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Your HHN/HOS Ideas


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The only idea I thought off would be the icons (made by guessing what theme before the revealing).

Sweet 16 - I imagined the icon to be a spoiled brat who torments her birthday guests (us) as we go through different "presents/Houses."

2010 - This idea sprang up from the quoted hint, "Til death due us apart" or something like that. A two person icons known as The Bride and Groom. I had some backstory to them: Two robbers (Bonnie & Clyde sort of way) who planned to rob the people at a made-up wedding that was open to public, but someone of a close circle of theirs ratted them out to the police. The police handcuffed them together, not a smart idea but ironically appropriate, and escorted the two to the car. Driving off away from the 'wedding party', onto the lone road hill, the poor police did not notice what the Bride swiped from one of the tables until it was in his neck by the Groom. Trying to hold the steering wheel still, the car ended up on the wrong lane as the opposite car was coming close. To avoid collision, the police jerked the wheel the other way. The car drove out of the lane and begun to roll violently down the side hill. The vehicle finally stopped rolling, upside down and banged up. No one survived. A few hours later, the bodies were placed on autopsy tables and left there alone. They were to be taken care of by a mortician that arrived, but right when the worker came to check on the bodies, two were gone. Later, along with a hearse the mortician drove with. Now, the undead Bride and Groom drive along the lonely roads at night.

Drivers and drifters beware, jewelry and money is not the only worth of value they steal.

Another icon idea would be a French male fashion designer (which SOMEHOW Howl-o-Scream borrowed the idea xDD). The fashion he design and created are made as torture devices/ Death traps for models to wear and display. Forced against their will. Plus, it'll look nice in their portfolios.

The last but not least icon idea would be a 50's Housewife so bent on having good family values. Missing, convicts, and runaways are taken in her care, and are turned into "good, well-mannered children." However sweet, chipper, and motherly, there's a deranged monster behind that eerie face of a saint. She has a husband, a burnt skeleton due to some freak UFO sighting accident. Btw, the relationship is strictly platonic.


These are the icon ideas I have for now. One of these days, I'll illustrate them<3

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I'll be doing house walkthroughs in the future in this thread, but the basic idea I have is this:

Unbridled Terror

Horror and terror come in many forms. Death, disease, murder, violence, monsters, and so many others.

Some forms are human. Some forms are monstrous. All forms cause fear. All forms cause terror.

This year, Halloween Horror Nights will follow these forms and cultivate them into as many terrifying houses and scarezones as they can. Each is different, and each is the same. Terror in another form, all of them waiting for you.

((Basically it's a throwback to older years, especially 2004. There's no icon, just a logo. Every house and scarezone is different from the last to allow for a huge variety of environments, actors, and gags. No concept will fail to fit in.))

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Not all ships make it back from the arctic safely. Some of them become trapped in the ice, frozen tombs perfectly preserved as they were when lost. Tonight, you and your brave men and women will investigate the military transport Columbia and discover why it failed to return.

Facade: As you enter Soundstage 23 you are blasted with a massive wave of cold. The entire building is kept at a constant 50 degrees, a sharp contrast to the average warm Florida night. As you walk across the floor (which has been covered in a stiff, rough white plastic to simulate walking on snowy ice), you come upon a massive ship with its bow facing the door. COLUMBIA is written in faded white letters on the gray metal hull and ice is pushed up around the hull, as if it had smashed through a massive ice floe before coming to a stop. You walk around the side, passing a tent with a small portable heater and tables with maps, journals, and canned food strewn around. A walkie-talkie on the table blares static; occasionally clicking in Morse code for "SOS" comes across the airwaves. A small wooden ramp has been built to allow you to bridge the broken ice and enter through a hole roughly torn in the hull.

Hallway 1: The ship is just as cold as the exterior air suggests. A small snowdrift has begun to form against the wall from snow blowing in through the hull breach. All you can hear in this dark gray hallway is the wind howling through the cavernous bowels of the ship. At the end of the short hallway (about 15 feet long) is a metal hatch that has been left open, allowing you to step through.

