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  1. Recently read this article. Mancini wants a Chucky and Freddy Krueger crossover, but his character is connected to the Monsters. https://www.usanetwork.com/usa-insider/chucky-m3gan-crossover-horror-villains-don-mancini?cid=__x_x_x_x_x_x_x_x_x_syfywire&utm_source=&utm_medium=&utm_campaign=x_x_x_x_x_x_x_x_x&utm_term=syfywire
  2. I’m loving this rumor, and It’s the one I believe in the most right now. Sounds a lot like we’re on point. Time to go all out for the silent era movies!
  3. They actually done an Asylum-themed house at the event’s revival year that shares similarities with Psycoscareapy. Do you guys think they could do a reboot of that house under that name and house franchise? Though this would mean John would have to bring back Jack, but he doesn’t have to be an icon again like before over there.
  4. They actually have been working on some new material before the pandemic and even in quarantine. Both Robert Trujillo and Lars Ulrich said it before on two different interviews. As for the new song, It’s pretty good; the riffs are tight with a Kill ‘Em All vibe and a slight Diamond Head-inspired snare drums sounding that is on point. I’m mostly critical on the bassline.
  5. Would love to see John create his own original icons for Hollywood in a similar scale as Bone and the Pumpkin Lord. The only problem is he hates the idea of it for marketing reasons and he is so close to the entertainment industry as a whole, which is how the IP era started at Orlando as one of the causes even though the IP’s are technically the Icons.
  6. From my experience with the soundstages, not only they were the home of the grand scale houses, but also have the most film production material for certain settings and effects that are either impossible or hard to use for other locations. Elm Street and the Exorcist were the best IP’s for the locations as an example, and while I did enjoyed TCM last year. But I would argue the 2003 remake would have been more fitting as the soundstage house than the original, and maybe better than it was at 17. Leatherface’s two storied home is big and immersive enough to be a well-detailed facade again.
  7. Here’s my newest house idea Inspired by Spawn that revolves around Redeemer and other villains from the comics. This is something they coulda thought of for the event at Islands of Adventure in the Marvel theme area after 12. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E4o1YdF3T6Yb6gNIvD0dZ_2K9z1eNNXsiboFYNLmU-I/edit
  8. This is what the Fast & Furious queue looks like after the event. Even though, Blumhouse isn’t my most favorite house of this year, but this location still has some creative potential they could pull off. Its first house mostly had smaller sets. I think the location is perfect for certain themes like in a Warehouse or an abandoned factory, which also worked for the Disaster/Earthquake queue before it was replaced by what we all love to hate.
  9. It’s very unlikely to see a niche level band getting their own house like them. The same goes with Gwar, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, and The Misfits cause it seems like Universal wants to do houses for some Super Bowl-level names like Lady Gaga and Metallica, but I don’t think every one of them in music world doesn’t have to meet that kind of requirement for a house; just keep it on an Alice Cooper tier level at the highest and add another IP that is bigger than that as the headliner, so I wouldn’t consider Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath/Solo Ozzy Osbourne, My Chemical Romance, and Nine Inch Nails as a financial risk. Ghost is on their highest peak in both popularity and in mainstream, but their Satanic lyrical themes and imagery are too controversial, even though they were misconstrued like other bands who faced the same criticism. It’d be a lot similar to what they had before with the Fallen at 27, but on a larger scale. There have been demands for Marilyn Manson who is house material with some potential, but he is not on the table due to the allegations. Whether if they are true or not, he is way too problematic right now.
  10. That show is actually owned and created by AMC Networks, which is the same company that done the Walking Dead series. They also own Shudder and Sentai Filmworks.
  11. Somehow, I’m having a good feeling the Weeknd is gonna champion the horror genre in pop music the most like no other and be on par with Micheal Jackson’s Thriller in terms of that type of category. That’s how I picture his legacy years from now.
  12. Right now, I’m working on my next house idea that will please the comic book and superhero fans inspired by Maximum Carnage at 12. Rather than using DC or Marvel villains, I’m going with the ones from the Spawn series.
  13. The Shining and The Exorcist (the rights have already been brought out by Universal for the Blumhouse sequels I think) are also WB IP’s too.
  14. Seems like Universal is more aware of us speculating than before. One thing I’ll agree about the Chucky announcement at last minute during the event is our activity could be a tad less, but I do expect another string of IP announcements one at a time, starting with the Monsters of course cause that’s easy to know what’s next, and then a full dump on August with the originals, zones, and shows.
  15. A loop of Huey Lewis songs in the queue line would make me even more excited to walk through an American Psycho house.
