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  1. At Orlando? I don’t think that’s likely. But at Hollywood with Chucky as a rivalry showdown in the Terror Tram? That makes more sense to me if it were to happen this year.
  2. The list of gags and effects could make me throw in a few things for the next house idea I’m working on now as a revisit, and I actually use most them before this thread was posted.
  3. After reading about the issues at the event on Inside Universal’s speculation thread for next year, I’m getting a better understanding with the house staffing problems and why ten should be enough for us. Bort blamed the pandemic for impacting on the job market drastically and left with a mark that isn’t removable. Scare-acting is actually a whole lotta work that requires good energy and physical activity during a Halloween event like HHN that could last for hours until the end of the night. It’s gonna get longer, meaning that they either have to improve the staffing or need more, since we’re starting to see more people who felt the pandemic is over to them personally. There are several questions you can ask yourself while having a hard time answering your own thoughts on this problem, and how they could resolve it - I’m already feeling eager about it. So, I’m now all for Universal surveying on the scareactors they have now for the best feedbacks they could deliver on things that needs to be changed and what they should keep the way it was.
  4. Here are some of my advices to those who want to write their own house ideas: Don’t worry about trying to make everything accurate if you’re doing adaptations. Just go with much of the basics, and do your own thing. I also think doing something you’re very familiar with the most is good start to brainstorm. Whether if it’s a movie, a TV show, a book/novel, or even a zone from previous years of HHN. For me, I don’t take easy calls so much cause I like to see how much I could break the cliches other than embracing the tropes in horror. If you wanna do a Scary Tales type of house inspired by a certain fairy tale/public domain story, just do your own retelling of the story without taking any Disney inspirations unless It’s necessary as an afterthought while thinking what makes the characters from it scary and terrifying.
  5. I don’t think Nintendo would allow A&D to do a house based on that game. It would be fun to walkthrough, but I’m having a feeling Universal Creative wants to do a Luigi’s Mansion dark ride with interactive elements as an attraction for Epic Universe, since that’s where Super Nintendo World will be located. The Orlando Resort does need It’s own equivalent to Disney’s the Haunted Mansion.
  6. Other than Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, and The Weeknd, you have these guys for music based houses. Black Sabbath/Solo Ozzy Osbourne The late Micheal Jackson Iron Maiden Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor My Chemical Romance Lady Gaga Metallica Billie Eilish Eminem Disturbed Megadeth Judas Priest The Cure Depeche Mode Slipknot As for video games other than Silent Hill and Resident Evil, you also have these titles, and a couple of them are Nintendo IP’s Doom Mortal Kombat Fatal Frame Sweet Home Alone In The Dark Dead Space Left 4 Dead Eternal Darkness Five Nights at Freddy’s The Last of Us Dead By Daylight The Evil Within Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  7. There will always be some backups like the Monsters and Chucky. You also have a lot of names in music and video game IP’s that could work as an alternative for the outside film properties.
  8. Not every IP needs a reboot, and I don’t think the Lost Boys needs one, but WB might have some creative and better methods of reintroducing their properties to the general public, so I think the relationships between them and Comcast/Universal will build up soon.
  9. queenmetroid have made an interesting post on the Inside Universal Forums about WB’s uncommiserating plans on cost cutting; It’s a bigger wildcard than It was before and It’s playing out differently cause they’re a stretch yet more plausible at the same time - but I think It depends which IP you’re talking about cause not all of the rights are clean. The house of the rabbit is building out the big guns to other entities while making a lot of money. But on the other hand, they’re pulling back a lot of things to prevent financial risks. This could impact the movies that are not on the blockbuster category, which got the company thinking they’re either having smaller returns or less interests. The Lost Boys is a stand alone IP cause It never went on as a series like other horror franchises. I’m not expecting the Conjuring to come cause the rights are messy. And while IT is also unlikely, It sounds a little a bit like the opposite. Unlike animation and superheroes in film, horror movies aren’t overtly expensive to make, but the type of business move they’re doing is going with the most profitable IP’s and blockbusters first, and then deal with all the rest later, so they could make newer licensing properties for the previous IP’s that are on a slumber. This could be the direction they’re taking right now, and we could see a deal under the current management that is never known before.
  10. Legacy mentioned this on Twitter, It sounds a lot like he was referring to Scream, and I’m sadly not surprised about it at all. It’s a Holy Grail we need, but it still remains untouchable. It’s also seems like he is not expecting a Netflix house next year too like we’ve had discussed before.
  11. Yeah, during the early prediction phase of 31, some of things I was predicting before I was right were the traditional aspects of Halloween along with returns of the Pumpkin Lord and Michael Myers, and also another showdown house for some of the Monsters. I think this year’s early speculation for 32 had brought us more to talk about possible IP’s and even some names in music, since things have gotten less worse and more manageable with the pandemic despite Its continuation cause there were some things fans don’t normally say and think after the event.
