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Jack Bust Using HHN 25 Mask


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I bought the Jack mask that was being sold at HHN 25 and turned it into a bust of sorts for my shelf.

Here are the parts I used:

- Jack Mask
- Orange and Red costume contacts
- Styrofoam Head
- Ping pong balls
- Sculpey
- Wooden Plaque for base
- Vintage Circus Polka Dot Fabric
- Red Stripped fabric

The first thing I did was cut the ping pong balls in half, and then cut them down into football shapes. I had dried out the contact lenses when they arrived, but I didn't attach them to the ping pong balls yet. 

I measured the eye holes around the mask to see what part of the styrofoam head would be seen. There is lots of extra room around the eyeholes, so I knew I had to bring out the eye sockets. Once I removed the mask from the head I sculpted eye-lids onto the head and used the clay to hold the ping pong balls in place. I played with the contact lenses to find the best position and then super glue them into place.


The next step was to fix the awful hair. The easiest thing to do is grab as much hair as you can from the sides of the face, take it over the top of the "pig tails" and then hot glue them into place. You can then cut off any extra pieces that didn't stick or lay flat. For the hair that hangs down on the side, you can roll is in your hand to get it curly and more knotted looking. This will make a huge difference.

The next step was to hot glue the styrofoam head into the mask using hot glue. Not too difficult, but it takes a little trial and error to get the newly sculpted eyes to sit right inside the mask. I used a little glue around the eye sockets of the mask to get the mask to lay more flush.

I then attached the styrofoam head/mask combo to the wooden base to keep it sturdy. The plaque didn't need to be anything special since I would be covering it with fabric -- which I chose not to hot glue, but instead just draped around the head.

The fabric was tea-stain and briefly rubbed in my firepit to give it a few random black stains. I also ripped up and frayed some edges of the red stripped fabric. After than it was just a matter of positioning the fabrics around the head.

I may eventually go back and have the polka dots fabric sewn into ruffles to look more like his collar. I'm also debating bloodying the center up a little bit.

Here is the final product...


And just for fun, here is what it looked like as a mask when I tried it on last week...

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