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Halloween Horror Nights Commissions

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As most of you know EDDIE is my favorite HHN character and I wanted to get a couple of art commissions done of the character. I found this really great artist on deviant art named Steven Sanchez who was doing commissions for 15 buck. So I had him do two versions of EDDIE for me. One based on the HHN I.C.U. artwork of EDDIE and the other based off one of the scareactor's who played him durning HHN 20. I just got the completed pics and couldn't be happier. Check em out.





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What's up guys man I haven't updated this topic since 2011. Well here you go guys. This past weekend I went to Amazing Houston Comic Con 2015 for one reason. My all time favorite artist Tim Vigil co-creator of Faust Love Of The Damned would be there. If you've never seen Mr. Vigil's work look him up but be warned it's not safe for work or kiddies. I messaged him and on Facebook and found out he was only charging 60 bucks for a full figure convention sketch with ink. I went out and bought a new sketch book just for Mr. Vigil's art. Over the Labor Day weekend I purchased three sketches from Mr. Vigil of some of my favorite Halloween Horror Nights characters. So on with the pics. These were taken with my crappy camera phone I'll try to get some better ones up later.





SUCCUBUS it's the only name I have for her. she was at HHN XX all in red on stilts. If anybody has a better name let me know.




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