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  1. Thank you! Let me know when you find out
  2. I've been going through the websites for HHN 14 - 21 using a screen recorder, and I'm going to upload all of them onto YouTube.
  3. On the page for Castle Vampyr on the HHN 14 website, when you click on the note that says "Research Vampyre Estate Online," it redirects to a dead link. Where did it originally go?
  4. The HHN Orlando FB page made a post that has a handful of wonderful HHN Zoom backgrounds. Enjoy!
  5. Had this idea the other day. Does anyone have any images of scarezones or scenes from their favourite houses? That way you can make it look like you're calling in from where we all wish we could be right now
  6. Unfortunately it won’t display. It just says “Please update your account to 3rd party hosting.” Is there any other way you could post it?
  7. Oh yeah, when the website was live, just about everything worked. I would replay the audio from Mary's diary all the time. The progression of her character was amazing.
  8. The site says that its domain name is past its expiration date. That doesn't sound good . . .
  9. Is the horrornights.be website working for anyone else? I love going on the old (better) websites, and I really hope that website isn't gone forever. I've been working on some crafts based on old things from the website, but now I can't. Does anyone know the website creator?
  10. YES! This is exactly what I like to see! Could you provide the PDF for this?
  11. Oooooh, that is beautiful. My ultimate dream is to recreate the props and some of the documents from HHN 15. I loved the whole idea of Terra Cruentas and all the creativity used during that year. I will upload any I make up here so everyone else could use it.
  12. That is beautifully done! Do you still have your copy of the WKNB 21 card?
  13. So, I can't be the only Halloween Horror Nights fans who enjoys crafts and paper crafts. Additionally, I would love to recreate some of the props and papers seen in past years. Not to sell, mind you, just to own and make. We already have paper crafts of - ScreamHouse ( http://www.haunteddimensions.raykeim.com/index319.html ) , Shadybrook Asylum ( http://www.haunteddimensions.raykeim.com/index321.html , The Skoolhouse ( http://www.haunteddimensions.raykeim.com/index322.html ) , and the home of Norman Bates ( http://www.haunteddimensions.raykeim.com/index660.html ) for the hell of it. Courtesy of the brilliant Ray Keim. But, in addition to these, I would love to create some of my favourite props, and I can't be the only one. I would love to make Mary Agana's journal, maps and props from the Storyteller, the invitation to Castle Vampyre from XIV, and so on. Has anyone done stuff like this in the past? For those who want inspiration, you can visit the past (and better) websites through http://horrornights.be/past-websites/
  14. While it probably is an unfortunate reference to TWD, and I really hope there is no more of that, I am going to submit my guess as a confirmation that Jack is, indeed, this year's Icon. Mainly given the fact that the song comes from a fabulous musical called Carousel.
  15. I know that this is all speculation and whatnot, but shouldn't we put these "clues" in a different section until we have it confirmed that these are legitimate?
  16. I honestly wish Universal would release the queue videos of the houses when the event is over. They are usually so well done.
  17. To the scareactor last night ( 10 / 27 ) in Havoc. I was walking through an area with a bunch of wire hanging from the ceiling and walls, and out of curiousity, I grabbed some of the wires that were hanging in a clump from the wall. Out of some cubby hole in the wall, a scareactor slides out, is a few inches from my face, and scared the hell out of me. Then he gruffly said, “And what have we learned?” After the scare, I started laughing, clapping, and telling him thank you. I am a hard guy to scare, so when it happens, I try to thank the person for doing such a good job. I appreciate you, Sir.
  18. Iwrestledabearonce, step away from the keyboard. You are tired.
  19. I will be there on the 27th & 31st of October, and the 1st of November.
  21. This is definitely wishful thinking, but I would love to see a house made by the illustrator Gris Grimly. Ye Gods, that would be amazing!
  22. Being the giant book reader that I am, I would love it so much if they actually went along with this! However, it would probably never happen, due to it going over the head of everyone else attending.
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