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Legendary Truth 2015

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For those unaware, LT is doing an experience similar to last years, but with new tech, which is apparently so great, no one can talk about it. From I've heard on YouTube, and I haven't actually done LT, so I'm just basing it of one video, so forgive if I am wrong:

LT this year is about what happened with the return of the Icons. And it brings into account exactly what has happened to the Icons through a big experience. Are they living? Are they dead? Apparently "major characters from the past are coming back in the future", perhaps as soon as next year. Some the evidence, from pictures I've seen, includes lots of stuff on Bloody Mary, Jack's bow, The Lydia's Garden sign from Wyandot Estate, The map from 2008, Fear's Lantern, etc. 


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Please, excuse my ignorance, but could someone explain this "Legendary Truth"? Is it a collection of hints for next years icon and theme?

Maybe? It started in 2008 as an AR (alternate reality) game where fans got to help investigate Mary Agana. In 2010, it was simply a canonical connection to the story of that year but also had a house that partially continued LT's on story.

Ever since, it's been an inconsistent and tenuous way to keep the more hardcore fans engaged. They've started doing LT-themed pop-up houses that loosely creates a story for the event, but is really nothing more than a beta-test for new tech.

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