Storage: This large room is full of wooden crates and metal barrels, creating an L-shaped path to the next door. The wind has died down, allowing you to hear footsteps behind the boxes and a faint banging noise above your head. Reading the black letters stenciled on the crates, you see "NX50964 CLASSIFIED" in the distinctly austere military style. One of the boxes is open and packed with straw, and a single metal canister with black and yellow "caution" stripes painted around each end. As you go to leave the room, a pair of men in slightly torn white winter clothing of military style and covered in blood lunge out from behind the crates and bang on the barrels, howling and roaring before returning to the shadows.

Hallway 2: The wind is mostly inaudible at this point, only a faint background noise. You can hear the squeaks and screeches of hatches being unlocked and opened in neighboring rooms, but the hall is eerily silent. As you reach the middle of its 20 foot length, passing by several closed hatches, an arm drops from the ceiling above you, waving in your face. The man attached screams for help before suddenly being dragged back by an unseen force. As you run into the next room, one of the hatches swings open with a mighty BANG and another blood-covered crewmember leans out and growls.

Bunks: The sleeping quarters are full of frozen mattresses and torn pillows. Several of the dozen or so bunks have frozen corpses lying on them, eyes closed; they clearly froze to death in their sleep. Suddenly one of them toward the beginning of the room reaches up and claws at you as you pass. Another lunges from out of the shadows between the beds.

Radio room: A frozen body is slumped in front of the radio, which crackles with loud static every 10 seconds. Another monstrous crewmember appears from a small closet, roaring in your face.

Maintenance corridor: This small hallway has a distinctly different appearence than the previous few: along its 10 foot length, there are no hatches in the walls. Frozen pipes and wires run along the walls, and toward the end one of the pipes lets out a burst of ice cold air.

Engine room: The two large turbines to your left are long since dead, but not everything else in the room is. Three crewmembers appear from the shadowy alcoves; one immediately next to the room entrance on your left, another on the right in a boohole in the wall, and one between the engines (each the size of a car).

Survivors: Another storage room of boxes and drums. One of the drums has been tipped over and a strange, slightly glowing green puddle (molded plastic with hidden lights) is leaking out. As you look at the barrel in confusion, a pair of men in modern arctic exploration gear and snow goggles appear, banging on the barrels and shouting at you to escape. They mention something about a biological weapon, but nothing concrete. Suddenly three or four crewmen appear from behind them and proceed to bite into their necks, "blood" spraying on anyone passing.

Bridge: After going up a short flight of stairs (about four or five steps), you find yourself in the bridge. Several windows are broken, while the rest are frozen over with a sheet of ice. You can look out and see a seemingly endless sheet of white ice under the blinking stars (video screen). A frozen body wearing a captain's hat and glasses hangs from a noose in front of the wheel, still slowly turning. Two crewmembers burst from hidden booholes in the walls opposite him.

Ramping hallway: As another crewmember appears hidden in a blind spot to your left as you enter this long hallway, you begin to move down the gently sloping hall back to ground level. Five more crewmembers are hidden in hatches in the walls along your path, strobes flashing as they appear to attack.

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Base Camp Omega

Something has happened at Base Camp Omega out in the Arctic Circle. A mysterious meteor impact near the base has caused all radio contact to cease. You've been sent in to find them and report back as soon as possible. We're sure everything is fine.

Facade: Taking advantage of its location next door to Columbia, this house as well is kept at a cool 50. Much like the Columbia facade, the ground has a molded white plastic surface covering the floor to give the impression of walking on ice. In front of you is a large building made of red wood planks with the door left open. Wind is blowing from the east, causing the American flag on the building to flutter. A pair of snowmobiles sit in front of the building, while a Ford F-150 modified with snow treads sits IN the building; it's crashed through the wooden wall, tail lights blazing red in the darkness. The howl of the wind drowns out almost all other sounds outside.

Lounge: It's immediately apparent that all is not well as you enter (as if the crashed truck wasn't enough of a hint); several frozen corpses are strewn across the couches and coffee tables. One body sits on a bloody pool table, an ice axe in its chest. The truck's nose is currently sitting where the fireplace used to be, having tossed red bricks and dust across the room. The headlights continue to flicker on and off, pointing at the pool table. As you exit out through the top of the L-shaped pathway between the pool table and couches, one of the bodies sitting in a wooden chair next to the door suddenly comes to life and begs for help.