  16. Send me a PM for your full username with the inclusion of code numbers. I’ve got one house idea I’m working right now.
  17. There’s been some interesting talks about Ghost possibly as the next music act for house in case The Weeknd isn’t coming back cause they’re at their highest peak in the mainstream and popularity other than their aesthetics and the potential. I know there are a lot demands in the HHN community, but I personally don’t find it possible cause despite how people misconstrued their lyrics and imagery, their devil-worshipping themes would be controversial similar to the Fallen at 27 but on a larger scale. Another possible factor why I don’t find Ghost to be possible for the event is they never were part of a particular movement genre wise cause they were doing they’re own as an individual group with their musical styles. Slipknot on the other hand makes more sense to me, since they were a big part of the Nu-Metal movement along with Korn, Linkin Park, Deftones, Limp Bizkit, and System of the Down to name many as I could that was pretty much the last big wave for rock music in the mainstream at the Late 90’s and Early 2000’s other than the Garage Rock Revival (White Stripes, Strokes, etc).
  18. As of now, I’m seeing Silence of the Lambs as an out field pick, but a Mothman house would be awesome. Backwoods Terror gives me the Cabin theme vibes yet it could be another traditional style house that is isolated in a dark forest.
  19. I actually wouldn’t mind Black Phone to come back as a full house at some point. Both Joe Hill and Scott Derrickson had some talks about a potential sequel.
  20. Casper Gutman made an interesting thought on Inside Universal. Do you guys find it striking this year with a right-down amount and variety of slasher merchandises? Every park and/or haunt goer had a different shirt that is either brought at the Studios for HHN, custom made, elaborately made, or cleverly made. It’s possible that a lot of different outlets made a good chunk of money off of characters like Michael. There were only a few Weeknd shirts when I was there on opening night, and nearly all of those were in stock at their shops. I do find it interesting how most fans and vets always treat newer IP’s at the event as an element of something new and intriguing while all the rest that have been there more than once are old popular demands. The general public would argue Halloween was the biggest spark of the year cause they didn’t offer any other IP’s that appeals to them personally other than Abel and the Monsters. I do see a trend of one slasher house or maybe two if necessary to represent once per year like Chucky and maybe my wildcard for 32. Would the sub-genre ever get a bigger representation again like Carnival of Carnage at 17? I unfortunately don’t see it as well cause Universal doesn’t control the rights of those IP’s, some aren’t popular in today’s world, and some are horribly in a train wreck when it comes to ownership and handling the rights. *Coughs* Friday The 13th *Coughs* The biggest common grounds between slasher icons like Micheal, Leatherface, Jason, Chucky, Ghostface, and Freddy is how big they are in pop culture both historically and symbolically.
  21. I can’t wait to see it! Will your spec map include the scarezones, or you’re just predicting the houses first? You could throw in some original concepts as wild picks other than as wishful thinkings.
  22. I can take the Munsters (preferably the TV serious) and even the Addams Family. Both of them have potential and there’s a lot of fresh ideas you could with them that are very horror adjacent with dark humor. Casper on the other hand seems way too tricky to do a house.
  23. Been wondering how they could pull off an Invisible Man house in case the next Universal Monster isn’t what I’m expecting the most. They could do it entirely in black lights to have him to do jump scares be guys in black clothes with only one pair of clothing on that is visible like a hat or shirt (Universal/HHN merchandise would make a perfect fourth wall break for this) and holding a knife to make it seem like it’s floating in a threatening matter with some Slasher elements as an update, but you know it’s the Invisible Man. You also got some camouflaged scares and pitch black areas with some things touching you in the dark, and course some scares with him fully clothed with the bandages. It’s sounds like a very experimental approach. This would also require black walls for the black light scares to work, so the actors could be behind them, which would be very hard to pull off without making the scares so obvious or making the sets small. You can’t really have a house that is entirely pitch black or have anyone touch in you dark for safety reasons. On paper, it sounds good as a camouflage house, but I don’t think it would really come off as the Invisible Man by execution cause it wouldn’t be easy to build all the sets for the scareactors to blend in with it other than making them with just walls patterned and painted or covered with black sheets and curtains. That’s why I considered the Invisible Man to be the toughest character to do for a house, even with some interesting ideas together, you have to build the sets uniquely different to fit in some of the scares.
  24. Chucky could be an alternative to Scream on the Slasher bill possibly other than Elm Street, but It’s also on the TV bill too as an alternative to Stranger Things, since it’s based of the USA/Syfy series.
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