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  1. kelise

    The Purge

    Timing doesn't check out. Wes died Aug 30th. We'd already been talking about the change-up several days before then.
  2. The houses in 2008 were Creatures in 22, and Interstellar Terror and Body Collectors in 20. The had a small space between the construction wall and Twister that was the exit. Two entrances went through Twister and switchbacks were set up in 23. The other went by the Library and wrapped all the way around to the parking lot by 20.
  3. Last year they kept Diagon open for day ticket holders. While USF closed at 5 for HHN, IOA was open later and day guests there could ride HE over and enjoy Diagon, but not leave the London area into USF unless they had an HHN ticket. Those without had to ride HE back to IOA and exit that way.
  4. Sorry, what does this mean?
  5. I remember it. If I'm not mistaken the thing under the floor continued right under feet, making the floor shift a few inches.
  6. This was the first year I attended, so I thought it was great. Most however compared it to its Vampyre predecessors, to which I hear it paled in comparison. Understandably, I hear Castle Vampyre in 2004 was incredible. Yes it was very cramped, but that made it more claustrophobic as well. The queue was set up on Delancey street, and there was a DJ and go-go dancer set up on the Blues Brothers stage. You entered the house through the music store door about a building down from the BB stage. They had a red neon sign and a big beefy bouncer guy standing by the door. It was very much like the club scene from American Werewolf in Paris, inviting guests to a cheaply set up rave in order to trick them into being eaten. The first room had some scantily clad girls dancing in cages. After that things get kind of fuzzy. I don't think there was much more to that building. A hallway with what looked like office doors. I think they used to use those rooms for the preview center. Occasionally a scare actor would pop out of one. Then you went outside into sting alley, which was interesting. They had both ends blocked off and it was full of scareactors. You reentered through was is now a door leading into Ben and Jerrys. This is where the "club" began. Loud bumping rave music. The scareactors were still beautiful but starting there transformation. Bodies hung from there feet from the ceiling dripping blood (water) on you. The house then went through some pretty large rooms after that. If you go around to the lagoon side of Starbucks there are some big roll up doors. These used to be open and there was an arcade in there. Now I believe this room is used for storage for Starbucks and B&J, and the arcade has been moved over by the exit of mummy. The finale scene featured a pretty impressive scareactor "fully transformed" into a bat-like creature. After that you exited through what is now Starbucks enterance. One cool thing was seeing the cast changes. Since they had to cross through the park, they didn't bother with the black cloaks or walking in a line. They came out with swagger as a group, like a mini roaming hoarde. A lot of people said it was the worst house of that year, but again they were comparing to previous versions. I thought is was pretty good. Oh and no, with Starbucks and Ben and Jerrys there now, there's no way to get a full-sized house in there anymore. The first building just doesn't have the room.
  7. Thank you for that. I collect videos from past events. I had literally nothing from 2004!
  8. Wonder if Chance will get a new look?
  9. I wonder what happened to his face tattoo?
  10. So HHN 23 was the year of the Kerezan, and HHN 24 the year of the Strengoit, and this is shaping up to be the year of the Morphan, anyone want to start placing bets on whether next year will be Maschorian, Cerebin, or Baccanoid?
  11. The scrapped storyline from 20 was that Cindy went to the Halloween Tree and discovered a box with five totems in it (jack, caretaker, director, storyteller, and usher) After that the storyline was pretty much the same, only with Cindy instead of Fear. Orphanage would have been the Icon house.
  12. It's not technically 3D, at least not the way an attraction would be. You do wear glasses, but they're a different kind of glasses that make red and orange objects appear closer than they really are, yellow and green objects appear at normal distance, and blue and purple objects appear further away. The entire house is painted in fluorescent colors with black lights. If used effectively this can cause a scareactor in a bright red mask to pop out of a blue curtain that appears far away to "stretch" right up in your face, a lot closer than they really are. It also adds a very disorienting, trippy sensation to the house. In the past this has both worked very well, and fallen flat.
  13. I think the main issue I have with the Scream movies, and I wonder if I'm alone here, but they were totally ruined by the Scary Movie franchise. Now I can't look at Ghostface without picturing him smoking a joint and saying, "Whaaazzzaaaaaaaaaaaaappp!!!"
  14. They've done Psycho, what, four times now? So obviously in can be done.
  15. Phantasmagoria got me thinking. I wonder how many people remember the old Phantasmagoria games from Sierra back in the day. They'd make a pretty sweet house, but I highly doubt enough people remember them.
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