Hallway 1: Fluorescent lights in the ceiling flicker and sometimes die for as long as 5 seconds as you walk down the hall, which is made of the same wooden boards as the outside. Several insane researchers pop out of doors along the 25 foot hallway, letting them loudly bang against the wall. Screams, thuds, and gunshots are audible in the rooms. As you pass the last door on the right a gunshot rings out and a blast of air shoots from the doorway as the bullet nearly misses you.

Kitchen: The stove is still glowing, making this room much warmer than the rest of the house. The glass door of the stove is bloody, but you can't see exactly what's inside. As you pass by the wood support pillar in the middle of the room, a psycho pops from around it and slams a meat cleaver against the wood with a thud.

L-hallway: A short L-shaped hallway to transition into the next room. A small pile of snow is forming in the corner, and looking up you can see the stars twinkling through a hole punched in the ceiling.

Administration: The site director's office, now soaked in blood. The director himself paces around the desk, face and sleeves covered in bloody scratches, snarling and lunging at you as you pass by. One of the few sane survivors is tied to a chair and begging for help, and you watch as the director walks over to him and slits his throat, "blood" spraying out. The closet door near the exit bursts open and another psycho appears to bang his hand against the filing cabinet and roar.

Outside: You're once again hit with a blast of cold air and howling wind. As you walk across the white ground through a winding chainlink fence path (sights to the side blocked by piles of brown wooden crates), scareactors appear from over and behind crates to shake the fence or swipe at you from over it. You walk about 30 feet outside under the stars high above before entering another red wooden building.

Crash site: This room used to be another lounge, but all furniture except a few small wooden chairs have been removed. An empty crater sits in the floor surrounded by scorch marks in the wood floor; the meteor has been moved. As expected, it crashed through the ceiling and you can see the stars through the hole above. Shadowy booholes in the corners hold three scareactors.

Lab: In this large room the meteor sits on a metal table, surrounded by monitoring equipment and a computer with spectrograph scans glowing on its screen; it's about the size of a beach ball, made of brown rock and cracked open along the top with a mysterious red glow coming from deep inside. A man in a parka and safety goggles appears from around a metal barrel, large syringes shoved straight through the lenses of the goggles. As blood pours down his face, he screams and bangs randomly on nearby tables and barrels. Another insane scientist appears from a shadowy corner behind a set of metal crates. Every 30 seconds the meteor's red glow increases, the lights strobe, and the scareactors freak out and begin beating every solid object in reach and screaming for about 10 seconds.

Workshop: The station workshop has been taken over by a trio of insane researchers wielding drills and electric saws that they turn on and hold close to your head or run against the metal walls to create a terrible grinding noise. A head sits on the workbench with a power drill shoved through the top of the skull, pinning it to the wood.

Motor pool: Three more of the converted trucks and a pair of snowmobiles sit in this garage, one of the trucks with its hood up and a corpse shoved partway into the engine; it's unclear exactly what state his head is in. Four more psychos are hidden behind and between the vehicles, and another crawls out from the bed of the last truck to swipe at you.

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Urban Terror

Cities are cold, dark places where the nastiest bowels of humanity can operate in secret, away from the prying eyes of society. Tonight you will find out just how nasty they get when gangs, serial killers, and thieves spot you walking through their turf.

Facade: A police car sits in front of the entrance to this Disaster queue house, lights flashing bright red and blue. Sirens, dogs barking, cars, and various other "city" sounds are audible all around you. Rather than entering into a building, you're presented with an alley between two brownstone apartments. A TV is playing in a second story window and silhouettes of movement can be occasionally seen in the windows.

Big alley: As soon as you enter you're presented with graffiti-covered brick walls and dumpsters, the stench of rotten food and sulfur hitting your nostrils. As you pass by a dumpster on your right a vagrant dressed in rags shakes a change can, asking for money. When refused, he becomes agitated and very aggressive, getting in your face and screaming nonsensical threats and warnings. As he follows you several feet down the alley, a metal door next to you slams open and a shirtless punk appears, banging a baseball bat against the wall and warning the bum to back off. As he cowers back to his spot to continue begging for change, the punk lunges at you and warns you to get out before you get hurt.

