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  1. I dont see the Usher nor the Director coming back.. So can people stop thinking there coming back plz
  2. Krampus comes out on Blu Ray next week so if it does come they might start teasing by Monday
  3. It's already confirmed on the Universal website (s) that the event will be at the studios.
  4. I dont mind Jack BUT he is way over used... Knotts does the same thing sorta with the Green Witch BUT I wanna see new icons for a while
  5. Last year I wanted 90s houses back with modern tech and scenic.. Like Frightanic, not AWIL. Hell bring back Hotel Hell.
  6. The Beetlejuice show has been torn down.. They can do Animal Actors
  7. So Mike did a late night Q&A on Twitter last night.. Nothing new announced but he hinted at Jack will never go away.. Hmmm I hope for the love of Gozer we dont see Jack again Then again he is HHN, just like Knotts has the Green Witch.
  8. eBay is your best bet.. I own over 115 HHN shirts
  9. There was 3 shirts for that yr.. Icon, Scare zone (Tie Dye), and Carnage. The most common is the Icon one.. Scare zone and carnage ones are uncommon but there out there
  10. Its on the main site that the location for 26 is at Universal Studios Florida
  11. In my opinion it took 7yrs to top 08 and that was 2015.. it wasnt as good as 08 but it was up there. Saying that I'm not getting my hopes up high for this year at all. As a HIGH member of A&D told me last yr, "We had to go big or go home" and it showed BIG time.. Now to see what holds for this yr. Also the UO marketing train hasnt really started yet but it should be in full force soon.
  12. Tremors wont work in this day and age.. I love the movies and tv show but I dont wanna see it at HHN
  13. April or May I just want to see NEW icons and characters.. I could careless about IPs as long as it doesnt feel like a cookie cutting move (Looking at you Purge)
  14. I remember when Resident Evil got announced as a yr round shooter overseas... I rather have that then TWD anyday
  15. Why does it have to be Ghost Town 2? Can't it be a NEW story line
  16. Its them trying to build hype.. Sad thing is Murdy does a better job sometimes building hype then UO does
  17. I was a big fan of the P&T house.. Heck I have concept art and other goodies from the house but I don't want them back this soon. If it's a show then I can see the tickets skyrocketing BIG time. Also I really like TrT but I'm tired of seeing those costumes and characters, they been used since 2005.. it's time for them to be retired. Lastly Ghostbusters wont be a house.. Just saying.
  18. BTW Roddy and Mike both love Horror stuff aka IPs Knott's is the grand daddy of all haunts I just think Knotts, and HOS (Along with other theme park haunts) are trying new stuff but not HHN.
  19. Murdy has so much compention in California when it comes to Haunts.. Theme parks/Home Haunts/Pro Haunts and more. So Murdy has to draw the crowds in some how. I for one want to go to California and do Knotts
  20. You despise IPs? BUT they been around since 1991... just saying. Also we have shared with Hollywood a lot over the 25yrs... Just saying
  21. Yes they have.. Since the last 90s (Murdy has tried many yrs as well) BUT Stephen King wont let ANY Haunt have the rights to make a haunt based on his works. They have tried more then 2 times to get AHS, hold up is Fox.
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