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  1. Yup its true Eddie has been added to the Icons scarezone. A buddy took a pic for me knowing i'm such a Eddie fan.
  2. I heard Eddie has been added to the house. Thats pretty cool considering his past.
  3. What's up guys man I haven't updated this topic since 2011. Well here you go guys. This past weekend I went to Amazing Houston Comic Con 2015 for one reason. My all time favorite artist Tim Vigil co-creator of Faust Love Of The Damned would be there. If you've never seen Mr. Vigil's work look him up but be warned it's not safe for work or kiddies. I messaged him and on Facebook and found out he was only charging 60 bucks for a full figure convention sketch with ink. I went out and bought a new sketch book just for Mr. Vigil's art. Over the Labor Day weekend I purchased three sketches from Mr. Vigil of some of my favorite Halloween Horror Nights characters. So on with the pics. These were taken with my crappy camera phone I'll try to get some better ones up later. EDDIE [/URL THE CARETAKER SUCCUBUS it's the only name I have for her. she was at HHN XX all in red on stilts. If anybody has a better name let me know.
  4. Anybody think Eddie will be in the Icon scarezone or will he just be in the Run house.
  5. Dont want to get off topic here but I want a shirt. Which old ones are still available?
  6. Haven't posted in a while but I've been reading all the speculation on houses and scarezones. I have to say i'm thrilled in Jack's new look and this video. People have been crying for a Icon's return since HHN 21. Now we get it and people are still complaining. Just cant please some people.
  7. Is there an opening ceremony this year guys? On my way to the park now just thought id ask.
  8. Just got into Orlando and checked into my hotel. Ill be going to the park early tomorrow and picking up that Chucky pin and vinyl doll so awesome.
  9. Never mind just checked the ebay link and saw it. Sucks I so wanted another Icon vinyl. Ill still pick her up for my collection.
  10. So thats the pin right. A zombie girl. So does that mean she will also be the vinyl doll. Last year the pin and vinyl was Jack right.
  11. Hell yea i need a Eddie figure it would be so awesome.
  12. Any idea what vinyl doll or pin will be available this year?
  13. Whats up guys been absent from the forums for a while. Didnt think I would be making the trip to HHN this year been a bad year for us medically and finacal. Also last year left a bad taste in my mouth being stopped over and over and told I couldnt tape in the streets. I was even stopped at the gate and told I couldnt bring in my video camera mangment had to be called to ok me bringing it in. Then the streets only being zombies was a huge letdown. The awesome houses were the only saving grace. I wasnt to thrilled for this year as the announcments started coming out and just resigned myself that we were not going this year. When the original content was announced and traditional scarezones I started getting that itch again. So I started saving up and selling some stuff on ebay and I am happy to report got my hotel booked and my Rush Of Pass bought. Me and my family will be in Orlando again this year.
  14. Was able to pick up thr vinyl today. There was alot available in the stores. Theres gonna be a bobblehead of Jack to? Will there be any other Icons made or just Jack?
  15. We'll be doing both tours October 4th. Is it true there's no videotaping allowed this year?
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