L-alley: A short distance past the bat-wielding thug you take a left turn and see that the alley dead-ends into the rear entrance of an apartment block. As the scent of decomposition hits your nose, you see the body of the police officer who owned the car at the entrance slumped against the side of a building next to a trash can, his head bashed in.

Apartment entrance: The rear entrance of the apartment puts you to the right of the staircase to the second floor, with the stairs facing away from you. As you walk down the grimy halls another bat-wielding thug bangs his bat against the banister, taunting you. As you leer away from him another appears from an alcove to your right. You take a right turn into the hall.

Apartment hallway: The hallway is blocked off only 10 feet ahead of you by a pile of chairs and tables, forcing you to turn right into an apartment. Mirrors along the hallway give the illusion of a much longer hall, while also blocking the view of the scareactors' area where the rest of the hall should be.

Grimy apartment: This apartment is what mothers would refer to as a "pig sty." Soiled clothes, rotten food, empty food containers, tattered porn magazines, and black trash bags are tossed randomly around the apartment. A line of bullet holes like the kind left by an automatic weapon burst dot the wall opposite the door. A black man in "gangsta" clothes flings the closet door open and bursts out, screaming incoherently about "pigs" and firing a submachine gun wildly. Hidden air cannons around the room blast you with air as "bullets" fly around. As you run for the door to the next apartment (parallel to the outside hall) another appears from another closet and jabs at you with a switchblade.

Serial killer: Out of the frying pan and into the fire, the next apartment down the hall is soaked in blood on all possible surfaces. The TV plays a news broadcast about a serial killer in the area (the same one playing on the TV in the facade window). The corpse of a young woman, drawn and quartered, sits with her severed limbs tied to the bedposts. A pile of decapitated heads is visible in the closet. Before you can escape into the next apartment, the bathroom door swings open and the killer lunges out with a hatchet. Behind him you can see a body in the blood-soaked bathtub.

Destroyed apartment: The floor of the apartment above you has caved in, causing a large chunk of the ceiling to now sit at an angle in the apartment and blocking most of it from view or access. As you turn to the left to exit out the door into the hallway, an exposed water pipe rumbles and blasts you with a spray of icy water.

Apartment exit: An L-shaped path (the hallway again blocked by debris, this time a pile of crates too high to see past) leads you out a side door of the apartment and into another alley.

Long alley: As indicated by the graffiti on the walls, you've just entered the turf of the Blood Hawks, and they aren't happy to see you. As you walk down the alley half a dozen gang members, all indicated by a red bandanna, appear from dumpsters, windows, and doors along the sides. All of them are armed with a variety of melee weapons from axes and machetes to crowbars and bats. As you reach a chainlink fence that forces you to turn right and continue down the alley, a man with a chainsaw and motorcycle helmet painted to resemble a red skull appears on the other side of the fence and runs his saw along the fence. Several Blood Hawks appear behind you as you turn and force you to move faster.

Saw alley: As you move down this 50 foot stretch of alleyway as many as five thugs wielding chainsaws appear from doors and small alcoves, all of them pushing you forward. You take a left turn and continue on.

Van: As you run down the alley you see a pair of lights appear to your right. With a massive roar a van rumbles forward (on rails) and stops, nearly hitting you. The headlights flick off and a gangster with a machete appears from the sunroof and scrambles down to the hood of the van to attack. Moving past the van, two more thugs leap from shadowed alcoves.

Storage: Blocked by a wooden fence, you take a left into the defunct storeroom of an old diner. The Blood Hawks have taken over this building, turning it into a slaughterhouse. Bodies in various forms of skinning and dismemberment hang in your winding path through wooden crates and shelves, forcing you to push them out of the way. Four gangsters with bladed weapons hide among the props.

Diner finale: In the diner itself you come to a horrible realization: the Blood Hawks are cannibals. A headless torso sits on the diner counter as you walk behind it, blood dripping down the glass. The limbs sit frying on the stovetop, giving a distinct smell of cooking flesh. As you turn around the counter to walk back along the diner length to the exit, a Blood Hawk appears from the kitchen holding the body's head by the hair. Walking past the tables five Blood Hawks surround you and guide you to the exit, screaming and slamming meat cleavers on the tables. As you exit through the glass double doors, you hear a bell ringing. Suddenly the man with the chainsaw and motorcycle helmet appears from the shadows.

