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  1. Hey everyone! Been a while since I've posted on here but I have a question about the Academy of Villains music. Song #6, which should be the part when Yellow (the contortionist) comes out, seems to be incorrect on this list. There is a song on YouTube with that exact name, but it's something completely different. I tried getting a tag for the song in person and couldn't get anything. Does it exist online, or is it an original song that academy of villains uses and its not available? Also, where can I find the version of Mosh Pit used at the end of the show? I've only looked on spotify and youtube, but I can't find that version, and I think it's way better than any of the other ones. Thanks everyone in this thread for what you do. The different music each year does so much to give each event it's own personality, and it's great to have this resource.
  2. Heading up to Orlando tomorrow for HHN, staying until after Halloween! This is my third year in a row doing this, and every time it has been the best week of the year! :)

    1. TsunamiFox


      Have FUN!!!

      The streets this year have been amazing as I'm sure you have heard. Lots of interactivity and amazigness.

  3. I love the new Kerezan game (even though I'm annoyed that I seemed to have missed out on when it was even easier to get points.) A skill based game that gets you lots of points AND has plague doctors? What's not to love?! Does the background music remind anyone else of Left 4 Dead? I'm so glad I no longer have a reason to mindlessly click coffins.
  4. As far as I can tell from opening weekend, the only smell is the barbeque/spaceship earth rome burning smell throughout the entire Silent Hill house
  5. I spent a long time doing the matching game as well, and I used a method very similar to yours. Instead of using the pictures, which are designed to look similar and confuse you, I gave each tile a name, and said it in my head every time I flipped it over. HOWEVER, I find that I can get points a lot faster now by just doing the coffin game. I pick 3 coffins, and an order to click them in. Then I just keep repeating. Even if you don't get it until your third try, you can still get up to 20 Life Force if you do it quick enough. The odds are pretty good if you keep clicking the same coffins every time, and it's an easy 50 or 40 Life Force. This is a lot less effort than the matching game, which gets me anywhere from 30-70 Life Force if I'm lucky, but only gives you 5 Life Force for matching them all just in time. Even though I know it's random, for some reason the third coffin seems to be empty the most for me.
  6. My first time through this house was one that I won't forget. I was in the front of my group, with a huge gap in front of me through the whole house. I don't scare easy, but I got at least 10 or 11 GOOD scares. At one point in a hallway I got a scare from my left, then a scare from my right, then (not sure if it was one of the previous two actors again, it caught me that off guard) a THIRD scare as one of them jumped directly in front of me as their face lit up bright from their e-prompt. A triple scare. I'm pretty good at seeing booholes coming up before I get scares (unfortunately), but in Dead End, some of the actors are placed very well and you'll never see them before it's too late. Not to mention, this house is extremely detailed, but gets dark in the right places. I thought the use of the tunnel was pretty clever, although the effect isn't as impressive if you don't walk into the hallway with the right timing. My second run through wasn't nearly as good as the first, but I still got more scares than I would on an average run through a house. I think it's very subjective to say this is the "scariest house ever at HHN", but I think it is definitely close.
  7. I went into this house with high expectations, and I was still really impressed. The attention to detail, as well as the awesome architecture and clever tricks used in this house make it one of my favorite soundstage houses of all time. The masks are really scary looking, so if you catch one in your face when you aren't expecting it, it gets a great scare. I love when there is detail to see even when you look up, and Gothic has plenty of that. If you go to HHN 22, do not miss this house!
  8. I really like that they are doing this. Luckily I went by the park on Saturday night and got a card while I still could. TJ and Ray Keim were there, which was pretty cool. We stuck around and talked to Ray for a few minutes, which was fun. I won't be returning to the event until closing week, so hopefully there will still be some fun in park activities then. I saw the Horror Unearthed card reader by the exit of Silent Hill but that one wasn't working at the time. I seem to be pretty good at the matching game. The coffin game is completely pointless, but after losing 6 times in a row, it seems like the third coffin is consistantly empty more than the others (may be just random luck). The Cerebin game for some reason doesn't load for me so I've never played it. I just get stuck at the "Loading 0%" screen. I haven't tried using any other browsers besides Firefox though. Lets go Kerezans!
  9. When walking through the streets the past two days, I heard music from The Ring. It's this track:
  10. I heard the shutter island soundtrack playing around the park on all 3 nights I went.
  11. Why is that? Movie quality makeup is much more realistic than a mask with eyeholes in it. I was hoping for a mix of both. Based on what I've seen so far, it seems like most of these zombies are going to have masks, but what ever happened to "using the same makeup and prosthetics from the show"? I swear I read somewhere that Universal would be doing that.
  12. If anything, HHN is usually less crowded on Halloween than on a normal night. Especially this year, since Halloween lands on a Wednesday. It's a fun night to go though!
  13. Just bought my FFP+

  14. Does anyone think that some of the scarezones (or "street experiences" if you want) may actually stay stationary, and some of them roam? Or was it stated that all of the zones change places?
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