "the shining" herself, so this is her vision of Danny going where he shouldn't, Jack going crazy, and something attacking her through the door.

The Shining - the elevator hallways are supposed to represent the events as seen through Danny Torrance's mind.  


The two pictures that become videos from the movie represents what Danny "sees" while he "shines".  But the elevator doors we come to next are normal, meaning it was only a vision.  We then turn the corner and see the full-scale elevator scene (which is NOT a video.  It is a forced perspective model behind a scrim with REAL water).  Look very closely at the wood around the base of the scrim and you will see red dye seeping through.

The Shining - the mirror hallway all the way up to the Gold Room entrance is supposed to represent the events as seen through Jack Torrance's mind. 


We see the bear because it was part of Jack's madness.  The carpet becomes the prominent aspect of everything in that hallway - even the shape of the walls - further representing Jack's madness. 


The Fallen - this is just me, but the stained glass strongly reminds me of the Lantern from HHN 20.

The Fallen - the hallway after the room where a Fallen rips something from an Eternal is an homage to Catacombs.

The Fallen - in the circular room with the main Fallen that has fog shooting upwards, there is Prince's name symbol carved on the pedestal (go to the far end of the room, turn around and crouch).  This circular room is taken from Body Collectors, and the Madness of Poe before that

The Fallen - THREE stunt rooms at very end - one after the other.  Do not miss these.  Impossible to see all three in one shot.  Reset times vary.  Last one is best.  Click spoiler tag to reveal the three stunts - WARNING - this is a TRUE spoiler


First alcove has a bungee Fallen that flies directly at you - same as was done in Forsaken.  Second alcove has Fallen flying directly above you, back and forth - I don't recall where I saw that before....Hellgate?  Third alcove has brand new stunt, where a Fallen stands straight up on ledge and leans forward, falling onto you from above.  They call it a "Planking stunt" because they remain stiff as a board.  Their feet never leave the ledge.  Looks amazing.

The Fallen - in first stunt room, look toward the right.  There is a shield in the pile.  The shield has the Terra Queen symbol prominently on it.


Dead Waters - In the Voodoo queen lair, she has built much of her lair from pieces of the steamboat.  


The sacrafical alter is made from the smokestack.  The ship's wheel is on the far wall.

Dead Waters - The creatures you encounter are called "Zombis" - no "E"

Dead Waters - In first hallway where you start seeing candles, a zombi dressed in white suit on your left is an homage to Mark Twain.  

Dead Waters - In swamp - far in the distance - is a zombi that wears a hat from The Forsaken

Dead Waters - Just before you exit the Voodoo queen lair on your left hangs the lamp with lampshade made from human skin from TCM.

Dead Waters - a good number of the trees in this house are real.

Dead Waters - No actual water in the house.  


What looks like water in the facade or in the swamp is actually mirrors on the floor.


Hive - In first room there is a movie poster on the wall for a Clint Eastwood movie "Play Misty For Me" that is meant to set the time period of the house

Hive - as noted, one room has a shelf containing Vamp 55 pom poms

Hive - The storyline is as clear as mud


The house was owned by a very rich man (I don't remember any names) who rented it out to a family.  The family disappeared and the house became abandoned.  Turns out the family was killed by a hive of vampires.  The baby room contains the remains of the family's children; they were left to die.  Later on the dead couple you encounter are the husband and wife.  Even later you see an alcove with a HUGE vampire running toward you.  That is the rich man behind all of this.  The house looks a bit like hoarders live there; it's all of the stuff that people had with them when the vampires captured them.  Specifically, it's the stuff that was not edible.  So that's why you see kid's bikes, toys, and a bunch of shoes.  Those children are the dead ones you see the vampires feasting on in the attic.  The house is bursting with vampires, and they are all competing for the same food.  Clearly the "feel good" house of the year.

Hive - The vampires become larger and larger as you go further into the house


Ash - Not so much an easter egg, but Ash will high-five you if hold up your hand to suggest it.  That would be in character for Ash.

Ash - Don't miss the puppet at the end - directly in front of you as you exit the house.  Believe it or not, easy to miss.

Ash - At the very very end of Ash, he has a number of possible things he says.  At least four.  All other pre-recorded voices do not change.

AHS Asylum - AMAZING scare in the rumpus room of Asylum.  Very early in house.  


When you enter the room with chessboard to your right, GO SLOW and don't miss it.  It's a mirror scare halfway through the room.  We've seen it before recently, but never as effective as this.

AHS Coven - No projections are used in the Papa Legba scene.

AHS Roanoke - the Chen is not a scareactor. 


Chen is really a puppet used in a different manner than was used on AWIL.


Blumhouse - No projections are used in Elise Rainier's childhood bedroom scene

Blumhouse - Something is in Elise Rainier's bed


All we were told by the UTH guide was that it was being called the "Duck-billed" ghost or demon or something.  I never once saw it.

Blumhouse - In the Lipstick Demon's lair, there is a snowglobe that is prominently out of place.  It is an "L" shaped two story house with purple siding.  I don't recall it from houses past.  Wonder if it is a clue.

Blumhouse - We don't know much at all about what the hell anything is in the Chapter 4 section, but this is what we DO know


The movie is a prequel centered around Elise Rainier's childhood.  Her bed is red because it's supposed to represent the fact that she grew up seeing things in The Further without understanding what she was seeing.  We learn she had an abusive father.  We later see a jail where her father is being executed.  We also see her red bed all mangled.  We finally *may* be entering The Further but everything is green, not red.  Yeah, I'm not looking forward to it, either


Saw - only this house has Guest Activated Triggers.  I counted four buttons, but only three seem to do anything

Saw - Button 1: Small and not lit.  Left wall.  Early in house (around hallways where you see first scareactor in trap).  As of 9/25, this button does nothing.

Saw - Button 2: 2 inch diameter and RED, but not lit.  Left wall.  Easy to miss.  Just before pig room near large metal drum.


"The Trap" goes off on you - causes very loud noises in drum at your feet

Saw - Button 3: 2 inch diameter and lit RED.  Left wall.   Hard to miss but there are scares in that area, so focus on the wall. 


"The Trap" goes off on you - causes air blast at chest level

Saw - Button 4: 2 inch diameter and lit RED.  Right wall.  Just before last rooms.  Don't recall if it's just before bathroom or saw blade trap.  Very hard to miss.


"The Trap" goes off on others - causes horn to honk at people ahead of you


Scarecrow - All corn was actually planted and grew from seeds.  They stopped watering it a while ago so it is slowly turning yellow.  Actual corn was picked a long time ago so guests would not steal it.  Every time HHN has planted corn, a hurricane has come and damaged a good deal of it.

Scarecrow - This is the THIRD house with scareactors with pig heads this year (AHS Roanoke and Saw clearly being the other two).  Telling you this because they are really very hard to make out in the very dark area.


Trick R Treat - the doorways are not meant to just represent the houses from the movies.  There are Easter eggs scattered throughout that are supposed to tell the whole Trick R Treat story.

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On 9/26/2017 at 11:22 PM, zombieman said:


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Wendy has a bit of "the shining" herself, so this is her vision of Danny going where he shouldn't, Jack going crazy, and something attacking her through the door.


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The Fallen - in the circular room with the main Fallen that has fog shooting upwards, there is Prince's name symbol carved on the pedestal

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Allow me to ask forgiveness for this, but would that make it an Altar to a Prince of Darkness?


I'm sorry, I'll show myself out.


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