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Just to let you know there are people who are reading your ideas out there, Cody. Great imagination! Hey if I pitch you very rough synopsis of some of my house ideas, would you be able to work with them and flesh them out like yours? The ones I have I know would never make it to an HHN/HOS idea and I wouldn't be able to write it out like you either. I can think up ok ideas but fleshing them out seems to be a problem I have with that sort of thing =/

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Just to let you know there are people who are reading your ideas out there, Cody. Great imagination! Hey if I pitch you very rough synopsis of some of my house ideas, would you be able to work with them and flesh them out like yours? The ones I have I know would never make it to an HHN/HOS idea and I wouldn't be able to write it out like you either. I can think up ok ideas but fleshing them out seems to be a problem I have with that sort of thing =/

I'm always up for requests. I even did two houses back on the Vault because people brought up the concepts.

And thank you everyone for the compliments!

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Murder House

The absolute low of human decency is serial killing. Men and women kidnap innocent people and brutally slaughter them. Killers usually work alone. What happens when you get an entire family of them?

Facade: It's late at night in Soundstage 22, and a light wind is blowing. In front of you a massive three story house sits in terrible condition: peeling paint, chipped wood on the door, a junked truck in the overgrown weeds next to the house, and dirty windows. One of the front windows has long been broken. Lightning strobes and thunder crashes, giving you incentive to head up the stairs of the porch.

Living room: A filthy couch and coffee table are on your right as you move into the room. The entire building is hot and musty, with an odd scent of decomposition. An old radio plays a scratchy country tune on the table. As you walk through the front door, a scraggly old man in flannel appears from behind the wall with a double-barreled shotgun, inviting you to have a seat. Moving behind the couch, you see strange stains on the couch and walls. A linen closet bursts open and a skinny young man appears, laughing at how well he scared the new guests.

Kitchen: You're assaulted by the stench of cooking meat as you enter the filthy, bloodstained kitchen. An obese middle aged woman turns from the counter and slams a meat cleaver against the counter. You can see a stew pot full of some red liquid on the stove. As you hurry out, the same skinny young man from the last room appears from an alcove next to the exit to the room, still laughing. A small L-shaped hallway with smudged picture frames of a family leads into the next room.

Bedroom: The bedroom looks mostly fine, albeit dirty and dusty. A queen size bed is in the center of the room, the sheets messy and unkempt. A particularly powerful stench of decomposition emanates from the chest of drawers across from the foot of the bed, but you can't see inside. The room is completely silent..............until strobes flash and a massive young man with an axe bursts from the closet with a roar.

Kids' room: The bedroom of the two sons hasn't changed much in the past 20 years. Their beds are larger futons, but the peeling wallpaper is blue and decorated with fluffy white clouds. A tiny silver music box plays a twinkling tune next to the lamp between the beds. The skinny son appears from a crouched position between the beds, while the axe-wielding one comes from a closet. It's apparent that the closet in the kids' and parents' rooms are connected through the wall.

Hallway to basement: The light slant of the floor in this long hallway gives a subconscious feeling of going down, when in reality you're merely returning to ground level. All four family members burst from doors in the hallway with strobes. Behind closed doors disgusting sounds of meat squelching and pounding are audible, along with the occasional scream.

Basement: Passing a dirty old washer and dryer, the skinny son slams the dryer door open and pops out, laughing and screaming. The one with the axe appears from a dark boohole across from him just a few feet away.

Boiler room: Intensely hot and dark, with air occasionally blasting from several spots around the boiler and pipes. All four family members are in here, hidden in alcoves and booholes among the industrial machinery.

Tunnel: A very long, dark tunnel dug through the earth under the house leads to the exit. Alcoves and booholes are hidden all along the walls for all of the family members and some still living victims to appear for scares. About 1/3 of the holes have corpses in them rather than actors, and every shift change they're randomly moved into different booholes to ensure that nobody can predict where any scares are coming from.

