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  1. Halloween Horror Nights Orlando

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    3. Legendary Truth: The Collective

      News, information, and rumors about Legendary Truth.

    4. Halloween Horror Nights Orlando: Music

      Discussion and lists of all music used at Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights.

  2. Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood

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  3. Halloween Horror Nights Singapore & Japan

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    2. Halloween Horror Nights Japan

      General discussion for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights in Japan.

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      Discuss all other theme park and local haunts.

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      General horror discussion that don't fit anywhere else.

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      Discuss Horror Movies and Video Games.

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      Those "fun" forum games!

  6. Creative

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      Are you creative? Share your art, digital works, and writings.

    2. Your Nightmares

      Share your creative ideas, digital works, and "fan created" events related to Halloween Horror Nights and other horror.

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    • I have been so impressed with Halloween Horror Nights since this year. I just want to be a part of its live event. I hope they will come to India or I have resources to be at their place.
    • Concept of the film is somewhere different, I like it. As it shows feelings and temperament of a kid, it makes me feel connected.
    •   Lots to unpack here, so this is going to take a while.   First of all, the Disney Acquisition of the Fox assets comes with those existing contracts. The reason Fox is selling, is because they are suffering financially. So whatever existing rights and contracts they have, come with the purchase. Disney, is also absorbing the debt Fox has. In fact, the total purchase of the assets, are somewhere north of $60 Billion which includes the cash Disney is giving Fox, for their debt. Any current property under the Fox banner, will become a Disney property. It's literally a fire-sale (everything must go. Minus Fox News, Fox Sports and Fox Broadcasting). It is being handed over to Disney, property bought as is.     20th Century Fox, most certainty owns the Alien franchise. When any screenplay is written, doesn't matter what it is, the screenplay is bought by a studio, which then owns the material. You are literally selling everything in said screenplay, to the studio. Generally, in most cases  (like Alien for example), the originator of the characters and such, get a "Creator", or "Characters by" credit. In the case of Alien, Ridley Scott, does not get a characters created by credit, as he did not write the screenplay. Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett do. At the end of the day though, 20th Century Fox, still owns the property and the characters. Gieger, is the creator of the Alien design (he's also credited as much in the films). However, Fox, owns the right to use said design when it comes to the Alien property. It's theirs to do what they want. Also, using Geiger as an example, because he may own the design of the character, more than likely his estate gets a residual every time the Xenomorph is used. James Cameron, is another example. After Terminator 2, the Terminator rights went to Warner Bros.. However, because Cameron created the characters, and they are being used, he gets a characters created by credit. He also more than likely, gets a residual from Warner Bros. to use the characters. But the studios still retain the right to do whatever they want with them. The only work around for AVP, is that it was a Fox and Brandywine property, loosely based on characters and settings, from the AVP films. Including Predator. Universal never directly adapted anything from the AVP films. They only paid Fox to use the Alien and Predator license. The houses, were based around stories of their own volition.    With The Shinning, there was no "loophole". It's a simple matter of Warner Bros. owns the film rights to The Shinning. So they went to Warner Bros. and used the film version of the story (this included the characters, looks, ETC.). This however, is a bit different. When dealing with books and novelizations, you have an added layer of copyright. When you publish a novel, you copyright your material. Everything in it, is yours. Using The Shinning as an example, King, sold the rights to use his novel to Warner Bros., so they could make a film version. Warner Bros. then has free reign to do whatever they want, to make their film. Which in the case of The Shinning, is legendary, as King hates their version of his story. So, in later years, King got more savvy and gained more control over what happens to his adaptations.     In terms of Theme Park rights, it's a bit more complicated. The Marvel contract, is an entirely different animal than Universal using an IP at Halloween Horror Nights. However, the principle is the same. You go to the rights holder. Which at the time, was just Marvel. In the case of Alien or Predator, it is 20th Century Fox and soon to be Disney. The same now goes for The Simpsons. However, this is more along the lines of the Marvel contract. Whatever existing deal Universal has with 20th Century Fox, Disney probably wont be able to touch it. The Harry Potter situation, is also a bit different. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, is based off of the films. The look, the music; everything down to the design of the wands, is based off of the films. This, is all Warner Bros.. With Harry Potter though, you have the unique situation of J.K. Rowling, having more input than usual. However, it goes little beyond just making sure the illusion of the Wizarding World isn't broken. It was more than likely, a stipulation in the contract Universal made with Warner Bros.. And in this case, you have someone who owns the copyright to the books, as well as being a producer on the films. You also have the added influence now, of Rowling both writing and producing The Fantastic Beast films. Which give her extra clout when it comes to the use of the characters. 
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