  12. Here’s my newest zone idea inspired by Jackass as a parody of the only watchable reality show aired on MTV. Before you guys read, I want y’all to play “Corona” by Minutemen on YouTube for the experience. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FbfFR9t77j7qpVIZ3FDSllMe_a7SCD1id8_V-QZBGVY/edit
  13. Pretty much waiting for Legacy to drop the clues next month, he said they’ll be a little harder than before. The only thing I know he likes to do is by using animated shows for us to speculate. He done it with Rick & Morty first, and most recently with American Dad.
  14. Actually, the rights of the Addams Family is owned by the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation. MGM and Netflix currently have the film rights, but Universal could acquire the theme park rights for the IP. If it were to happen, then all the characters from the franchise should be represented equally than just Wednesday. https://trademarks.justia.com/778/97/the-addams-77897115.html
  15. The Addams Family could be in the cards along with the Munsters for the event’s future. Both of them have the funhouse potential as part of the train IP wise along with Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice.
  16. Been checking if the Hannibal franchise is still trending right now, and I’ve noticed there’s a sequel to Lambs that revolves around Clarice as a TV series. It came out last year on CBS, but wasn’t well received by critics. Can’t believe I’ve overlooked it.
  17. I think I really need to bring up HHNGuy27’s wildcard on this site here. I’ve been wondering if Silence of the Lambs does have a possibility of becoming a house for next year or in the future. It was supposed to be there at 30, but was replaced by the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre for some reason. Darko on Inside Universal felt the movie wouldn’t translate all that well, but they always figure things out and they even sometimes managed to do the Mashahiro Sakurai-esque impossible. I think they could pull it off if they create newer scenes by pulling some parts out from the novel that never made it in the movie, since It’s very common when film adaptations don’t have everything to retell in a different way for various reasons. It’s a MGM IP owned by Amazon. If you read the books, Hannibal Lecter is way more menacing and sadistic than how he was portrayed in the movies with a hint of a Joker-like dark sense of humor that made Anthony Hopkins’ role as his character seemed like a Teddy Bear by comparison.
  18. How about Eminem? He dabbled on the Horrorcore sub-genre of Rap/Hip-Hop before. A scareactor played by him jumps out of the boohole, dissing every guest as he could that walks through.
  19. So yesterday, Paramore put out a Horror inspired music video of their newest single for the upcoming This Is Why album. Maybe the Weeknd made them thought of this as an idea and they could do more. I actually didn’t see this coming until I’ve read this article on Loudwire and watched the video. https://loudwire.com/paramore-the-news-lyrics-video/
  20. Though, we won’t see any aspects of HHN in Super Nintendo World for obvious reasons, they should at least open during the event for the crowds to flow around the park. If they’re gonna add any decorations for the Halloween season, then that would make a good touch. Would love to see lots of Boo’s along with the King himself taking over the area.
  21. Kinda been wondering how much they could expand the park after Super Nintendo World, which is something they could do for some more houses, depending how much space they have left and what themes and IP’s they could go with in the future. The only problem I see the most: Hollywood is probably already landlocked, since this is California and not a lot like Florida cause more people live there with a massive industry in entertainment. Even if they were to expand, It would mean more logistical issues (Looking at you, Rowling and Miyamoto).
  22. The day one of my house ideas becomes a reality is the day I’ll change my profile pic with a certain character I use.
  23. And let’s not forget about this: The Hanna-Barbera franchise does have some history with adult-oriented content. The Flintstones wasn’t considered as a kids show when it was new back in the 60’s, Shaggy from the Scooby franchise is always a weird ass stoner in a secretive way as a humorous trait that kids wouldn’t notice but adults both do and get, and you even had spin-off shows that were also parodies on Cartoon Network, starting with Space Ghost: Coast To Coast along with the early Adult Swim shows that came later as spin-offs of Space Ghost within a spin-off like The Brak Show, Sealab 2021, Harvey Birdman, and (though It’s a big stretch) Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  24. Have said this before on Inside Universal, but I do wanna say it here too. I just find it so funny how everyone in the fan community used to complain about Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice for being too kid-friendly to be at the event like everything has to be all edgy and R-Rated yet they’ve changed their minds and want certain IP’s to come while some are turning down. For the ones that are under the “Family” umbrella, I think the Munsters (TV series) and the Addams Family (Not the Netflix series) sounds not only very likely to me the most, but also a must. Both of them do have a pretty good shot in the future years from now. I get that the Grinch will never happen cause it goes against the Seuss family and their estate, but that was only mentioned for the laughs and the “WTF” factor, since The Mean One made headlines on the Internet. Gremlins does have some potential, but I’m wondering how much WB could get it very well. Scooby does sounds like a fun idea, but the controversies of the Velma series probably made Comcast/Universal walk a few steps back.
  25. Recently read this article. Mancini wants a Chucky and Freddy Krueger crossover, but his character is connected to the Monsters. https://www.usanetwork.com/usa-insider/chucky-m3gan-crossover-horror-villains-don-mancini?cid=__x_x_x_x_x_x_x_x_x_syfywire&utm_source=&utm_medium=&utm_campaign=x_x_x_x_x_x_x_x_x&utm_term=syfywire
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