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I thought of an interesting idea for an HHN or HoS character, like he gets his own house. He wouldn't necessarily be an Icon of the entire event, but for example Sam Meetz wasn't an icon, but had his own house, backstory, etc.

A guy who is just in LOVE with either HHN or Horror in general, an obsessed fanatic of either/or/both. He has his own t-shirts, horror/HHN-icon action figures which he keeps encased in their original packages, can own you in HHN/horror trivia. It drives him so crazy that he's basically lost touch with reality and he lives in this world of horror where it even makes him as psychotic and dangerous as any other horror icon out there, so much to the point that he believes he is his own icon and wants guests to add to his "collection" aka body count.

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This isn't related to my own horror event (which is still being worked on), but I just saw this movie and it was so well-done I was inspired to make it into a house. Pictures are provided for those who have not seen the movie. Behold.

Insidious: Son of Hell

Sometimes, it's not the house that's haunted. It's the person. Enter the home of the Lambert family and see what happens when dreams become far too real.

Facade: As you walk into Soundstage 22, fog rolls across the ground. A tall, stately white house sits in front of you, the windows dark. Strangely, there is nothing else but the house; no car in the driveway, no houses next door, no stars in the sky. Just cold darkness all around this lone monument.

Entryway: To the left, an unusual scene unfolds. You see a mother, father, and daughter all sitting on the couch, unmoving, their backs to you. An odd green light in front of them puts their bodies in silhouette. In front of them is a teenage girl, a rifle pointed at them. She has a maniacal grin frozen on her face. To the right is Josh Lambert, appearing to be asleep in a lounge chair. In truth, his spirit walks the astral plane with you. Suddenly three loud gunshots ring out from the dining room, but none of the family members move a muscle. As you walk forward, shadows consume the right side of the room. Suddenly a light flashes, revealing the family standing frozen right next to you, all with the same grin on their face.

Kitchen: Taking a right, you find yourself in the kitchen. The room is dark except for the faint bluish tinge of "film night". Suddenly an arm reaches from one of the drawers, clawing at you. As you run past the drawer a tall, gaunt man in a suit lunges from the side door.

Hallway: You enter the hallway leading to the various bedrooms. As you walk past a mirror, a flash of light and a jarring crash reveals a terrifying elderly lady in the mirror. She smiles and blows out her candle, disappearing.

Bedroom: In the young child's bedroom, the boy continues to lie in what appears to be in a coma, heart monitor beeping. "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" plays from an unknown source, like from a scratchy record player. The closet bursts open and a pale, ragged little boy in 1920s clothes and a flat cap giggles as he jumps out at you.

Empty room: This room is completely empty, a half-circle lined with windows looking out on endless black. As you walk around to the next door, you see a woman in black leaning against the wall, crying. Distracted, you notice too late that a hidden door in the wall has popped open and an elderly, decomposed woman in a bridal gown and veil is reaching for you.

Attic: The attic is dark and musty, a rocking horse rocking itself in the corner. As you pass by a small furnace it creaks and roars to life, glowing orange. A mysterious red door sits at the end of the room, hanging open. Before you can enter, a huge man with long, black hair, a black trenchcoat, and a scarred face bursts from the shadows and takes a swing at you.

Red hallway: What looks like a near-replica of the hallway you entered previously is painted all red, lit by red-tinted light from candelabras lining the wall. A carved wooden portrait of the elderly lady hangs at the end of the hall before it turns left, the eyes blinking.

Red room: A large red room lined with statues of animals and satyrs. Pillows and couches are thrown around almost at random. As you walk by a large fireplace Josh appears from the corner, holding a blue lantern and demanding to know where his son is.

Workshop: "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" is playing again in this cramped workshop. Mannequins, marionettes, and dolls line the walls. A grinding wheel sits in the center and a record player is in the corner. Toward the exit a demonic red and black figure with cloven hooves and a smoke-colored body lunges from the shadows, screeching.

The Further: Exiting the house, you find yourself in the majority of The Further, the parallel world of spirits: endless black. A bright square far down the line is your only source of salvation. As you run, all of the spirits and demons you had seen previously appear from the cold shadows. Just as you leave the house and enter what looks like the soundstage, the red demon screeches and leaps out from next to the doorway.

