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  1. I think what made the Saw houses hard to be good is you’re not really playing the role of being Jigsaw’s victim cause you’re not stuck on and/or in his traps but rather walking through a tour of his hideout.
  2. I’m starting to have a feeling Orlando is working on a Call of Cthulhu house right now. It’ll become a public domain in a couple of years. When it comes to literature, it’s kinda surprising HP Lovecraft and his works isn’t represented at the event in some form.
  3. Since Sweet 16, 23 have always been a split of two houses several times. That’s where Halloween and Hellblock were located, and last year with Bride and Texas.
  4. Saw started off as short film when it came out in 2003, so technically next year marks the twenty anniversary of the series.
  5. Thank God Kidzone Pizza is safe! We probably wouldn’t have more Pizza Fries without it next year.
  6. Isn’t there a rumor floating around about Kidzone getting replaced by Pokémon? As far I know, ET is the only attraction at that area safe from being shut down, protected by Steven Spielberg.
  7. Here’s a fun question for you guys: If the house total is eleven, then what do you want to represent as an eleventh spot? For me, Orlando’s A&D team should expand their creative freedom for something that isn’t marketable whether if it’s an original concept or a lesser known IP cause I think they do great at balancing themselves with popular demands, fan services, and experimentations.
  8. Metaverse collaboration, merch rollouts at Hot Topic, HHN at Vegas rumor, and an out of a blue house announcement. All of those things are proof Comcast is officially aware of the event brand, how big it is, and what they can pull.
  9. I think that’s the type of scheduling they could be doing with house announcements in the future. With the possibility of eleven or maybe twelve in total, you could make announcements related to HHN on each month until the event starts and later before it ends on Halloween night or early November. Not every month has to be a house; they could reveal the dates on November, and then general admission with a discount on December.
  10. My updated predictions as of now for HHN 32 Announced: Chucky IP predictions: The Exorcist, Phantom of the Opera, Slipknot or The Weeknd (Either one), and Nightmare on Elm Street (My wildcard) Originals: Run (The 2001 original of what it was supposed to be), Treaks & Foons, Some theme related to the word “Epic.”
  11. Holy hair monkey balls! Chucky is coming back with his own house again! I’m starting to question if he’ll be an icon for next year, and there’s some potential.
  12. The only problem is the Netflix asking price still might be there.
  13. Speaking of DOD, did anyone noticed the an ad for “Environmental Pollution Impact Corporation?” All of these words stands for EPIC. While is obviously a reference to Universal’s upcoming third gate, but I think possible they could be referencing one of the houses or zones for next year. There are two definitions of that word. As a noun. a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation. • the genre of epic poems. •a long film, book, or other work portraying heroic deeds and adventures or covering an extended period of time. As a adjective relating to or characteristic of an epic or epics. • heroic or grand in scale or character. • INFORMAL particularly impressive or remarkable.
  14. I actually wouldn’t mind a Hotel-themed house with ghosts and Boris Shuster doing some sort of investigation at New York City, and it’s kinda of something we need as Universal’s equivalent to Disney’s Tower of Terror. It just need to set during the Post-World War II era like in Cases Files Underneath at 30 while the hotel is abandoned and stuck in the 30’s.
  15. HR Bloodengutz at 21 was Holidayz In Hell before Holidayz In Hell.
  16. Universal does have a lot of Christmas-related horror movies they could adapt into houses or even as a compilation other than Krampus. Black Christmas, Silent Night Deadly Night, and most recently, Violent Night. https://www.cbr.com/violent-night-proves-universal-mastered-dark-christmas-like-krampus/
  17. Unfortunately, Friday The 13th is not on the table cause the rights are a train wreck. You’ll be waiting more longer than you think for Jason to come back once everything is finalized.
  18. Don’t forget the Treaks & Foons. We were supposed to have them back as a scarezone again like it was rumored, but their last appearance at the event still gives them a chance. That’s one of my early predictions of original concepts other than RUN along with Eddie as a soft icon.
  19. Some IP’s were exclusive at Hollywood cause it’s a working Studio other than a park that is part of the film industry, which is why you hardly see original concepts. Orlando on the other hand always - or at least almost - deliver the exclusive aspects with the originals including the icons themselves cause it’s not a Californian attraction no matter how adjacent it is. Though they have to follow the marketing and create houses that the general public wants the most. But despite some of the restraints, they still have more creative freedom and they’re also less compromising than Hollywood.
  20. Do you guys think Evil Dead will come back with Rise next year? It was supposed to happen right now, but was replaced at last minute with Hellblock before the event started mainly because the newest sequel installment in the series was delayed, and it's coming out on April.
  21. I think that’s actually a good problem. Despite its most notable flaw, it was still well-received critically that could be enough to come back years from now at a better and more space-y house location.
  22. Somehow I just can’t picture Killer Klowns coming back to Orlando again right now cause they don’t bring back the IP’s too regularly. Walking Dead and maybe Halloween were the only exceptions, and I could picture the Exorcist to be on the list next year, starting with the first and classic installment, then the sequel trilogy years later if they do well in the box office.
  23. A fun question for those who love watching anime: If there’s one show you’d give a horror treatment to build up a house, then what is your pick and why? I know most of y’all will say Demon Slayer, but I‘m still going with Inuyasha and revolve it around Naraku cause of his manipulative abilities, and they’re actually quite terrifying if you picture them more deeply like I did. Sure it may sound like a stray off, but the series does have some horror stems. As much it will never happen, it’s another Youkai show worth mentioning.
  24. These are the IP’s I’d bring back for next year. The Exorcist (The 1973 classic of course, and very likely to be on the table) Nightmare on Elm Street (The 1984 classic, and also my biggest wildcard of the year) The Shining (Not likely on the table unless it becomes an out of the blue rumor)
  25. Sounds a lot like they wanted ST to be a coast to coast house again, but couldn’t simply because of how much Netflix doesn’t trust Hollywood in terms of handling their IP’s. If they decided to make it an Orlando exclusive, then it probably wouldn’t make sense to do it in the market cause of how massively popular it is right now, leaving Legends Collide and The Weeknd as alternatives - that’s my take on the hold up.
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