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Okay, getting back on track with the rest of my original event.

Terror In Shadows

Are you afraid of the dark? You will be after experiencing what lurks in the shadowy corners of your very own home.

Facade: The entrance to Tent 1 is set up to resemble the facade of a tall suburban house, the kind of cookie cutter two-story you'd see the classic modern suburbanite living in as they pay off their mortgage. Unusually, there's nothing strange about the facade. Everything looks completely normal.

Living room: As you walk through the living room, very little seems amiss. The father sits in his recliner, calmly reading the paper. A grandfather clock chimes midnight every 30 seconds. The lighting design makes strange shadowed corners that you should be able to see into but are almost impenetrable, especially with the lights shining directly on you. Suddenly, a strobe flashes bright blue in each shadow, revealing a terrible black monster with sharp teeth and claws and black pits for eyes staring right at you. The father fails to acknowledge anything, even your intrusion.

Dining room: The dining room is empty, all the places neatly set up for dinner. As you pass by the chandelier hanging over the table, it flashes with hidden ultraviolet strobes that illuminate yellow and green illustrations of decapitated bodies along the tablecloth, revealing images of blood spattering the walls and impressions of severed heads sitting neatly on each plate. It only flashes for an instant, long enough to see a glimpse of what is visible throughout the room.

Kitchen: The mother stands at the stove, endlessly stirring a pot of stew on the burner. As she turns to smile and say some kind words, another ultraviolet strobe flashes, showing the skull underneath. Passing a shadowed hallway too dark to see, ultraviolet light flashes rapidly, revealing a skeletal being running straight toward you as the sounds of shattering china echo throughout the room.

Hallway: A dark hallway with almost no light to provide a path through. Strobes revealed ghostly, skeletal figures moving behind the walls (scrim with backlight) As you pass by an open door that looks out into darkness, a bright strobe reveals one of the monsters from the living room, quickly providing a glimpse at the monster mere inches away and killing your night vision.

Bedroom: Walking past the parents' bed, every corner seems to be basked in shadow. Suddenly one of the dark monsters bursts from the darkness itself (unlit boohole hidden in wall) into the light, swiping at the line and disappearing back into the blackness.

Kid's room: The room of their son is decorated with posters of kid's movies, superheroes, and popular action figures. Each poster is well-lit, with blacklight strobes flashing to reveal photos of corpses, executions, and monsters hidden beneath the surface. The bed is strangely empty..........when suddenly a completely black human figure, the apparent embodiment of darkness itself, raises out from a hole hidden in the covers.

Closet: With nowhere else to go, you're forced to enter the closet. White mattresses and sharp, flashing strobes create a path into the next part of the house.

Alternate kid's room: You appear to have entered an almost mirror image of the house, though all of the terrible sights you had seen previously are now visible permanently. Leaving the closet to re-enter their son's room, all of the posters have been replaced with their grotesque forms. The action figures and toys are now jars of blood, organs, and body parts held up by metal rods to create grisly statues. The lights are now purple, blue, and red and change color almost randomly. The covers on the bed are tousled, with no black figure in sight. Suddenly he appears from a boohole hidden in the wall that you had failed to notice.

Alternate bedroom: The mutilated, decapitated corpses of the parents lie in the bed, blood splattered across every conceivable surface. Dark monsters appear from hidden booholes, all separate from the shadows they once lurked in.

Alternate hallway: The walls are no longer flashing transparent, but instead the skeletal figures reach through tears in the wallpaper as blacklight strobes go off around you. Near the exit of the room one of them completely tears through and roars menacingly.

Alternate kitchen: The dark hallway you had passed before has body parts and torsos strung up on wire and hanging thick enough to block your vision, allowing the skeletal monster from before to burst through them under a constant blacklight. The mother, dressed the same but now with a slit throat and an exposed ribcage, turns from the stew pot and threatens you with a kitchen knife.

Alternate dining room: Decapitated corpses, too mutilated to recognize, sit in the center of the table. Their heads are neatly placed on each plate, while the walls are covered in blood spatter. More skeletal and dark monsters burst from booholes in the walls all along the path .

Alternate living room: Though dark monsters lurk throughout the living room, the father is nowhere to be seen. With a roar of a chainsaw he appears, glasses askew and covered in blood and gore, from a hidden boohole, chasing you to the front door.

Hell's waiting room: As you exit the house you find yourself in a dark corridor of white tile covered in blood and mold. Two booholes slide open, allowing for blood-soaked monsters that roughly look like masses of gory flesh with teeth and limbs to reach out to try and take a bite out of you.

Darkness: The tent exit is visible, giving you a chance to breath a sigh of relief as you walk through the small, unlit room to the outside. Suddenly a sound reminiscent of screeching violins pierces your ears and blacklight strobes rapidly flash, revealing more of the skeletal monsters on all sides to chase you out.

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Carey Madness

Carey, Ohio has a reputation as one of the most haunted towns in the world; paranormal activity is unsettlingly common and despite its sleepy appearance the town has one of the highest murder rates in the country. Welcome to Carey, home of the Canaries!

Facade: The grassy area next to the entrance to this house in the Jaws queue has several rusty gas pumps, overgrown with moss and weeds, that don't appear to have been used since the 70s. A rusty motorcycle leans against one of the pumps, the front wheel missing. A generic "GULP" sign is posted above the entrance, faded and discolored. A distant guitar can be heard twanging.

Gas station: The interior of the gas station is almost completely empty, with one of the shelves tipped against the wall. As you walk around the counter to go through the back door, a middle-aged man with a beard dressed in overalls lunges out from behind a stack of wooden crates, slamming his hand against the wall and welcoming you to Carey in a strangely jolly manner.

Garage: The door behind the counter leads to a garage, an old van sitting nearby. Another man in overalls uses a blowtorch on the door of the van (spark generator hidden in the door) and as you pass he turns the blowtorch on you, spraying a blast of hot air. Another mechanic appears from behind a tool cart, banging a wrench on the metal.

Church: A short black transition hallway brings you into the hallway of a small chapel, wooden crosses placed on the walls. Organ music is playing loudly from the room next door. Hidden booholes reveal scarred, disfigured nuns and priests along the hallway armed with wooden stakes, proclaiming that the guests are possessed by demons.

Undercroft: The chapel undercroft is a dark stone chamber, small pillars lining the pathway. Two nuns appear to distract you, allowing for a half-naked mummified corpse to lunge out with a wheezing scream from a hidden doorway.

Library: The town has a small, modest library that appears to have been used recently, with books missing from the shelves and a book cart between two shelves with a number of horror titles piled on it. As you pass the front desk you noticed that a corpse is sitting in the chair, his tongue ripped out and blood dripping down his shirt. With a massive bang, the librarian herself appears from the opposite side, shushing the line.

High school hallway: Another transition puts you in a short hallway, walking across the hall into a classroom. Desks are piled on either side to prevent you from seeing the rest of the hallway (which was not built). Hands reach through gaps in the desks to grab at the line.

Classroom: The blackboard in the classroom has various quotes from horror movies and HP Lovecraft novels written on it. A cheerleader scrapes her fingernails along the chalkboard, piercing your ears and distracting you from a man in a blood-covered suit and tie bursting from a door on the opposite side of the path.

Bathroom: The bathrooms are intensely disgusting, the familiar smell of feces wafting through the room. A corpse has its head dunked in the toilet, apparently drowned to death. His black-framed glasses sit on the cistern. A huge jock in a letterman jacket is hidden in the next stall, while another is in a boohole hidden in the opposite wall a short way down.

Locker room finale: A 50-year-old mural of a canary is painted on the wall as you enter the locker room, faded and with paint peeling in a number of spots. Several jocks and cheerleaders are hidden in the lockers, slamming the doors open with loud bangs. A blood-soaked canary mascot head sits on the bench, and as you exit you find the decapitated body in the rest of the uniform (a canary in a blue and yellow football uniform) sitting in the corner.

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How about a Scare Zone! Located in the New York area of Universal Studios Orlando. The Scare Zone should be based on a horrifying alternative universe. Or in this case the name of the scare zone is Alternate Universe. similar to Bizzaro's universe from Superman, Only scarier.

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